2022 Manx Telecom International: stage 1 report and results

Emma Jeffers (JRC-Interflon) and Matt Bostock (WiV SunGod) were the opening nigh victors on stage 1 of the Manx Telecom International, 22 July 2022

Emma Jeffers (JRC-Interflon) and Matt Bostock (WiV SunGod) were the opening night victors on stage 1 of the Manx Telecom International.

Featured photo: Alex Whitehead/ 2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race – Stage 1.


Women’s race

57 riders took to the start of the 2022 Manx Telecom International for the first of four stages. Taking on a fast and flowing 1.1 km course at the Isle of Man Business Park, the pace was high enough to prevent any meaningful break establishing.

2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race. Isle of Man Stage 1 Kermesse – Riders lined up ready or the start. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

The speed was enough to jettison some riders out of the back, however, but nonetheless a large group stayed together for most of the race. Amber Harding (Loughbrough Lightning) was among those who tried to break clear, putting in a dig with four laps to go to create a slight gap, but her effort was quickly nullified.

Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen led into the final lap, with Emma Jeffers (JRC-Interflon) and Alice McWilliam (Bianchi HUNT Morvélo) among the riders in close attendance behind.

As the bunch hit the finishing straight, Jeffers and Sammie Stuart (CAMS-Basso) burst clear, with Jeffers edging ahead to follow up her recent Barnsley Town Centres Races win with yet another circuit race victory. The junior will start stage 2 tomorrow as the race leader with a four-second lead over second-placed Stuart thanks to time bonuses on the line.

2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race. Stage 1 – Emma Jeffers of JRC Interflon Race Team sprinting to victory. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

CAMS-Basso may have been denied the win but it was a successful night otherwise for the team. Jess Finney finished third behind Stuart while Danni Shrosbree was fourth. Finney also bagged enough intermediate sprint points to become to lead the Bikmo points competition.

Jeffers, still just 17, leads the Cycle 360 best under-23 rider competition, and Jessie Carridge (Brother UK-Orientation Marketing) leads the Synapse 360 best Manx rider.

Men’s race

Matt Bostock (WiV SunGod), resplendent in his new national circuit race champion’s jersey, was a constant presence at the front of the race in the early phases, putting in a tentative move early on that was closely marked by with Steven Parsonage (Richardsons-Trek DAS) and Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling.

2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race. Isle of Man Stage 1. Matt Bostock of Team WIV Sungod. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

After Jake Scott (WiV SunGod) took the first intermediate sprint, it was Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling that sought to turn the screw, applying enough pressure to begin the split the race.

Bostock was not deterred, however, going solo before the halfway point. He was joined shortly after by his teammate Rory Townsend, before taking the second intermediate sprint.

Townsend’s time out front didn’t last but Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling’s Stuart Balfour and WiV SunGod’s Toby Barnes then bridged across to make it a high calibre trio.

2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race. Stage 1. Toby Barnes (WIV Sungod), Stuart Balfour (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) and Matt Bostock (WiV SunGod). Photo: Alex Whitehead/

With three laps to go the threesome was still clear, Saint Piran leading the pursuit.

Bostock seemed determined to put on a show in front of his home crowd, going solo with over a lap to go. He stayed clear, lapping up the cheers as he crossed the line to take his first win in his national stripes. The Manxman finished seven seconds clear of his teammate Barnes, with Balfour a further two seconds back. Rob Scott completed another fine evening for WiV SunGod by leading the bunch home for fourth.

2022 National Road Series – Manx Telecom International Stage Race. Stage 1 – Matt Bostock of WIV SunGod taking the victory. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

Thanks to time bonuses, Bostock now enjoys an 11 second lead in the general classification over his teammate Barnes. Bostock also leads the Bikmo points competition and the Synapse 360 leading Manx rider competitions. Barnes, meanwhile, is Canada Life International leading under-23 rider.


