2022 Tour Series – Manchester: race report and results

Emma Jeffers and Matt Bostock took their second 2022 Tour Series victories as Pro-Noctis - Rotor - Redchilli Bikes and WiV SunGod secured the overall team wins at the grand final in Manchester

Emma Jeffers prevailed over Sammie Stuart in a closely-fought sprint to take her second Tour Series win of the year for Jadan – Vive Le Velo in the Grand Final in Manchester, while Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Red Chilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen confirmed themselves as the overall victors in the team competition.

In the men’s race, Matt Bostock soloed to his second win of the 2022 Tour Series, sealing a dominant night for his WiV SunGod team, as they sealed the overall team win and Bostock secured the sprints competition.


Women’s race

The final women’s race of the 2022 series proved to be a tense affair, with the square 1 kilometre circuit around Deansgate promoting fast, compact racing, making it difficult to create a breakaway.

With Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Red Chilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen wrapping up the team competition at the last round in Barking, much of the race action was focused itself around the fascinating fight between Jo Tindley (Pro-Noctis) and Sammie Stuart (Team Brother UK – LDN) for the sprint competition. 

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Women’s Race – Amy Gornall of Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen. Photo: Will Palmer/

At the first of the intermediate sprints, Stuart – looking to close down a nine-point gap to Tindley – took the win but with her rival just behind, she trimmed the deficit to only eight points.

As the leaders shaped up to battle for the second sprint, a big crash coming out of the second corner splintered the peloton with Stuart, Tindley, Jeffers, and Lee Boon (Torelli-Cayman Islands-Scimitar) finding themselves alone at the front. Sportingly, however, they didn’t force the issue and were joined back up by what was still a reduced lead group of about 20 riders.

Tindley’s teammates then worked to control matters, with Amy Gornall and Lucy Ellmore, in particular, seeking to counterbalance the threat posed by the powerful Stuart. 

That worked perfectly. Tindley extended her points advantage by winning the second sprint, and then secured victory in the overall competition with a powerful charge to the line in the third of the sprints – bursting clear of Stuart on both occasions. 

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Women’s Race – Lucy Harris of Team Boompods. Photo: Will Palmer/

With the sprint and team competitions decided, the peloton switched focus to the individual win on the night. Perhaps buoyed by the team’s victory in Barking, Team Boompods’ Lucy Harris put in a strong attack with just over a lap to go, taking the bell just a few seconds ahead of the hard-chasing bunch behind.

She was caught, however, leaving the reduced bunch to fight it out in what was going to be an explosive bunch sprint. 

And what a sprint it proved to be. Stuart was the first to make her intentions clear as she attacked coming out of the second corner and up the back straight. The sheer speed dropped quite a few off the back, but Jeffers, Harris and Tindley all clung on at the rear wheel of the Clacton winner as she surged forward. 

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Women’s Race – Emma Jeffers of Jadan – Vive le Velo celebrates the win. Photo: Will Palmer/

Coming out the final corner, Stuart had a slight advantage, but Jeffers displayed her frighteningly strong sprint – all the more impressive given she was on junior gears – and pulled out from behind Stuart on the run to the line, eventually pulling past her to take her second win of the series.

Team Boompods won the team competition on the night, enabling them to edge ahead of Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus to second place overall in the team competition, behind series winners Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Red Chilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen.

Emma Jeffers talks to The British Continental’s Alexander Smith after the women’s race

Men’s race

With competition tight in both the teams and sprint competitions – with WiV SunGod and Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling having stakes in both heading into the Manchester final – the evening was perfectly set up for a final dual between the defending champions Ribble Weldtite and the winners in 2018 and 2019, Wiv SunGod.

On the night, however, WiV SunGod started the Series as they started, repeating of the kind of all-conquering performance they had delivered in the opening round in Guisborough.

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Men’s Race – Wales Racing Academy. Photo: Simon Wilkinson/

From the start, all five of the team’s yellow leaders’ jerseys were visible right at the sharp end as they set a high tempo straight away, forcing their rivals to immediately step on the gas or risk falling off the back of the group.

Ribble Weldtite demonstrated they weren’t prepared for WiV SunGod to have it all their own way – despite Matt King having a minor crash on the sighting lap – with Harry Tanfield putting in a great sprint at the first intermediate sprint, only narrowly missing out to competition leader Bostock.

WiV SunGod quickly turned the screw once again. Ollie Wood attacked off the front with 20 minutes gone and with his teammates controlling things at the front of the chasing pack, he’d gained more than 25 seconds at the halfway mark of the race. A huge effort from Harry Tanfield, in particular, helped to gradually reel him back in to what was by then a very select leading group.

