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Spokes RT Scottish Road Race – Kickstarter: report and results

Cycling Sheffield's George Wood wins the fourth National B road race of 2021

The B-side: a closer look at National B road racing

The fourth men’s National B road race of the year – the first to take place in Scotland – took place last weekend (19 June).

Organised by Spokes RT, the race was run on the Sporting Suie Road Race course in Aberdeenshire. The course finishes at the top of Suie Road, 3 km climb at 5.4%, including a challenging 1.7 km section at 10%.

First-year U23 George Wood (Cycling Sheffield) won the race, continuing his strong season start after his third place at the Return to Racing for Big Dogs.

With no official report on the race, we asked George to explain how it went:

The first couple of laps were full of people trying to solo off the front, followed by the group setting a hard pace up the climb. On the second ascent, I tried to test people’s legs and got a bit of a gap but sat up over the top because there was a group of about 11 or so that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away from.

Then on the third lap, after it had all come back together, I slipped off the front when everyone sat up. My teammate Will Harding came with me and two guys each from both Wheelbase and RT23 joined us. One of the Wheelbase riders dropped off, so a final group of five was established. We set a fast – but not crazy – pace up the third climb and held the gap to the chasers steady and worked really well taking our turns.

On the run-in to the final climb both the RT23 riders were alternating attacks so Will and I had to work hard to chase them down every time. My plan was to hit the final climb hard, which I did, but I think the chasing had taken a bit out of me so the legs weren’t as good as I’d hoped. In the end, it came down to a two-up sprint between me and Finn Crockett of Wheelbase which I was in the big ring for which paid off once I got on top of the gear.”


PositionNameClub name
1. George WoodCycling Sheffield
2. Finn CrockettWheelbase CabTech Castelli
3. William HardingCycling Sheffield
4. Cameron RichardsonIndependent
5. Tim ShoremanRT23
6. Murray LawsonSpokes Racing Team
7. Lee RosieUniversity of Aberdeen
8. Rory McGuireLeslie Bike Shop-Bikers Boutique
9. David DugganWheelbase CabTech Castelli
10. Gavin DempsterTorvelo Racing
11. Alexander BallVanelli-Project Go
12. Fraser GaultSpokes Racing Team
13. Ciaran Mc SherryEdinburgh RC
14. Ewan McDougallPerth United Cycling Club
15. Jacob SmithDeeside Thistle CC
16. Hamish StrachanZappi Racing Team
17. Malcolm BainGranite City RT
18. Cameron BrownSpokes Racing Team
19. Fraser MartinWheelbase CabTech Castelli
20. Mark WalkerDeeside Thistle CC
21. Andrew BruceVanelli-Project Go
22. Alexander GibbSpokes Racing Team
23. Daniel HawkesBTNRT
24. Alfie AttertonThe Cycling Academy
25. Liam Scott Douglasdooleys cycles
26. Murray SoutterTorvelo Racing
27. Marc RobertsElgin CC
28. Archie EllenThe Cycling Academy
29. Matti DobbinsRT23
30. Grant FergusonHope Factory Racing
31. Neil ScottDeeside Thistle CC
32. Alistair MerryDundee Thistle RC
33. David ReedVanelli-Project Go
34. Sean TaylorTeam Andrew Allan Architecture
35. Jamie LiversidgeDeeside Thistle CC
36. James McKayCycling Sheffield
37. Alexander MacLeodDeeside Thistle CC
38. Brian DuncanSparta Breda
DNFWill CordenVelo Runner
DNFAndrew CoxPeebles CC
DNFThomas GelatiKelpie Racing
DNFCalum GibbUniversity of Aberdeen
DNFCorin HallidayTorvelo Racing
DNFAngus JoshiEdinburgh RC
DNFAaron KingRT23
DNFJohn MacLeodHart’s Cyclery
DNFAlexander MacRaeIndependent
DNFGregor McArthurVanelli-Project Go
DNFFinn McHenryThe Cycling Academy
DNFAlastair McNicoldooleys cycles
DNFOliver MurrayVanelli-Project Go
DNFCraig PatersonEast Kilbride Road Club
DNFGary PatersonSpokes Racing Team
DNFCallum ReidThe Cycling Academy
DNFCalum SmithDeeside Thistle CC
DNFCallum ThornleySpokes Racing Team