2022 Tour Series – Guisborough: race report and results

Sophie Lewis (CAMS-Basso Bikes) and Thomas Mein (WiV SunGod) claimed the victories at the opening round of the Tour Series, as Pro-Noctis - Rotor - Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen and WiV SunGod took the early leads in the team competitions

Sophie Lewis (CAMS-Basso Bikes) and Thomas Mein (WiV SunGod) claimed the victories as the 2022 Tour Series burst into life with a thrilling opening round in North Yorkshire.


Women’s race

Presented to the crowds first as the reigning National Circuit Race Champion, Jo Tindley (Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen) quickly demonstrated the prowess that earned her those British stripes as she immediately struck off out front, joined by Lewis.

The pair pulled out a handy advantage over the chasing pack behind, and built up a sizeable gap to the chasing pack behind as they looked to minimise the number of potential winners right from the very off. 

Despite the pair extending their advantage with every completion of the 1.4km lap, they ended up being joined by another rider as Tindley’s Pro-Noctis team-mate Lucy Ellmore put in a mighty effort to bridge the gap and make the duo a trio.

2022 Tour Series Round 1 Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire – Women’s Race – Cams-BASSO Sophie Lewis takes the win from Jo Tindley and Lucy Ellmore. Photo:

As the trio traversed the circuit, peppered with showers in what was a typically wet bank holiday Monday, it became noticeable that some game playing was afoot as Lewis looked to try and conserve her energy for the final dash to the line – the one card she could play when confronted with the two team-mates able to work together.

That proved to be a masterstroke. Running down to the finish on Guisborough’s Westgate, Lewis had just enough to claim the sprint by half a bike length over Tindley, maintaining CAMS-Basso’s 100% record at the event, following on from Megan Barker’s success 12 months earlier.

Ellmore took third, while Sammie Stuart (Team Brother UK-LDN) powered off the front of the chasing pack to take fourth, and the fastest lap of the race.

Pro-Noctis made their numbers count, taking the top spot in the team competition, with CAMS-Basso in second and Team Boompods in third, while Tindley took the lead in the sprints classification.

Sophie Lewis talks to The British Continental

Men’s race

Compared to the cagey competition between two teams in the women’s encounter, the men’s race was a showcase of WiV SunGod’s crushing, brutal, ability to control a race.

From the very first lap, Mein and Matt Bostock worked together to rocket away from the rest of the pack which was left fighting shadows, unable to put up any sort of counter-attack to Mein and Bostock’s initial sucker punch.

Such was the pair’s dominance, that by the halfway mark their lead was over a minute and by the closing stages, only self-restraint on their part stopped them from lapping the entire field.

2022 Tour Series Round 1 Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire – Men’s Race – Wiv SunGod take the win. Left Thomas Mein and right Matt Bostock. Photo:

Coming to the line, they displayed a perfectly synchronised salute with Mein eventually breaking the beam first – 0.001sec clear of Bostock.

Behind, Harry Tanfield (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) maintained local pride – living just a couple of miles from Guisborough – with third place, 1m36sec down. WiV SunGod maintained the crushing performance with fourth and fifth for Matt Gibson and Jacob Scott respectively.

Juniors put on impressive displays just behind. Noah Hobbs (Tekkerz) finished sixth having arrived fresh off the ferry after winning the Isle of Man Junior Tour over the weekend. Fellow junior Joshua Tarling (Wales Racing Academy) was seventh.

WiV SunGod now lead the team classification, with the Wales Racing Academy in second after a strong team performance and Hobbs’ Tekkerz team in third. Mein completed a clean sweep for WiV SunGod by taking the early lead in the sprints competition.

