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2023 National Time Trial Championships: report and results

Report and results from the 2023 National Time Trial Championships, Wednesday 21 June

Josh Charlton (Saint Piran) won the men’s U23 national time trial championships, putting in a powerful ride to finish 21 seconds ahead of TRINITY Racing’s Max Walker. Shortly after, Maddie Leech (Lifeplus-Wahoo) take a resounding victory to become the women’s U23 national time trial champion.

In the afternoon, Elizabeth Holden (UAE Team ADQ) won a tense battle in the women’s elite time trial championships, with Anna Morris (WardPerformanceUK.com) and Elinor Barker MBE (Uno-X Pro Cycling) completing the podium.

In the men’s race, Josh Tarling (Ineos Grenadiers) took a convincing win, an impressive feat at just 19 years of age. Fred Wright (Bahrain Victorious) and Tarling’s teammate Connor Swift were second and third respectively, over a minute behind.

Read more about the course in our race preview here.

Featured photo: SWPix. Josh Tarling of Ineos Grenadiers.

Men’s U23 time trial

Ciaran McSherry (The Cycling Academy) set the early benchmark, coming in with a time of 17:45.482, 25 seconds faster than the other handful of early finishers. Out on the course though, one of the breakthrough riders of the season, Rowan Baker (London Dynamo) had gone six seconds quicker than McSherry’s intermediate time. Indeed, by the time Baker crossed the line, his time was 21 seconds faster than McSherry’s.

With the favourites now beginning their efforts, the question was, could Baker spring a surprise?

The intermediate times quickly suggested Baker’s lead would not last. Lucas Jowett, Harry Birchill (both Saint Piran) and Will Smith (TRINITY Racing) all took turns setting the best intermediate times. But then Joshua Golliker (Groupama-FDJ Continental) blew all of their intermediate times out of the water, over 34 seconds faster than Baker. Smith was closest at this stage, a full 17 seconds back.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Men’s U23 Time Trial – Joshua Golliker of Groupama-FDJ La Conti

Then came Golliker’s challengers. Josh Charlton (Saint Piran) beat Golliker’s intermediate time by four-hundredths of a second before Max Walker (TRINITY Racing) bettered Golliker more definitively, nearly four seconds ahead, the only rider to hit the intermediate point under 17 minutes.

At the finish line, meanwhile, Birchill was the new leader, setting a time 15 seconds faster than Baker, but it was clear by now the winner would come from a rider still out on the course.

Neither Ollie Rees (TRINITY Racing), Charlie Bailey (Foran CC) nor Callum Thornley (TRINITY Racing) could go better than Walker at the intermediate point, although Bailey was only fractionally behind, meaning Walker, Charlton, Golliker and Bailey looked the most likely riders to take the win.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Men’s U23 Time Trial – Josh Charlton of Saint Piran

Charlton put in a superb second leg, hitting the line in a time of 33:45.359, over 32 seconds quicker than Golliker’s finishing time to take the stripes.

Walker was unable to keep his intermediate lead, coming in 21 seconds down on Charlton to finish the event second, while Bailey – third last year – was 47 seconds back, finishing 4th.


1106Charlton JoshSaint Piran33:45.36
2105Walker MaxTrinity Racing34:06.59+21.23
3111Golliker JoshuaGroupama-FDJ La Conti34:18.26+32.90
4102Bailey CharlesForan CCC34:33.13+47.77
5103Rees OliverTrinity Racing34:47.00+ 1:01.65
6112Brough JackAVC Aix en Provence34:49.02+ 1:03.67
7113Smith WilliamTrinity Racing34:50.34+ 1:04.98
8115Birchill HarrySaint Piran34:56.34+ 1:10.98
9108Hobbs NoahGroupama-FDJ La Conti35:08.35+ 1:22.99
10101Thornley CallumTrinity Racing35:09.50+ 1:24.14
11104Giddings JoshuaLotto Dstny Development Team35:09.75+ 1:24.39
12122Baker RowanLondon Dynamo35:12.11+ 1:26.75
13116Wood GeorgeCycling Sheffield35:16.63+ 1:31.27
14119Hicks DylanDevelopment Team DSM35:28.78+ 1:43.42
15118Jowett LucasSaint Piran35:29.92+ 1:44.56
16130McSherry CiaranThe Cycling Academy35:33.60+ 1:48.24
17109Dodd MattieTirol KTM Cycling Team35:41.00+ 1:55.64
18125Rosie LeeWheelbase CabTech Castelli35:46.31+ 2:00.95
19110Clark SamueltrainSharp Elite36:07.33+ 2:21.97
20128Knowles JoshuaTAAP Endura36:24.81+ 2:39.45
21120Pilling Tristan360cycling36:28.30+ 2:42.94
22135Avery JacobRide Revolution Coaching36:34.76+ 2:49.40
23127King AaronWheelbase CabTech Castelli36:43.85+ 2:58.49
24114Walker ZacharyTUDOR PRO CYCLING TEAM U2336:45.62+ 3:00.26
25131Bright BenjaminWales Racing Academy37:28.73+ 3:43.38
26134Freeman AaronRichardsons Trek DAS37:41.96+ 3:56.60
27132Brown JensonWheelbase CabTech Castelli39:02.07+ 5:16.72
28136Goodwin DanieltrainSharp Development Team39:49.06+ 6:03.70
DNF121Asker SamuelRichardsons Trek DAS
DNF141Williams TomROKiT-SRCT
DNS107Nerurkar LukasTrinity Racing
DNS117Leeming-Sykes DexterWold Top The Edge Pactimo
DNS124Rootkin-Gray JackSaint Piran
DNS133Forsyth HamishtrainSharp Development Team
DNS137Griffiths DylanUniversity of Bath Cycling Clu
DNS138Ives HarrytrainSharp Development Team
DNS139Jukes Harry05/03
DNS140Lutz-Atkinson MaxRibble rechrg Race Team

