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2023 Peaks 2 Day stage race: day two report and results

Report and results from day 2 of the Peaks 2 Day stage race, 19 March 2023

Preview, startlist and route details.

Day one report and results.

Tammy Miller (Hutchinson-Brother UK) and Ollie Peckover (trainSharp elite) took overall honours after a scintillating final day of racing at the Peaks 2 Day that saw stage wins for Jacob Smith (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli), Zoe Langham (Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee) and Damien Clayton (Embark Spirit BSS).

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Tom Hutchison for drafting this report and providing race updates on our Instagram stories for this race. And to Emma Wilcock and Bob MacGregor for kindly supplying the race images.


Men’s race

Stage 2

The men began proceedings on day two of the Peaks 2 Day, with just the minor challenge of a road bike time trial up Holme Moss to tackle. Conditions were similar to the day previous, with damp roads and a mild temperature.

As our preview highlighted, the early part of the three-kilometre course was flat, before the road rose upwards two kilometres of climbing on an average gradient of 9.5%. To add to the challenge, a strong head wind awaited the riders on the exposed climb. Thomas Andrews (Lifting Gear Cycling Motion) was first out the gates, providing a benchmark for following riders.

In the general classification battle, all eyes were on overnight leader Toby Barnes (Unattached), and second overall Jenson Young (ROKiT-SRCT), who was tied on time with Barnes after stage 1.

Barnes, not known as natural climber, finished in a strong third in his defence of the leader’s jersey in a time of 8:20.5. Young, however, went seven seconds quicker to move into the race lead with one stage remaining.

Jacob Smith (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) stole the stage glory though, finishing a full six seconds ahead of Young. 19-year-old Smith was. one of the revelations of the Capernwray road race and, by all recent indications, is a young climber to keep tabs on. Speaking of youngsters, Matthew Cole (Zappi Junior RT) was the fastest junior in 12th.

The general classification race was still open ahead of stage 3 with only small gaps separating the leading riders.

Stage 3

Stage 3 of the men’s race was the last event of the day, following the women’s final stage (see below). Taking place on the exposed, 6.5 kilometre Hade Edge circuit, the race was a gruelling affair in strong winds, including a roaring tailwind to the finish line.

Stage 3 of the men’s Peaks 2 Day. Image ELW Photography

Splits already formed by the 3rd of 16 laps, with Tom Martin (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) accompanied by Damien Clayton (Embark Spirit BSS) in a two man move, with a small chasing group not far behind. By lap four, the chasers had caught Clayton and Smith to create a nine-rider break, that featured Capernwray road race winner Ollie Peckover (trainSharp), Alex Peters (Richardsons Trek DAS), Matthew Warhurst (ROKiT-SRCT) and last year’s winner George Peden (Team PB Performance), among others.

Behind, race leader Jenson Young and his nearest challenger on GC, Toby Barnes, had instigated the chase. By lap 8, they were 1’35 seconds behind the leaders, but that had dwindled to just 40 seconds a lap later.

On the finish line with just 4 laps remaining, the lead group was down to just five riders, Clayton, Peckover and Warhurst among them. Behind, Jenson Young had attacked in an attempt to bridge across.

The whittling of the front group continued in the attritional conditions, and as they took the bell, just three riders were out front, and with a clear lead too: Clayton, Peckover and Warhurst.

The trio stayed together setting up a fearsome sprint for the line. It was mighty close, but Clayton pipped Warhurst, with Peckover in third.

Clayton pips Warhurst and Peckover to the win. Image ELW Photography

GC leader Young finished 4th at 51 seconds, alongside Wales Racing Academy’s Huw Buck Jones.

Young’s brave efforts to close the gap to the leaders were in vein, as Peckover claimed enough time to claim the overall win; a superb follow-up to his Capernwray road race win last weekend. Young – the best-placed under-23 – finished second overall just 11 second back, with his teammate Warhurst in third at 12 seconds.

Matthew Cole was the best of the juniors with an impressive 9th overall.

Barnes, meanwhile, he had been second overall before the stage start, rolled in in 16th, a full 4 minutes and 15 seconds behind stage winner Clayton, demonstrating just how fragmented the race was. He ended the race 12th overall.

Peden may not have been successful in regaining his race crown from last season, but he still ended the race with a jersey, winning the KOM competition.

Men’s race results.

Women’s race

Stage 3

The final stage of the women’s race followed the men’s time trial up Holme Moss, featuring 12 laps of the Hade Edge circuit.

Overnight general classification leader Tammy Miller (Hutchinson-Brother UK) began the stage with the luxury of a 43 second lead over second-placed Connie Hayes (AWOL O’Shea), with Zoe Langham, Bexy Dew (both Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee), Frances Owen (Wahoo – Le Col) the other riders in the top five, with none having much more than a minute’s deficit to Miller. With strong winds blowing across the exposed circuit, all was still to play for.

