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National road race rankings: 7 March update

We explain how our new national road race rankings will work, and reveal our first leaders

We mooted on Twitter recently that we might create our own national road race rankings this year. Why? Well, because the current British Cycling rankings system conflates results from track racing, circuit series, and road racing. As such, there was no clear way to understand which riders and teams have been racking up the points in road races in the UK. Our new national road race rankings aim to change that.

With two National B road races complete in 2022 – both men’s races – we’ve published our first rankings update, below. We’ve also included a note at the bottom of the post explaining how it all works.

Men’s national road race rankings

With only two National B road races to date – the Perf’s Pedal and Primavera Road Race – it’s no surprise to see the winners of each race – Damien Clayton (WiV SunGod) and Samuel Beckett (Wales Racing Academy) – near the top of the standings. It is Farley Barber (Spirit Bontrager BSS) who emerges as the leader though, having finished 4th at Perfs and 7th at the Primavera.

Both Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor and Wales Racing Academy have two riders in the top 10, having performed well in both races, while Euan Woodliffe is the top junior.

#First nameSurnameTeamTotal
1FarleyBarberSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor67
2DamienClaytonWiV SunGod60
=SamuelBeckettWales Racing Academy60
4SamuelPainterLa Tova52
=AngusHawkinsSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor52
6EuanWoodliffeBackstedt Bike Performance RT45
8JordanRetallackTeam 05/0340
9JoshuaPriceSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor35
=EdwardMorganWales Racing Academy35
=EwanWarrenMid Devon CC31
13MatthewHoulbergMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT27
14JackFreemanMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT23
=DylanHumber-KellyJRC-INTERFLON Race Team23
16JoeHoltWales Racing Academy20
=MatthewColeBeeston Cycling Club20
18AlexPatonBritish Cycling Private Member17
20ChrisMcNamaraNunn-Sigma Sport-London RT15
=MatthewWhitehouseMaindy Flyers CC15

Women’s national road race rankings

The women’s rankings will updated after the Peaks 2 Day on 19-20 March, the first women’s National B road race of 2022.

How it works

The new rankings will take results from National A and National B road races in the UK in 2022. Note the emphasis on road racing; results from circuit races and criteriums won’t count. And neither will points from Regional or UCI road races. The focus is deliberately narrow; we want to understand who has been performing in national-level road races in the UK across the season. And keeping it focused makes it easier for us to manage and update here at British Conti HQ.

Like any rankings system, this isn’t perfect. We aren’t pretending it will be a completely objective measure of road racing performance or ability. But we do hope it injects a bit of fun and helps create a bit of interest in national-level road racing this season, particularly at National B level.

The scoring system is very similar to the one used by British Cycling, with riders in the top 20 of races qualifying for points, with points also being awarded to stage winners.

Points Band1234
PositionNat A RoadNat B RoadNat A ind. stagesNat B ind. stages

Featured image: Chris Godfrey. 2022 Primavera Road Race, 6 March.