Women’s U23 time trial

A small field of just 8 riders duked it out for women’s U23 time trial honours. Maddie Leech (Lifeplus-Wahoo) came flying out of the blocks, setting an intermediate time of 18:56.893. Only Lucy Gadd (Stade Rochelais Charente-Maritime), third in this event last year, could come anywhere near close, over 28 seconds behind.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Women’s U23 Time Trial – Madelaine Leech of Lifeplus Wahoo

Leech’s lead looked commanding, but the battle for podium spots appeared less clear-cut. Flora Perkins’ (Fenix-Deceuninck Development Team) intermediate time was 17 seconds behind Gadd, with Ellie Parry (Watersley R&D Cycling Team), Abi Smith (EF Education-TIBCO-SVB) and Robyn Clay (Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee) all within 8 seconds of Perkins.

Parry, the first rider to start, was also the first to finish, setting a target time of 39:52.132 over the 27.4km course. Leech, though, smashed this benchmark, overtaking two riders on her way to a time of 38:17.640, a full 1 minute and 16 seconds ahead of Parry.

Could anyone catch Leech? No.

Gadd came in second, just under a minute down on Leech, with Perkins completing the podium a further 16 seconds back.

Picture by Zac Williams/SWpix.com- 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Women’s U23 Time Trial – Madelaine Leech of Lifeplus Wahoo wins with Lucy Gadd of Stade Rochelais Charente-Maritime in second and Flora Perkins of Fenix-Deceuninck Development Team in third on the podium


1205Leech MadelaineLifeplus Wahoo38:17.64
2201Gadd LucyStade Rochelais Charente-Marit39:17.36+59.72
3204Perkins FloraFenix-Deceuninck Development Team39:33.42+ 1:15.78
4206Clay RobynPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen –39:34.22+ 1:16.58
5203Smith AbiEF Education-TIBCO-SVB39:38.10+ 1:20.46
6209Parry EllieWatersley R&D Cycling Team39:52.13+ 1:34.49
7208Callinan EvaLoughborough Lightning42:44.76+ 4:27.12
8210Yeoman MorvenTorelli43:49.17*+ 5:31.53
DNS202Richardson KateLifeplus Wahoo
DNS207Barnwell EllaSaint Piran WRT
*210 – Morven Yeoman – Late Start 5-second penalty

Women’s elite time trial

The forecast thunder and lightning ended up avoiding Croft Circuit for the start of the women’s elite time trial, but what started to make its presence felt was the strengthening wind – a headwind up the start/finish straight and a crosswind on the exposed parts of the course.

Putting her nose in the wind first was Anya Tamplin (Loughborough Lightning) and she was in close competition with Jadan-Vive Le Velo’s Laura Davies, the pair setting times of 19:54.598 and 19:53.936 respectively at the intermediate split.

Their times were the early benchmarks, but as the race got deeper down the startlist some of the more dedicated TT riders soon improved on those early intermediate times.

Sure enough, Miriam Jessett (StolenGoat) lowered Davies’ benchmark significantly, as she put in a time of 19:02.937. Jessett went on to set the best early time at the finish line with 39:13.492.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Women’s Elite Time Trial – Katie Archibald of Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team

Meanwhile, out on course, Katie Archibald (Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team) was demonstrating she meant business, laying down a marker of 18:40.233 to take the virtual lead, and then taking the hot seat as she clocked a time of 38:06.015, 6 seconds quicker than AWOL O’Shea’s Hayley Simmonds.