Stage 3 of the women’s Peaks 2 Day. Image ELW Photography

The pace of the peloton remained steady for the opening few laps with no signs of anyone wanting to make the first move. Stage 2 winner Lucy Lee (DAS-Handsling) almost ended her race early on lap 2, missing her breaking point and running straight on at one of the major turns, but she quickly rejoined the rear of the peloton. 

Lucy Harris (AWOL O’Shea) – 6th on GC – and Lizi Brooke (Wahoo – Le Col) were the first riders to try and force a break. With Lucy Lee in hot pursuit, Katie Archibald (Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team) chose to chase the trio down. By lap 6 it was all back together, albeit with a reduced bunch. 

The lead group stayed intact for the remaining laps, taking the bell together. A bunch sprint was on the cards, or so it seemed. Langham had other ideas, however, and attacked at the bottom of last ascent to the finish line, taking a small advantage over the top. With the tailwind nullifying aiding her escape of the chasing bunch, she was able to hold onto her advantage all the way to the finish line.

Two bike lengths behind, the remainder of the peloton was lead in by Lee closely followed by race leader Miller. The result confirmed Miller was the overall winner of the second women’s Peaks 2 Day race, an impressive start in the colours of her her new team, Hutchinson-Brother UK.

Zoe Langham takes the stage win. Image: Bob MacGregor

Hayes lost 13 seconds to Langham as the lead group split in the final run-in to the line, allowing Langham to leapfrog Hayes in the general classification. Hayes remained the leading under-23 rider however. Meanwhile, Sammie Stuart mopped up enough points to seal the QOM competition win.

Women’s race results.

Men’s race results

Stage 2

PosNameTeamTimeTime Gap
1Jacob SmithWheelbase CabTech Castelli00:08:07.400:00:00.0
2Jenson YoungROKiT-SRCT00:08:13.600:00:06.2
3Toby BarnesAT85 Pro Cycling00:08:20.500:00:13.1
4Huw  Buck JonesWales Racing Academy00:08:21.800:00:14.4
5George KimberEmbark Spirit BSS00:08:21.900:00:14.5
6Corrin LeemingCycling Club Isle of Man00:08:25.000:00:17.6
7Lee RosieWheelbase CabTech Castelli00:08:37.500:00:30.1
8Archie CrossVelo Schils – Interbike RT00:08:39.200:00:31.8
9James McKayCycling Sheffield00:08:39.900:00:32.5
10Jacques CoatesTeam PB Performance00:08:41.400:00:34.0
11Jude TaylorTeam PB Performance00:08:42.700:00:35.3
12Matthew ColeZappi Junior Race Team00:08:43.400:00:36.0
13Tom MartinWheelbase CabTech Castelli00:08:43.900:00:36.5
14Oliver PeckovertrainSharp Elite00:08:44.200:00:36.8
15Matthew WarhurstROKiT-SRCT00:08:48.600:00:41.2
16Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team00:08:50.500:00:43.1
17George PedenTeam PB Performance00:08:50.800:00:43.4
18Cai DaviesKalas Motip Race Team00:08:51.000:00:43.6
19Jordan GilesPrimera-TeamJobs00:08:52.400:00:45.0
20Andrew NicholsTeam Lifting Gear Products00:08:55.800:00:48.4
21Dexter Leeming-SykesWold Top The Edge Pactimo00:08:56.200:00:48.8
22Spencer DaviesWales Racing Academy00:08:57.200:00:49.8
23William HardingMarsh Tracks Racing – Trek00:09:00.400:00:53.0
24Oscar HutchingsTeam Tor 2000 Kalas00:09:00.700:00:53.3
25Finlay HawkerZappi Junior Race Team00:09:03.900:00:56.5
26Matthew HoulbergEmbark Spirit BSS00:09:04.000:00:56.6
27Benjamin BrightWales Racing Academy00:09:04.100:00:56.7
28Alex PetersRichardsons Trek DAS00:09:04.500:00:57.1
29Christopher BoothGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk00:09:07.200:00:59.8
30Cameron McLarenKalas Motip Race Team00:09:07.500:01:00.1
31Matthew EllisROKiT-SRCT00:09:08.500:01:01.1
32Liam FlanneryTeam PB Performance00:09:10.800:01:03.4
33Nathan SmithTeam Novo Nordisk Development00:09:11.200:01:03.8
34Alexander SpeirsTAAP Endura00:09:14.800:01:07.4
35Damien ClaytonEmbark Spirit BSS00:09:16.200:01:08.8
36Oliver SergeantPrologue Racing Team00:09:16.200:01:08.8
37Fred MeredithWales Racing Academy00:09:19.500:01:12.1
38Joe CoukhamCycling Sheffield00:09:21.100:01:13.7
39Angus HawkinsRide Revolution Coaching00:09:24.100:01:16.7
40Jonny BrittonPrologue Racing Team00:09:26.600:01:19.2
41Harvey LawsonKalas Motip Race Team00:09:33.700:01:26.3
42Tom AndrewsTeam Lifting Gear Products00:09:34.500:01:27.1
43Tobias BartlettDoddington Cycling Club00:09:35.100:01:27.7
44Daniel BarnesTeam Spectra Cannondale00:09:38.700:01:31.3
45Joe BoothroydGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk00:09:39.500:01:32.1
46Sean MullenRichardsons Trek DAS00:09:39.700:01:32.3
47Taylor HillCycling Sheffield00:09:41.600:01:34.2
48Timothy TorrietrainSharp Elite00:09:41.600:01:34.2
49Oliver SawyerYBC Composite00:09:49.200:01:41.8
50Richard ButlerGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk00:09:49.400:01:42.0
51Callum WatsonPrologue Racing Team00:09:50.900:01:43.5
52Peter CockerRichardsons Trek DAS00:09:53.300:01:45.9
53Ross BirrellAT85 Pro Cycling00:09:55.700:01:48.3
54Joe WilsonEmbark Spirit BSS00:09:56.200:01:48.8
55Matthew EllmorePrologue Racing Team00:10:10.400:02:03.0
56Tobias EdwardsTeam Lifting Gear Products00:10:13.700:02:06.3
57George DalySitwell Cycling Club00:10:19.600:02:12.2
58Oliver TandySolihull CC00:10:36.100:02:28.7
59Joe Shillabeer05/0300:12:05.700:03:58.3