Women’s race

Stage 1

167Emma JeffersJRC-INTERFLON Race TeamB:10″0:52:37
228Sammie StuartCAMS-BassoB:06″st
322Jessica FinneyCAMS-BassoB:04″st
426Danielle ShrosbreeCAMS-Bassost
539Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsenst
645Tiffany KeepTeam LDN – Brother UKst
746Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UKst
857Hayley PreenTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
971Robyn ClayOtley CCst
1036Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsenst
1131Amber HardingLoughborough Lightningst
1234Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsenst
1353Lee BoonTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
1418Ellen BennettBrother UK-Orientation Marketingst
1630Francesca HallLoughborough Lightningst
1749Ruth ShierTeam LDN – Brother UKst
1854Nicole CoatesTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
1955Annamarie LippTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
2059Connie HayesAWOL OSheast
2141Sian MarshTeam Boompodsst
2217Daisy BarnesBrother UK-Orientation Marketingst
2360Alice LethbridgeAWOL OSheast
2461Libby SmithsonAWOL Worx Galliardst
2637Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsenst
2766Beth Harley-JepsonJadan – Vive le Velost
285Erin MurphyAlba Development Road Teamst
292Arianne HollandAlba Development Road Teamst
3052Claire CameronTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
3129Sophie ThackrayCAMS-Bassost
3225Katie ScottCAMS-Bassost
333Sophie LankfordAlba Development Road Teamst
3450Dannielle WatkinsonTeam LDN – Brother UKst
3551Chloe BatesonTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
3642Mary WilkinsonTeam Boompodsst
3735Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsenst
3858Rachael WalesARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coastst
3956Caoimhe OBrienTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitarst
4033Chloe VickersLoughborough Lightningst
4140Lucy HarrisTeam Boompodsst
4319Jessie CarridgeBrother UK-Orientation Marketingst
441Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Teamst
456Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Teamst
4623Emma MatthewsCAMS-Bassost
4711Amye KellowBIANCHI HUNT MORVELO+3 Laps
4832Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning+4 Laps
4963Katie SilvaBig Maggys+4 Laps
5043Ione JohnsonTeam LDN – Brother UK+4 Laps
5147Amy MarksTeam LDN – Brother UK+4 Laps
5262Lola EllisBackstedt Bike Performance JRT+5 Laps
5321Laura PittardBrother UK-Orientation Marketing+6 Laps
5472Madeleine GammonsSaint Piran WRT+6 Laps
5548Jennifer MillmoreTeam LDN – Brother UK+28 Laps
5620Abigail CooperBrother UK-Orientation Marketingst

General classification

167Emma JeffersJRC-INTERFLON Race Team0:52:27
228Sammie StuartCAMS-Basso0:52:31
322Jessica FinneyCAMS-Basso0:52:33
426Danielle ShrosbreeCAMS-Basso0:52:37
539Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen0:52:37
645Tiffany KeepTeam LDN – Brother UK0:52:37
746Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UK0:52:37
857Hayley PreenTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
971Robyn ClayOtley CC0:52:37
1036Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen0:52:37
1131Amber HardingLoughborough Lightning0:52:37
1234Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen0:52:37
1353Lee BoonTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
1418Ellen BennettBrother UK-Orientation Marketing0:52:37
159Alderney BakerBIANCHI HUNT MORVELO0:52:37
1630Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning0:52:37
1749Ruth ShierTeam LDN – Brother UK0:52:37
1854Nicole CoatesTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
1955Annamarie LippTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
2059Connie HayesAWOL OShea0:52:37
2141Sian MarshTeam Boompods0:52:37
2217Daisy BarnesBrother UK-Orientation Marketing0:52:37
2360Alice LethbridgeAWOL OShea0:52:37
2461Libby SmithsonAWOL Worx Galliard0:52:37
2514Tamsin MillerBIANCHI HUNT MORVELO0:52:37
2637Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen0:52:37
2766Beth Harley-JepsonJadan – Vive le Velo0:52:37
285Erin MurphyAlba Development Road Team0:52:37
292Arianne HollandAlba Development Road Team0:52:37
3052Claire CameronTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
3129Sophie ThackrayCAMS-Basso0:52:37
3225Katie ScottCAMS-Basso0:52:37
333Sophie LankfordAlba Development Road Team0:52:37
3450Dannielle WatkinsonTeam LDN – Brother UK0:52:37
3551Chloe BatesonTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
3642Mary WilkinsonTeam Boompods0:52:37
3735Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen0:52:37
3858Rachael WalesARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast0:52:37
3956Caoimhe OBrienTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar0:52:37
4033Chloe VickersLoughborough Lightning0:52:37
4140Lucy HarrisTeam Boompods0:52:37
4213Alice McWilliamBIANCHI HUNT MORVELO0:52:37
4319Jessie CarridgeBrother UK-Orientation Marketing0:52:37
441Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Team0:52:37
456Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team0:52:37
4623Emma MatthewsCAMS-Basso0:52:37
4711Amye KellowBIANCHI HUNT MORVELO0:54:50
4832Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning0:55:23
4963Katie SilvaBig Maggys0:55:27
5043Ione JohnsonTeam LDN – Brother UK0:56:06
5147Amy MarksTeam LDN – Brother UK0:56:06
5262Lola EllisBackstedt Bike Performance JRT0:57:23
5321Laura PittardBrother UK-Orientation Marketing0:59:43
5472Madeleine GammonsSaint Piran WRT0:59:43
5548Jennifer MillmoreTeam LDN – Brother UK1:00:28
5620Abigail CooperBrother UK-Orientation Marketing1:06:25