Archibald’s intermediate lead remained for some time, with notable names such as Alice Barnes (Human Powered Health) and April Tacey (Lifeplus-Wahoo) all slower.

Elinor Barker MBE (Uno-X Pro Cycling Team) was the first rider to crack it, going 2.7 seconds quicker. As more and more favourites rolled over the intermediate time check, the race was looking extremely tight. Elynor Backstedt (Trek-Segafredo) was just 7 seconds adrift of Barker.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Women’s Elite Time Trial – Anna Morris of WardPerformanceUK.com

Anna Morris (WardPerformanceUK.com), a TT specialist, was 5 seconds ahead, Pfeiffer Georgi (Team DSM) was 5 seconds behind and Elizabeth Holden (UAE Team ADQ) was out in front, leading Barker by a full 12 seconds. The big unknown, though, was Anna Henderson (Jumbo-Visma), whose intermediate time had not registered on the live timing. It was all gearing up for a tense second half of the race.

Holden maintained her lead in the closing kilometres, despite a spirited charge from Morris, to win her first national time trial crown. Morris missed out by just 14 seconds, while Barker held on for third, 16 seconds back on Holden.

Former champion Henderson finished 11th, an unfortunate mechanical – a grazed shoulder suggests she may even have come off her bike – resulting in a bike change and costing her precious time.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Women’s Elite Time Trial – Elizabeth Holden of UAE Team ADQ


1301Holden ElizabethUAE Team ADQ37:02.14
2304Morris AnnaWardPerformanceUK.com37:16.21+ 0:14.07
3308Barker MBE ElinorUno-X Pro Cycling Team37:18.78+ 0:16.64
4305Georgi PfeifferTeam DSM37:29.58+ 0:27.44
5307Backstedt ElynorTREK – SEGAFREDO37:32.05+ 0:29.91
6320Archibald KatieCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team38:06.02+ 1:03.88
7323Simmonds HayleyAWOL- O’Shea38:12.19+ 1:10.06
8309Barnes AliceHuman Powered Health38:23.64+ 1:21.51
9311Allan KateTeam Bottrill38:24.24+ 1:22.10
10322Martin EmilyTeam Bottrill38:51.72+ 1:49.59
11303Henderson AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma39:02.08+ 1:59.94
12315Greenwood MonicaDAS – Handsling Bikes39:09.06+ 2:06.92
13326Jessett MiriamJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon39:13.49+ 2:11.36
14317Roberts JessicaTeam Coop-Hitec Products39:14.06+ 2:11.92
15306Storey Dame SarahStorey Racing39:20.10+ 2:17.96
16329Holl JennyTEKKERZ CC39:21.21+ 2:19.08
17337Rawlins FreyaSoltec Team39:36.05+ 2:33.91
18314George JenniferHUUB WattShop39:37.50+ 2:35.36
19312Hall FrancescaLoughborough Lightning39:40.10+ 2:37.97
20302Meakin EmilyAWOL- O’Shea39:44.30+ 2:42.17
21313Miller TamsinHutchinson-Brother UK39:47.31+ 2:45.18
22316Tacey AprilLifeplus Wahoo40:23.05+ 3:20.91
23334Brooke LiziWahoo – Le Col40:36.50+ 3:34.37
24333Davies LauraJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon40:42.11+ 3:39.97
25331Owen FrancesWahoo – Le Col40:46.41+ 3:44.27
26324Turner SallyHuub WattShop40:47.53+ 3:45.39
27330Hodgkins-Byrne CharlotteTeam Boompods40:51.65+ 3:49.51
28325Watts LydiaHutchinson-Brother UK40:54.36+ 3:52.22
29327Berry CharlotteHutchinson-Brother UK40:54.48+ 3:52.35
30318Morrice AlexCANYON – SRAM RACING40:55.63+ 3:53.49
31336Tamplin AnyaLoughborough Lightning40:56.48+ 3:54.35
32321Hayes ConnieAWOL- O’Shea41:02.01+ 3:59.87
33332Harding AmberLoughborough Lightning41:02.18+ 4:00.04
34335French OliviaStolenGoat Race Team43:26.34+ 6:24.20
DNS319Khan DannielleSaint Piran WRT

Men’s elite time trial

With three laps of the course compared to two for all the other categories in action today, the men faced a 41.1km test on the flat, windy roads. 

First to clock in a final time that tested the mettle of the riders following was trainSharp Elite’s Timothy Torrie with a 52:48.065 – the first of the early wave of riders to dip under the 53-minute barrier. 

