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2022 Bynea Early Season Road Race: report and results

Samuel Beckett wins the Bynea Early Season Road Race

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Samuel Beckett of the Wales Racing Academy won the 120-kilometre Bynea Early Season Road on Sunday 27 March. It was the Welsh man’s second National B road race win of the year, sealed just three days after he turned 20.

The early laps of the race’s 9.9-kilometre rolling circuit saw no major breakaway action; a few moves were attempted but nothing stuck. The breakthrough came around four laps in, when a group of 13 riders broke clear from the bunch, including five from the Wales Racing Academy team. They used their numerical advantage well.

Beckett struck out alone on the final lap before George Kimber (Spirit BSS) and Beckett’s teammate Ed Morgan bridged across to join him. The trio headed to the line together, with Beckett comfortably taking the sprint to win. Kimber was second, with Morgan third, while Luke Barfoot (Primera – TeamJobs) led in the chase group 18 seconds later.

Luke Barfoot (Primera-TeamJobs) leads in the chase group. Photo: Owain Smith

The win continued an excellent run of form for Beckett. He won the Primavera Road Race earlier this month and this result should mean that he extends his lead in our national road race rankings when they are published later this week.

He told us after the race that he is proud of a “good start so far” to his season and was pleased with “a solid team performance from the Wales Racing Academy lads”.

The team will now head to France for the Circuit des Ardennes International stage race (6-9 April, UCI 2.2), and Beckett hopes the good form will continue, saying that the result has “given us some confidence heading to the Ardennes”, and that he is “hoping for more of the same” as the bigger races begin.


1Samuel BeckettWales Racing Academy2:56:15 
2George KimberSpirit BSS2:56:170:02
3Edward MorganWales Racing Academy2:56:230:08
4Luke BarfootPrimera-TeamJobs2:56:330:18
5George FowlerNopinz Motip Race Team2:56:33 
6Cameron BiddleEmbark – Bikestrong2:56:33
7Owain RobertsWales Racing Academy2:56:33 
8Tom WilliamsVCA du Bourget2:56:33
9Joseph ReesBIKESTRONG-KTM2:56:33 
10Gruffudd LewisWiV Sungod2:56:33
12Matthew HoulbergMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT2:56:33 
13Spencer DaviesCC Abergavenny – JP Signs & Print2:56:33
14Jack RamsbottomCaffi Gruff2:56:33 
15Ewan WarrenMid Devon CC2:56:390:24
16Edward LaverackBynea CC2:56:400:25
17James O’ConnellBC Private Member2:56:460:31
18Hefin EvansTeam PB Performance2:59:373:22
19Scott ReddingSRCT MUC-OFF3:01:124:57
20Joe HoltWales Racing Academy3:03:497:34
21Thomas GrigsonStolenGoat Race Team3:07:4711:32
22Felix WhetterMid Devon CC3:08:0411:49
23Griff LewisFlandersColor Galloo3:08:04
24Seth JonesCero – Cycle Division Racing Team3:08:04 
25Dafydd WrightCaffi Gruff3:08:04
26Nicholas JonesArmy Cycling Union3:08:04 
27Luke ProtheroeUF Rowe & King3:08:1011:55
28Martin FordBC Private Member3:08:1812:03
29Iwan EvansBIKESTRONG-KTM3:08:2212:07
30Harry ChamberlainBynea CC3:11:2015:05
31Ieuan DaviesCaffi Gruff3:01:1121:24
32Matthew HughesCaffi Gruff3:01:4622:02
DNFHarry CoddCero – Cycle Division Racing Team  
DNFTom DaviesRapha Cycling Club
DNFRhys (Iorwerth) EvansCaffi Gruff  
DNFTesty TesterBC Private Member
DNFLiam James-MorrisWales Racing Academy  
DNFRhys PilleyCaesarean CC Jersey
DNFMatthew SmartBradford on Avon  
DNFMatthew WhitehouseMaindy Flyers CC
DNFWilliam TrueloveWales Racing Academy  
DNSJack FreemanMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT  
DNSRobert McPherson05/03
DNSChad ScallanTeam PB Performance  
DNSOliver Winwood BratchellPrimera-TeamJobs  

Featured photo: Owain Smith