Bikmo points competition

122Jessica FinneyCAMS-Basso10
228Sammie StuartCAMS-Basso8
367Emma JeffersJRC-INTERFLON Race Team7
439Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes by Heidi Kjeldsen3
545Tiffany KeepTeam LDN – Brother UK2
653Lee BoonTorelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar2
726Danielle ShrosbreeCAMS-Basso1

Men’s race

Stage 1

164Matthew BostockWiV SungodB:10″0:58:37
263Toby BarnesWiV SungodB:06″0:58:44
318Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingB:04″0:58:46
466Robert ScottWiV Sungod00:59:12
567Jacob ScottWiV Sungodst
624Red WaltersRibble Weldtite Pro Cyclingst
729Conor McGoldrickRichardsons Trek DASst
838Leon MazzoneSaint Piranst
968Rory TownsendWiV Sungodst
1074Matthew KingstonZappi Racing Teamst
1170Matthew TeggartWiV Sungodst
1222Oliver PeckoverRibble Weldtite Pro Cyclingst
1343Farley BarberSpirit BSSst
1425Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cyclingst
1557Kieran RileyTeam PB Performancest
1630Steven ParsonageRichardsons Trek DASst
1734Cooper SayersSaint Piranst
1869Benjamin PerryWiV Sungodst
1928James JenkinsRichardsons Trek DASst
2065Josh WhiteheadWiV Sungodst
2120Zeb KyffinRibble Weldtite Pro Cyclingst
2273Ben GrangerZappi Racing Teamst
2311Jamieson BlainEmbark – Bikestrongst
2492Samuel ClarktrainSharp Elitest
2531Aaron FreemanRichardsons Trek DASst
2613Cai DaviesEmbark – Bikestrongst
2712Michael ChadwickEmbark – Bikestrongst
288Adam MitchellCycling Sheffieldst
2947George KimberSpirit BSSst
3080Tyler HannayCC Etupesst
3119Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling+3 Laps
3255Jacques CoatesTeam PB Performance+3 Laps
3378Joe Shillabeer05-03+3 Laps
3437Adam LewisSaint Piran+3 Laps
3521Matthew KingRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling+3 Laps
3671Alexander BallZappi Racing Team+3 Laps
379George WoodCycling Sheffield+3 Laps
3887Dan GardnerProject 51+3 Laps
3945Angus HawkinsSpirit BSS+3 Laps
4090Ciaran Mc SherryThe Cycling Academy+3 Laps
4132Sean MullenRichardsons Trek DAS+4 Laps
4246Josh HousleySpirit BSS+4 Laps
4354Harvey StrohTAAP Cervelo+4 Laps
4489Nicholas CooperSweden Cycling Academy+4 Laps
4510Cameron BiddleEmbark – Bikestrong+4 Laps
4626Samuel AskerRichardsons Trek DAS+4 Laps
4744Frazier CarrSpirit BSS+4 Laps
4848Thomas PriceSpirit BSS+4 Laps
4983Ole Henrik Bang-AndreasenTrinity Racing+4 Laps
5049Irfan ZamanSpirit BSS+4 Laps
5185Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team+4 Laps
5256George PedenTeam PB Performance+4 Laps
5335Michael GillSaint Piran+4 Laps
5458Jude TaylorTeam PB Performance+4 Laps
5550James Ambrose-ParishTAAP Cervelo+5 Laps
5615Joseph ReesEmbark – Bikestrong+5 Laps
5777Jordan Retallack05-03+5 Laps
5851Ben FishTAAP Cervelo+5 Laps
5984Matthew HoulbergMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT+5 Laps
6033Aaron StoneRichardsons Trek DAS+5 Laps
6117Dean WatsonEmbark – Bikestrong+5 Laps
6253Matthew LockTAAP Cervelo+5 Laps
6342Joshua AverySpirit BSS+5 Laps
643Mark HorsthuisCycling Club Isle of Man+5 Laps
6552Joshua KnowlesTAAP Cervelo+6 Laps
6691Gregor McArthurThe Cycling Academy+6 Laps
6782Lucas MurphyHamilton CC – New Zealand+6 Laps
6879Oliver StenningARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast+6 Laps
691Jamie FletcherCycling Club Isle of Man+6 Laps
7016Iwan EvansEmbark – Bikestrong+6 Laps
7172Nicholas CandyZappi Racing Team+6 Laps
727James HartleyCycling Sheffield+6 Laps
735Sebastian TremlettCycling Club Isle of Man+8 Laps
7414Bryn DaviesEmbark – Bikestrong+8 Laps
754Corrin LeemingCycling Club Isle of Man +8 Laps
7640Bradley SymondsSaint Piranst
772James HarrisonCycling Club Isle of Manst
7875John RobertsZappi Racing Teamst
7927Peter CockerRichardsons Trek DAS st