Thomas Mein talks to The British Continental


Women’s results

Individual classification

17Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso321:06:06.129
215Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes321:06:06.245+0.116
316Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes321:06:06.605+0.360
423Sammie StewartTeam LDN – Brother UK321:06:41.726+35.121
592Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar321:07:08.233+26.507
648Emma MatthewsTeam Boompods321:07:08.272+0.039
78Sophie ThackrayCAMS – Basso321:07:08.621+0.349
841Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods321:07:08.648+0.027
954Charlotte BerryTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:07:09.384+0.736
1084Charlotte BroughtonAWOL OShea321:07:09.413+0.029
11124Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team321:07:09.568+0.155
1213Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes321:07:09.702+0.134
1382Frankie Morgans SladerAWOL OShea321:07:09.745+0.043
1499Olivia BentleyTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar321:07:10.402+0.657
1571Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning321:07:10.768+0.366
1614Isabel DarvillPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes321:07:10.858+0.090
17123Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Team321:07:11.600+0.742
1834Beth Harley- JepsonJadan – Vive Le Velo321:07:11.608+0.008
191Megan BarkerCAMS – Basso321:07:11.628+0.020
2055Gaby ShawTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:07:12.531+0.903
2151Amira MellorTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:07:12.882+0.351
2221Harriet DoddTeam LDN – Brother UK321:07:13.327+0.445
2350Lucy HarrisTeam Boompods321:07:13.457+0.130
2477Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning321:07:14.650+1.193
2545Mary WilkinsonTeam Boompods321:07:15.069+0.419
2693Kim CadzowTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar321:07:15.896+0.827
2757Sam FawcettTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:07:16.057+0.161
2818Poppy ThompsonPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes321:07:22.617+6.560
29109Hannah BayesSaint Piran WRT321:07:30.565+7.948
3025Danni WatkinsonTeam LDN – Brother UK291:01:52.612+3 Laps
3185Phoebe MartinAWOL OShea291:01:52.827+0.215
3233Suzetta GuerriniJadan – Vive Le Velo291:01:53.026+0.199
33122Sophie LankfordAlba Development Road Team280:59:46.004+1 Lap
342Jess FinneyCAMS – Basso280:59:46.237+0.233
3553Becks DurrellTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus280:59:46.568+0.331
3662Daisy BarnesBrother UK – Orientation Marketing280:59:48.440+1.872
3773Emily TillettLoughborough Lightning280:59:48.476+0.036
386Ella BarnwellCAMS – Basso280:59:48.999+0.523
39104Madeleine GammonsSaint Piran WRT280:59:55.928+6.929
40108Gemma SargentSaint Piran WRT281:00:30.665+34.737
41102Sophie EarlSaint Piran WRT281:00:30.813+0.148
42113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling281:00:30.814+0.001
4395Lee BoonTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar281:00:31.158+0.344
44125Beth MaciverAlba Development Road Team281:00:43.752+12.594
45112Isabella JohnsonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling281:00:55.266+11.514
46119Laura CheesmanDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling281:00:58.166+2.900
47101Emily ChiltonSaint Piran WRT281:00:58.400+0.234
4837Louise ScuphamJadan – Vive Le Velo281:01:29.637+31.237
49111Nicola SodenDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling270:59:46.367+1 Lap
5029Sian BotteleyTeam LDN – Brother UK270:59:46.404+0.037
5186Georgia BullardAWOL OShea270:59:47.875+1.471
52121Victoria SmithAlba Development Road Team271:00:06.104+18.229
5365Ellen BennettBrother UK – Orientation Marketing271:00:43.889+37.785
5446Sian Hanna MarshTeam Boompods271:00:58.761+14.872
5535Jen McMahonJadan – Vive Le Velo271:01:33.095+34.334
5663Laura PittardBrother UK – Orientation Marketing271:01:33.175+0.080
5774Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning271:01:34.067+0.892
58116Iona SewellDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling260:59:54.929+1 Lap
5975Roisin LallyLoughborough Lightning261:00:40.861+45.932
6061Abi CooperBrother UK – Orientation Marketing261:01:33.542+52.681
6138Rebakah NashJadan – Vive Le Velo241:00:38.020+2 Laps
DNF22Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UK210:44:05.849
DNF66Grace ListerBrother UK – Orientation Marketing36:01.795
DNF81Maddie WadsworthAWOL OShea36:17.248

Team classification

1Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes3:19:22.55210
2CAMS – Basso3:20:26.3789
3Team Boompods3:21:30.3778
4Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar3:21:34.5317
5Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:21:34.7976
6Team LDN – Brother UK3:22:11.7285
7AWOL OShea3:22:36.0714
8Alba Development Road Team3:22:39.4583
9Loughborough Lightning3:22:46.5332
10Saint Piran WRT3:25:09.5281
11Jadan – Vive Le Velo3:25:45.4680
12Datalynx – Parenesis Cycling3:28:27.7100
13Brother UK – Orientation Marketing3:33:16.8530

Sprints classification

115Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes19
27Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso16
316Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes13
441Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods3
523Sammie StewartTeam LDN – Brother UK2
671Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning2
734Beth Harley- JepsonJadan – Vive Le Velo2
813Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes2
992Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar1