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Men’s Race – Tim Elverson, Sports Director (DS) of Wiv SunGod. Photo: Simon Wilkinson/

No sooner had he been caught, than Matt Gibson took his turn to clip off the front. While he didn’t stay out for as long as his teammate Wood, it all played a big part in tiring the legs of the chasers behind – led predominantly by Max Walker (Trinity Racing) and Joe Holt (Wales Racing Academy).

With legs burning, Bostock took his opportunity as he powered off the front with 43 minutes completed. Holt and Walker – with Wood acting as a spoiler – countered, keeping Bostock within a dozen seconds, but the 24-year-old was unfazed. 

Being shouted encouragement from a clearly delighted Tim Elverson from his position in the pits just before the finish line, Bostock was metronomic in his ride, claiming the final sprint as he extended his lead to almost half a minute.

2022 Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Men’s Race – Matt Bostock of Wiv SunGod celebrates the win. Photo: Simon Wilkinson/

He ultimately won by about a dozen seconds, having just slowed to a more comfortable place in the closing laps.

With the counter-attack having been reeled in, teammates Wood and Gibson completed at 1-2-3 for the WiV SunGod team to emphatically seal the team title.

Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling finished second overall in the team competition, with Wales Racing Academy the top elite level team in third.

Matt Bostock (WiV SunGod) talks to the media after the race


Women’s results

Individual classification

140Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo431:08:01.289
223Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK431:08:01.423+0.134
350Lucy HarrisTeam Boompods431:08:01.980+0.557
415Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes431:08:02.180+0.200
5124Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team431:08:02.820+0.640
65Beth MorrowCAMS – Basso431:08:02.839+0.019
771Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning431:08:03.868+1.029
8113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling431:08:04.260+0.392
914Isabel DarvillPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes431:08:04.554+0.294
1082Frankie Morgans SladerAWOL O’Shea431:08:05.030+0.476
11123Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Team431:08:05.186+0.156
1249Monica GreenwoodTeam Boompods431:08:05.344+0.158
1395Lee BoonTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar431:08:05.510+0.166
1487Liv BentAWOL O’Shea431:08:06.036+0.526
1542Amy GrahamTeam Boompods431:08:06.175+0.139
1651Amira MellorTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus431:08:06.335+0.160
17122Sophie LankfordAlba Development Road Team431:08:08.714+2.379
1893Kim CadzowTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar431:08:09.616+0.902
1916Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes431:08:09.784+0.168
2077Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning431:08:12.446+2.662
2112Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes431:08:15.076+2.630
2255Gaby ShawTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus431:08:15.397+0.321
2357Sam FawcettTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus431:08:25.420+10.023
2492Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar431:08:26.883+1.463
25107Elizabeth SandersSaint Piran WRT431:08:30.564+3.681
2611Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes431:08:39.188+8.624
2733Suzetta GuerriniJadan – Vive Le Velo421:08:25.308+1 Lap
2858Xan CreesTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus421:09:10.129+44.821
2925Danni WatkinsonTeam LDN – Brother UK401:05:33.374+2 Laps
3073Emily TillettLoughborough Lightning391:04:03.516+1 Lap
3164Maddy VerdegalBrother UK – Orientation Marketing391:04:04.069+0.553
3237Louise ScuphamJadan – Vive Le Velo391:04:04.184+0.115
3398Annamarie LippTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar391:04:04.470+0.286
34106Gwenno HughesSaint Piran WRT391:04:04.905+0.435
3594Caoimhe OBrienTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar391:04:05.572+0.667
36103Christina WiejakSaint Piran WRT391:04:05.781+0.209
3746Sian Hanna MarshTeam Boompods391:05:02.464+56.683
3824Heather MayerTeam LDN – Brother UK391:05:34.858+32.394
39125Beth MaciverAlba Development Road Team391:05:38.264+3.406
4065Ellen BennettBrother UK – Orientation Marketing381:04:03.515+1 Lap
41112Isabella JohnsonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling381:04:04.418+0.903
42111Nicola SodenDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling381:04:04.853+0.435
4328Lauren HighamTeam LDN – Brother UK381:04:05.091+0.238
446Ella BarnwellCAMS – Basso381:04:06.753+1.662
45102Sophie EarlSaint Piran WRT381:05:02.858+56.105
4668Ellen InglisBrother UK – Orientation Marketing371:04:07.863+1 Lap
4774Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning371:04:56.193+48.330
4888Maisy VasicAWOL O’Shea371:04:56.368+0.175
49119Laura CheesmanDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling371:05:28.985+32.617
5036Karolina ChudzikiewiczJadan – Vive Le Velo331:05:08.704+4 Laps
DNF84Charlotte BroughtonAWOL O’Shea270:43:54.890
DNF62Daisy BarnesBrother UK – Orientation Marketing270:44:07.363
DNF8Sophie ThackrayCAMS – Basso170:27:31.571
DNF53Becks DurrellTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus150:23:42.764
DNF7Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso150:23:43.139
DNF118Megan AndersonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling150:23:46.040
DNF121Victoria SmithAlba Development Road Team150:23:54.002
DNF29Sian BotteleyTeam LDN – Brother UK150:25:34.746
DNF81Maddie WadsworthAWOL O’Shea90:14:11.084
DNF104Madeleine GammonsSaint Piran WRT70:11:19.415
DNS3Katie ScottCAMS – Basso0
DNS31Polly BurgeJadan – Vive Le Velo0
DNS45Mary WilkinsonTeam Boompods0

