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The B-side: National B road race round-up, 7 March

Results from the Primavera Road Race, the first national road race rankings and National B calendar forward look

After the early season Perfs Pedal road race last month, March will see ten National B road races take place, seven for men, three for women.

The first of these, the Primavera Road Race, took place at the weekend. Samuel Beckett of the Wales Racing Academy took the win, ahead of Angus Hawkins (Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor) and Joseph Rees (Embark-Bikestrong).

Farley Barber (Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor) is the early leader of our inaugural national road race rankings, having finished 7th at the Primavera and 4th at Perfs.

Next weekend will see two more men’s National B road races take place: the Evesham Vale Road Race and the 38th Jock Wadley Memorial Road Race. The first women’s National B road race of the year – The Peaks 2 Day, which also hosts a men’s race – takes place the following weekend. See our calendar here for more details of what’s coming up.

Featured photo: Chris Godfrey. Samuel Beckett wins the 2022 Primavera Road Race

Primavera Road Race results

#First nameSurnameTeamTime
1SamuelBeckettWales Racing Academy02:08:35
2AngusHawkinsSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotorst
4JordanRetallackTeam 05/03st
5EdwardMorganWales Racing Academyst
6EwanWarrenMid Devon CCst
7FarleyBarberSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotorst
8DylanHumber-KellyJRC-INTERFLON Race Teamst
9MatthewColeBeeston Cycling Clubst
11MatthewWhitehouseMaindy Flyers CCst
12TravisBramleyNopinz Motip Race Teamst
13BrandonBaldacciLee Valley Youth Cycling Clubst
14JackDallynTeam Tor 2000 Kalasst
15JamesBrownUniversity of Bristol CCst
16StevenJonesTeam Tor 2000 Kalasst
17LucasByamNopinz Motip Development Teamst
18RhysThomasMaindy Flyers CCst
19CarlJolly73Degrees CCst
20SethJonesCero – Cycle Division Racing Teamst
21DavidRoperNopinz Motip Development Teamst
22DavidHirdEmbark – Bikestrongst
23HywelLeyshonMaindy Flyers CCst
24JohnPallotCasp Racingst
25WilliamTrueloveWales Racing Academyst
26JamesAshcroftNopinz Motip Race Teamst
27RobertMcPhersonTeam 05/03st
28ThomasPriceSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotorst
29AlistairStubbsRoyal Navy & Royal Marines CAst
30GeorgeCottrellPoole Wheelers CCst
31CallumStartMid Devon CCst
31EthanBrowneJRC-INTERFLON Race Teamst
32JamieWhitcherBmthCycleworks VitecFire FordCEst
39Charles McFallTeam 05/03st
40WilliamJewittJRC-INTERFLON Race Teamst
41MattWittsNopinz Motip Race Teamst
42WilliamPiccin-WhiteJRC-INTERFLON Race Teamst
44OscarHutchingsTeam Tor 2000 Kalasst
45GeorgeFowlerNopinz Motip Race Team@30 secs
46LukeWyattMaindy Flyers CC@ 1 min 35