Men’s results

Individual classification

116Thomas MeinWiv SunGod320:59:31.738
215Matthew BostockWiv SunGod320:59:31.739+0.001
39Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling321:01:08.591+1:36.852
414Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod321:01:12.524+3.933
512Jacob ScottWiv SunGod321:01:12.571+0.047
644Noah HobbsTEKKERZ321:01:12.669+0.098
730Joshua TarlingWales Racing Academy321:01:12.773+0.104
898Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling321:01:12.864+0.091
954Leon MazzoneSaint Piran321:01:13.026+0.162
1027William TrueloveWales Racing Academy321:01:13.146+0.120
1162Cameron MasonTRINITY Racing321:01:13.342+0.196
1235Isaac MundyTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:01:13.551+0.209
133Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling321:01:13.694+0.143
1413Jim BrownWiv SunGod321:01:14.048+0.354
1574Tom CouzensEmbark – BikeStrong321:01:14.454+0.406
16102Cameron McLarenNopinz Motip Race Team321:01:14.896+0.442
1752Charles PageSaint Piran321:01:15.042+0.146
18105Harry GreenNopinz Motip Race Team321:01:15.301+0.259
1966Max WalkerTRINITY Racing321:01:15.637+0.336
2021Joe HoltWales Racing Academy321:01:15.916+0.279
2146Neil PhillipsTEKKERZ321:01:16.074+0.158
2241Alec BriggsTEKKERZ321:01:16.970+0.896
2365Oliver ReesTRINITY Racing321:01:17.043+0.073
2426Owain RobertsWales Racing Academy321:01:17.437+0.394
2543Benjamin TuchnerTEKKERZ321:01:17.940+0.503
2629William RobertsWales Racing Academy321:01:18.451+0.511
2785Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance321:01:18.652+0.201
2859Theo ObholzerSaint Piran321:01:18.781+0.129
2976Cai DaviesEmbark – BikeStrong321:01:19.005+0.224
3033Dan BarnesTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus321:01:19.684+0.679
3156Stephen BradburySaint Piran321:01:23.894+4.210
3242Jon MouldTEKKERZ321:01:47.219+23.325
33122Joe Shillabeer05-03321:01:51.381+4.162
344Cameron JeffersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling311:00:51.951+1 Lap
3553Tom MazzoneSaint Piran311:00:52.117+0.166
3636Mikey MottramTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus311:00:52.211+0.094
37116Thomas LowtherSRCT Muc-off311:00:52.299+0.088
385Matt KingRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling311:00:52.494+0.195
3995Conor SchunkGlobal 6 Cycling311:00:52.697+0.203
40121Harrison Hunter05-03311:00:52.995+0.298
41103Dave RoperNopinz Motip Race Team311:00:53.221+0.226
42113Matthew WarhurstSRCT Muc-off311:00:53.955+0.734
43124Rob McPherson05-03311:00:54.124+0.169
4481James BentleyTeam PB Performance311:00:54.360+0.236
45119Luke NorrisSRCT Muc-off311:00:54.878+0.518
46114Matthew EllisSRCT Muc-off311:00:55.067+0.189
4790Chris WalkinshawTeam PB Performance311:01:03.600+8.533
48123Harry Jukes05-03311:01:23.507+19.907
498Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling300:58:58.132+1 Lap
5099Alex WilliamsGlobal 6 Cycling301:00:00.507+1:02.375
5188Max SillifantTeam PB Performance301:00:11.182+10.675
5287Tom SharplesTeam PB Performance301:00:47.642+36.460
5372James BevanEmbark – BikeStrong301:00:47.720+0.078
54101Matt WittsNopinz Motip Race Team301:01:24.099+36.379
55125Jordan Retallack05-03281:01:34.856+2 Laps
5675Bryn DaviesEmbark – BikeStrong261:01:15.323+2 Laps
DNF104Lucas ByamNopinz Motip Race Team110:23:54.388
DNF117Scott ReddingSRCT Muc-off90:18:27.089
DNF31Ben ChiltonTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus90:19:09.145
DNF34Freddie ScheskeTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus80:17:12.636
DNF92Miguel FernandezGlobal 6 Cycling70:14:59.765
DNF77Iwan EvansEmbark – BikeStrong48:37.301
DNF64Aidan LawrenceTRINITY Racing0

Team classification

1Wiv SunGod3:00:16.00110
2Wales Racing Academy3:03:41.8359
4TRINITY Racing3:03:46.0227
5Saint Piran3:03:46.8496
6Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling3:05:12.0415
7Nopinz Motip Race Team3:05:21.2644
8Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:05:23.2593
9Team PB Performance3:07:12.6762
10Embark – BikeStrong3:07:24.3601
12Global 6 Cycling3:08:03.9310
13SRCT Muc-off3:08:34.7170

Sprints classification

116Thomas MeinWiv SunGod20
215Matthew BostockWiv SunGod16
39Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
414Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod5
512Jacob ScottWiv SunGod4
652Charles PageSaint Piran3
798Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling2
88Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling2
965Oliver ReesTRINITY Racing1
1054Leon MazzoneSaint Piran1