Team classification


1Team Boompods3:24:13.49910
2Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes3:24:16.5189
3Alba Development Road Team3:24:16.7208
4Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar3:24:42.0097
5Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:24:47.1526
6Loughborough Lightning3:26:54.0375
7Jadan – Vive Le Velo3:28:42.8014
8Saint Piran WRT3:29:50.0383
9Team LDN – Brother UK3:30:48.2332
10AWOL O’Shea3:31:39.2771
11Datalynx – Parenesis Cycling3:33:05.2770
12Brother UK – Orientation Marketing3:37:39.4140
13CAMS – Basso3:49:48.9040


1Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes66
2Team Boompods49
3Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus49
4Alba Development Road Team38
5Jadan – Vive Le Velo36
6Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar33
7CAMS – Basso29
8Team LDN – Brother UK28
9Datalynx – Parenesis Cycling17
10Loughborough Lightning17
11Saint Piran WRT13
12AWOL O’Shea9
13Brother UK – Orientation Marketing1

Sprint classification


123Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK17
215Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes16
340Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo11
450Lucy HarrisTeam Boompods3
516Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes3
65Beth MorrowCAMS – Basso3
771Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning2
87Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso2
949Monica GreenwoodTeam Boompods2
10124Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team1


115Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes90
223Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK82
340Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo48
471Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning34
57Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso26
616Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes23
7124Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team19
833Suzetta GuerriniJadan – Vive Le Velo13
977Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning13
101Megan BarkerCAMS – Basso11
1141Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods9
12113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling8
1354Charlotte BerryTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus5
1348Emma MatthewsTeam Boompods5
155Beth MorrowCAMS – Basso4
1651Amira MellorTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus4
1784Charlotte BroughtonAWOL O’Shea3
1750Lucy HarrisTeam Boompods3
1992Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar3
1934Beth Harley- JepsonJadan – Vive Le Velo3
1913Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes3
2249Monica GreenwoodTeam Boompods3
2394Caoimhe OBrienTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar2
2322Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UK2
23118Megan AndersonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling2
2653Becks DurrellTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus1
2611Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes1

