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2022 Evesham Vale Road Race: report and results

Nopinz Motip's Seb Garry takes his first National B road race win

The B-side: a closer look at National B road racing

22-year-old Seb Garry got his season off the best possible start with a win at the Evesham Vale Road Race on Sunday (13 March). The Nopinz Motip RT rider was consistent last season, finishing 16th at the Beaumont Trophy and featuring in the top ten six times in National B races, but this result was Garry’s first win at this level.

Garry won the sprint from a select breakaway, pipping Owain Roberts (Wales Racing Academy), Cameron Biddle (Embark-Bikestrong) and James Harrison (Manx Viking Wheelers CC) to the win.

Farley Barber (Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor) finished in the top ten for the third time in a row this season, a result that should mean he stays top of our national road race rankings ahead of Primavera Road Race winner Samuel Beckett, who led in the bunch to finish 7th.

I was telling myself the whole time that I’d rather come last having tried, than not try at all

“This is my first Nat B win but I was the bridesmaid many times last year! It feels great to finally cross the line first after being so close so many times,” Garry told us after the race.

“On a personal level, having recently started a very demanding job in London I feel a huge sense of relief that I’m still able to be competitive, let alone win. Whilst I’m well aware National B races aren’t the pinnacle of the sport, I feel very proud to be able to get the win for our team, Nopinz Motip. I hope this is a sign of things to come for myself in the National Road Series events later this year.

“The race itself was fairly straightforward. After 40k I snuck into a six-man break which included two Wales Academy riders. I knew this was a great opportunity to win so I was telling myself the whole time that I’d rather come last having tried, than not try at all. I felt very good throughout and a few attacks in the last 5k weakened the best sprinters’ legs which gave me the confidence I could win from the now reduced breakaway.”

Featured image: Phipps Images / Pro Sports Images


PosFirst nameSurnameClub/TeamCatTime
1SebGarryNopinz Motip Race Team1st02:18:17
2OwainRobertsWales Racing Academy1stST
3CameronBiddleEmbark – Bikestrong1stST
4JamesHarrisonManx Viking Wheelers CC2ndST
5WilliamRobertsWales Racing Academy1st00:00:04
6CamMcLarenNopinz Motip Race Team1st00:00:10
7SamuelBeckettWales Racing Academy1st00:00:41
8FarleyBarberSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor2ndST
9WilliamLewisRoyal Air Force CA2ndST
10CavanWalkerTeam PB Performance2ndST
11DavidRoperNopinz Motip Development Team2ndST
12JoeCoukhamCycling Sheffield2ndST
14MarkBruceHigh Wycombe Cycling Club3rdST
15JamiesonBlainEmbark – Bikestrong1stST
16JoshuaPriceSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor2ndST
17SpencerDaviesCC Abergavenny – JP Signs & Print2ndST
18HarryIvestrainSharp Development team2ndST
19EmileGlorieuxRoyal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC)2ndST
21MichaelChadwickEmbark – Bikestrong1stST
22ThomasPriceSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor2ndST
23BenjaminBrightTofauti Everyone Active2ndST
24AngusHawkinsSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor1stST
25RossMallenRoyal Air Force CA2ndST
26JamesBentleyTeam PB Performance1stST
27AdamMitchellCycling Sheffield1stST
28AndreaBartoluccioVerulam – reallymoving.com2ndST
29DenisGormanKenilworth Wheelers CC2ndST
31JoshHousleySpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor1stST
32CorrinLeemingManx Viking Wheelers CC2ndST
33SeanMullenRichardsons Trek DASEliteST
35EdwardMorganWales Racing Academy1stST
36HarveyLawsonNopinz Motip Development Team3rdST
38GeorgeFowlerNopinz Motip Race Team2ndST
39RhysPilleyCaesarean CC Jersey2ndST
40ThomasTimothyRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling2ndST
41AshleyHutchisonVC St Raphael2ndST
42RossHollandSaint Piran1stST
44GeorgeMooreCero – Cycle Division Racing Team2ndST
45MatthewConnerBPC Race Team1stST
46FreddyPettDAP Cycling ClubEliteST
47GeorgeKimberSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor1stST
48GreigBurtBCC Race Team2ndST
49JonathanOxleyBCC Race Team2ndST
50JoshuaHorsfieldBridgnorth Cycling Club2ndST
51DeanWatsonEmbark – Bikestrong1st00:00:51
52JamesChapmanTeam PB Performance1st00:00:53
54JacobTipperRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingEliteST
55BenStockdaleCotswold Cycles-TREK -RT2ndST
56MattWittsNopinz Motip Race Team1stST
58GeorgeWoodCycling Sheffield1stST
59HarryLockMercedes AMG PETRONAS2nd00:01:13
60EwanMackieCycling Sheffield2ndST
61JonathonDorwardArmy Cycling Union2nd00:03:05
62NathanHallettNopinz Motip Race Team1st00:03:23
DNFFrankKilsbyTAAP Cervelo1stDNF
DNFHenryLatimerTAAP Cervelo2ndDNF
DNFTomDaviesRapha Cycling Club3rdDNF
DNFHenryEveCotswold Cycles RT3rdDNF
DNFMatthewSmartBradford on Avon2ndDNF
DNFRobbiePowellAbergavenny Road Club2ndDNF
DNFSamChatwinArmy Cycling Union3rdDNF
DNSJosephBeckingsaleWales Racing Academy2ndDNS
DNSWilliamBjergfeltSaint PiranEliteDNS
DNSMattClarkeWheelbase CabTech Castelli2ndDNS
DNSAshleyCoxTeam BottrillEliteDNS
DNSDavidHirdEmbark – Bikestrong1stDNS
DNSEdJamiesonBPC Race Team2ndDNS
DNSNicholasJonesArmy Cycling Union3rdDNS
DNSCianLeveridgeTeam PB Performance2ndDNS
DNSHarveyMcNaughtonWales Racing Academy1stDNS
DNSLukeProtheroeUF Rowe & King2ndDNS
DNSJordanRetallackSaint Piran Development2ndDNS
DQDanielShoobridgeNopinz Motip Race Team1stDQ
DQConorMcGoldrickRichardsons Trek DASEliteDQ
DQHarveyStrohTAAP Cervelo2ndDQ