General classification

164Matthew BostockWiV Sungod0:58:27
263Toby BarnesWiV Sungod0:58:38
318Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling0:58:42
466Robert ScottWiV Sungod0:59:12
567Jacob ScottWiV Sungod0:59:12
624Red WaltersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling0:59:12
729Conor McGoldrickRichardsons Trek DAS0:59:12
838Leon MazzoneSaint Piran0:59:12
968Rory TownsendWiV Sungod0:59:12
1074Matthew KingstonZappi Racing Team0:59:12
1180Tyler HannayCC Etupes0:59:12
1270Matthew TeggartWiV Sungod0:59:13
1322Oliver PeckoverRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling0:59:13
1443Farley BarberSpirit BSS0:59:13
1525Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling0:59:13
1657Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance0:59:14
1730Steven ParsonageRichardsons Trek DAS0:59:14
1834Cooper SayersSaint Piran0:59:14
1969Benjamin PerryWiV Sungod0:59:14
2028James JenkinsRichardsons Trek DAS0:59:14
2165Josh WhiteheadWiV Sungod0:59:14
2220Zeb KyffinRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling0:59:15
2373Ben GrangerZappi Racing Team0:59:15
2411Jamieson BlainEmbark – Bikestrong0:59:15
2592Samuel ClarktrainSharp Elite0:59:17
2631Aaron FreemanRichardsons Trek DAS0:59:17
2713Cai DaviesEmbark – Bikestrong0:59:19
2812Michael ChadwickEmbark – Bikestrong0:59:20
298Adam MitchellCycling Sheffield0:59:21
3047George KimberSpirit BSS0:59:21
3119Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling1:00:56
3255Jacques CoatesTeam PB Performance1:00:56
3378Joe Shillabeer05-031:00:56
3432Sean MullenRichardsons Trek DAS1:01:24
3546Josh HousleySpirit BSS1:01:29
3654Harvey StrohTAAP Cervelo1:01:30
3789Nicholas CooperSweden Cycling Academy1:01:30
3810Cameron BiddleEmbark – Bikestrong1:01:32
3926Samuel AskerRichardsons Trek DAS1:01:37
4044Frazier CarrSpirit BSS1:01:37
4148Thomas PriceSpirit BSS1:01:37
4283Ole Henrik Bang-AndreasenTrinity Racing1:01:38
4349Irfan ZamanSpirit BSS1:01:38
4485Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team1:01:39
4556George PedenTeam PB Performance1:01:39
4635Michael GillSaint Piran1:01:42
4737Adam LewisSaint Piran1:01:46
4821Matthew KingRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling1:01:54
4971Alexander BallZappi Racing Team1:01:57
509George WoodCycling Sheffield1:01:58
5187Dan GardnerProject 511:02:02
5245Angus HawkinsSpirit BSS1:02:03
5390Ciaran Mc SherryThe Cycling Academy1:02:30
5450James Ambrose-ParishTAAP Cervelo1:03:08
5515Joseph ReesEmbark – Bikestrong1:03:09
5677Jordan Retallack05-031:03:11
5751Ben FishTAAP Cervelo1:03:15
5884Matthew HoulbergMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT1:03:17
5933Aaron StoneRichardsons Trek DAS1:03:18
6017Dean WatsonEmbark – Bikestrong1:03:18
6153Matthew LockTAAP Cervelo1:03:23
6258Jude TaylorTeam PB Performance1:03:42
6342Joshua AverySpirit BSS1:03:59
643Mark HorsthuisCycling Club Isle of Man1:04:11
6552Joshua KnowlesTAAP Cervelo1:04:56
6691Gregor McArthurThe Cycling Academy1:04:57
6782Lucas MurphyHamilton CC – New Zealand1:05:06
6879Oliver StenningARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast1:05:22
691Jamie FletcherCycling Club Isle of Man1:05:51
7016Iwan EvansEmbark – Bikestrong1:05:54
7172Nicholas CandyZappi Racing Team1:06:31
727James HartleyCycling Sheffield1:06:31
735Sebastian TremlettCycling Club Isle of Man1:08:09
7414Bryn DaviesEmbark – Bikestrong1:09:19
754Corrin LeemingCycling Club Isle of Man1:09:19
7640Bradley SymondsSaint Piran1:11:19
772James HarrisonCycling Club Isle of Man1:11:19
7875John RobertsZappi Racing Team1:11:19
7927Peter CockerRichardsons Trek DAS1:11:19

Bikmo points competition

164Matthew BostockWiV Sungod12
263Toby BarnesWiV Sungod8
318Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling7
467Jacob ScottWiV Sungod6
568Rory TownsendWiV Sungod3
611Jamieson BlainEmbark – Bikestrong3
724Red WaltersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling2
866Robert ScottWiV Sungod1
968Rory TownsendWiV Sungod1
1060Matthew FoxWheelbase CabTech Castelli1