Men’s results

Individual classification

115Matthew BostockWiv SunGod491:07:27.756
218Oliver WoodWiv SunGod491:07:39.255+11.499
314Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod491:07:39.530+0.275
49Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling491:07:39.612+0.082
58Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling491:07:39.989+0.377
625Joseph BeckingsaleWales Racing Academy491:07:40.656+0.667
766Max WalkerTRINITY Racing491:07:40.707+0.051
854Leon MazzoneSaint Piran491:07:40.896+0.189
974Tom CouzensEmbark – BikeStrong491:07:41.906+1.010
1052Charles PageSaint Piran491:07:46.746+4.840
1119Reece WoodWiv SunGod491:07:52.348+5.602
1221Joe HoltWales Racing Academy491:08:17.397+25.049
1313Jim BrownWiv SunGod451:03:40.868+4 Laps
1427William TrueloveWales Racing Academy451:03:41.061+0.193
1558Bradley SymondsSaint Piran451:03:41.294+0.233
166Ollie PeckoverRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling451:03:41.419+0.125
1734Freddie ScheskeTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus451:03:41.504+0.085
1843Benjamin TuchnerTEKKERZ451:03:41.536+0.032
194Cameron JeffersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling451:03:41.663+0.127
20128Matti Dobbins05/03451:03:41.698+0.035
2176Cai DaviesEmbark – BikeStrong451:03:41.838+0.140
2233Dan BarnesTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus451:03:41.887+0.049
23112Oliver MaxwellSRCT Muc-off451:03:42.464+0.577
2431Ben ChiltonTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus451:03:43.256+0.792
2598Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling451:03:43.330+0.074
2655William BjergfeltSaint Piran451:03:43.607+0.277
2784Toby JarvisTeam PB Performance451:03:43.731+0.124
28101Matt WittsNopinz Motip Race Team451:03:43.872+0.141
2938Travis BramleyTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus451:03:43.959+0.087
30117Scott ReddingSRCT Muc-off451:03:44.066+0.107
3194Ukko PeltonenGlobal 6 Cycling451:03:44.900+0.834
3281James BentleyTeam PB Performance451:03:45.187+0.287
33116Thomas LowtherSRCT Muc-off451:03:45.265+0.078
3478David HirdEmbark – BikeStrong451:03:45.590+0.325
35122Joe Shillabeer05/03451:03:45.609+0.019
3623Edward MorganWales Racing Academy451:03:45.722+0.113
37115Elliot BarratSRCT Muc-off451:03:46.198+0.476
38107Dan ShoobridgeNopinz Motip Race Team451:03:48.357+2.159
3941Alec BriggsTEKKERZ451:04:30.776+42.419
4029William RobertsWales Racing Academy441:03:41.267+1 Lap
4172James BevanEmbark – BikeStrong441:03:43.079+1.812
4253Tom MazzoneSaint Piran441:03:52.881+9.802
4342Jon MouldTEKKERZ431:03:40.600+1 Lap
445Matt KingRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling431:03:47.540+6.940
45100Xeno YoungGlobal 6 Cycling431:03:58.051+10.511
46123Harry Jukes05/03431:04:24.816+26.765
4780James SatoorEmbark – BikeStrong431:04:24.817+0.001
48103Dave RoperNopinz Motip Race Team421:03:41.984+1 Lap
49113Matthew WarhurstSRCT Muc-off421:03:58.383+16.399
5090Chris WalkinshawTeam PB Performance411:03:30.957+1 Lap
5188Max SillifantTeam PB Performance411:04:31.132+1:00.175
DNF121Harrison Hunter05/03190:28:02.836
DNF85Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance110:14:42.650
DNF99Alex WilliamsGlobal 6 Cycling11:29.524
DNS36Mikey MottramTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus0
DNS62Cameron MasonTRINITY Racing0
DNS102Cameron McLarenNopinz Motip Race Team0

Team classification


1Wiv SunGod3:22:46.54110
2Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling3:24:40.7029
3Saint Piran3:24:48.6078
4Wales Racing Academy3:25:18.7647
5Embark – BikeStrong3:26:29.1056
6Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:28:05.9045
7SRCT Muc-off3:28:11.5114
8Global 6 Cycling3:31:41.6663
11Nopinz Motip Race Team3:33:11.4080
12Team PB Performance3:34:43.3800


1Wiv SunGod66
2Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling62
3Wales Racing Academy50
4Saint Piran48
5Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus35
6TRINITY Racing26
8Embark – BikeStrong21
9Team PB Performance19
10Nopinz Motip Race Team12
11Global 6 Cycling8
13SRCT Muc-off5

Sprint classification


115Matthew BostockWiv SunGod18
218Oliver WoodWiv SunGod11
39Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
48Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
519Reece WoodWiv SunGod5
621Joe HoltWales Racing Academy4
714Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod4
866Max WalkerTRINITY Racing3
929William RobertsWales Racing Academy2
1052Charles PageSaint Piran1


115Matthew BostockWiv SunGod101
29Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling71
316Thomas MeinWiv SunGod23
414Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod23
58Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling22
618Oliver WoodWiv SunGod18
767Luke LampertiTRINITY Racing18
812Jacob ScottWiv SunGod15
96Ollie PeckoverRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling14
1019Reece WoodWiv SunGod14
1166Max WalkerTRINITY Racing12
123Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling11
1326Owain RobertsWales Racing Academy8
1461Sam CulverwellTRINITY Racing8
1513Jim BrownWiv SunGod7
1617Rory TownsendWiv SunGod7
1754Leon MazzoneSaint Piran7
1869Blake QuickTRINITY Racing5
1921Joe HoltWales Racing Academy5
191Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling5
2130Joshua TarlingWales Racing Academy4
2252Charles PageSaint Piran4
2398Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling4
2329William RobertsWales Racing Academy4
2585Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance3
2644Noah HobbsTEKKERZ2
2627William TrueloveWales Racing Academy2
2625Joseph BeckingsaleWales Racing Academy2
2965Oliver ReesTRINITY Racing1

Featured photo: Will Palmer/ – 24/05/2022 – Cycling – Tour Series – Round 7 Grand Final: Manchester – Women’s Race.