It took a time for those early efforts to be bested, but bested they were as first Lewis Askey (Grouapama-FDJ) and then HUUB Wattshop’s Michael Gill put themselves into the hot seat – and didn’t Gill do that, his time of 51:56.55 was more than 20 seconds up on Askey’s time.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Men’s Elite Time Trial – Joshua Tarling of Ineos Grenadiers

Through the intermediate split – at Croft’s start/finish line – though, there were some outstanding markers being put down. Josh Tarling (Ineos Grenadiers) caught the eye as he went through the split for the second time with an advantage of 1:24.872 compared to Gill’s best time.

Tarling’s teammate then clocked the second-best intermediate time, 36 seconds behind Tarling, with aero wizard Dan Bigham (HUUB Wattshop) just a further second back. Also in contention at this stage was Bahrain-Victorious’s Fred Wright and Charlie Tanfield (Saint Piran) who were both within range of Wright and Bigham’s intermediate times.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Men’s Elite Time Trial – Fred Wright of Bahrain-Victorious

Tarling converted his splits into an overwhelming final time of 48:50.430. His victory has secured him a place in history as the youngest elite men’s TT champion, the 19-year-old younger than Josh Charlton, winner of the U23 time trial.

His closest challenger proved to be Wright, but he could only clock a 49:53.236, over a minute back on Tarling. That secured him silver, as all eyes turned to the last man to finish – Bigham. Still looking strong through the second lap, he faded on his final lap and couldn’t convert that early pace into a medal as he clocked a 51:06.302 – putting him seventh overall.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 21/06/2023 – Cycling – 2023 British National Road Championships – Croft Circuit, Darlington, England – Men’s Elite Time Trial – Joshua Tarling of Ineos Grenadiers wins with Fred Wright of Bahrain-Victorious in second and Connor Swift of Ineos Grenadiers in third on the podium

Rounding out the podium was Swift, at 50:00.560 just relegating local rider Charlie Tanfield (Saint Piran) to fourth by 25 seconds. Ethan Vernon (Soudal-QuickStep) completed the top five with Bigham’s team-mate John Archibald squeaking ahead of him in sixth. 


1411Joshua TarlingIneos Grenadiers48:50.43
2404Fred WrightBahrain-Victorious49:53.24+ 1:02.81
3416Connor SwiftIneos Grenadiers50:00.56+ 1:10.13
4413Charlie TanfieldSaint Piran50:25.18+ 1:34.75
5408Ethan VernonSoudal Quick-step50:38.01+ 1:47.58
6407John ArchibaldHUUB WattShop50:52.66+ 2:02.23
7402Daniel BighamHUUB WattShop51:06.30+ 2:15.87
8421Michael GillHUUB WattShop51:56.15+ 3:05.72
9422Lewis AskeyGROUPAMA – FDJ52:17.43+ 3:27.00
10412Oliver PeckovertrainSharp Elite52:17.62+ 3:27.19
11424William PerrettEmbark Spirit BSS52:22.72+ 3:32.29
12410Charles QuartermanTeam Corratec52:23.93+ 3:33.50
13430Timothy TorrietrainSharp Elite52:48.07+ 3:57.63
14433Alexander PritchardHUUB WattShop53:07.24+ 4:16.81
15415Zeb KyffinSaint Piran53:18.03+ 4:27.60
16429Oliver HucksKalas Motip Race Team53:36.10+ 4:45.67
17425Jack CrookRichardsons Trek DAS53:38.47+ 4:48.04
18434Jordan GilesPrimera-TeamJobs53:49.03+ 4:58.60
19441Toby TanfieldClub Ciclista Padronés-Equipo53:59.69+ 5:09.26
20427William RobertsSaint Piran54:34.25+ 5:43.82
21440Paul BurtonPaceline RT54:45.95+ 5:55.52
22432Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team55:29.39+ 6:38.96
23431Jack LevickRose Race Team55:31.86+ 6:41.43
24436Joshua AveryRide Revolution Coaching56:26.67+ 7:36.24
25426Nathan SmithTeam Novo Nordisk Development57:40.52+ 8:50.09
DNF439Matthew DownieTAAP Endura
DNS401Ethan HayterIneos Grenadiers
DNS403Geraint ThomasIneos Grenadiers
DNS405James ShawEF Education – EasyPost
DNS406Ben TulettIneos Grenadiers
DNS409Leo HayterIneos Grenadiers
DNS414Ben TurnerIneos Grenadiers
DNS417Simon CarrEF Education – EasyPost
DNS418Samuel WatsonGROUPAMA – FDJ
DNS419Matthew GibsonHuman Powered Health
DNS420Ben SwiftIneos Grenadiers
DNS423Paul DoubleHuman Powered Health
DNS428Tom WardWardPerformanceUK.com
DNS435George SkinnerPrimera-TeamJobs
DNS438George HibberdTeam Tor 2000 Kalas