Stage 3

PosNameClubTimeTime Gap
1Damien ClaytonEmbark Spirit BSS02:40:54.000:00:00.0
2Matthew WarhurstROKiT-SRCT02:40:54.000:00:00.0
3Oliver PeckovertrainSharp Elite02:40:54.000:00:00.0
4Jenson YoungROKiT-SRCT02:41:45.000:00:51.0
5Huw  Buck JonesWales Racing Academy02:41:45.000:00:51.0
6Dexter Leeming-SykesWold Top The Edge Pactimo02:42:03.000:01:09.0
7Tom MartinWheelbase CabTech Castelli02:42:28.000:01:34.0
8Jordan GilesPrimera-TeamJobs02:42:36.000:01:42.0
9Fred MeredithWales Racing Academy02:43:56.000:03:02.0
10Lee RosieWheelbase CabTech Castelli02:43:58.000:03:04.0
11Matthew ColeZappi Junior Race Team02:43:58.000:03:04.0
12Jacob SmithWheelbase CabTech Castelli02:43:58.000:03:04.0
13Alex PetersRichardsons Trek DAS02:44:03.000:03:09.0
14Jacques CoatesTeam PB Performance02:44:38.000:03:44.0
15Matthew HoulbergEmbark Spirit BSS02:45:09.000:04:15.0
16Toby BarnesAT85 Pro Cycling02:45:09.000:04:15.0
17George KimberEmbark Spirit BSS02:45:09.000:04:15.0
18George PedenTeam PB Performance02:45:09.000:04:15.0
19James McKayCycling Sheffield02:46:13.000:05:19.0
20Finlay HawkerZappi Junior Race Team02:46:13.000:05:19.0
21Tom AndrewsTeam Lifting Gear Products02:46:24.000:05:30.0
22Corrin LeemingCycling Club Isle of Man02:48:06.000:07:12.0
23Christopher BoothGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk02:48:20.000:07:26.0
24Jude TaylorTeam PB Performance02:49:50.000:08:56.0
25Angus HawkinsRide Revolution Coaching02:49:50.000:08:56.0
26Spencer DaviesWales Racing Academy02:49:55.000:09:01.0
27Joe WilsonEmbark Spirit BSS02:50:01.000:09:07.0
28Tobias BartlettDoddington Cycling Club02:50:01.000:09:07.0
29Jonny BrittonPrologue Racing Team02:50:01.000:09:07.0
30Cameron McLarenKalas Motip Race Team02:50:01.000:09:07.0
31Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team02:50:01.000:09:07.0
32Alexander SpeirsTAAP Endura02:50:01.000:09:07.0
33Taylor HillCycling Sheffield02:50:01.000:09:07.0
34Tobias EdwardsTeam Lifting Gear Products02:50:01.000:09:07.0
35Cai DaviesKalas Motip Race Team02:50:01.000:09:07.0
36Liam FlanneryTeam PB Performance02:50:01.000:09:07.0
37Andrew NicholsTeam Lifting Gear Products02:50:01.000:09:07.0
38Harvey LawsonKalas Motip Race Team02:50:01.000:09:07.0
39Oscar HutchingsTeam Tor 2000 Kalas02:50:01.000:09:07.0
40Oliver TandySolihull CC02:50:05.000:09:11.0
41Benjamin BrightWales Racing Academy02:50:31.000:09:37.0
42Timothy TorrietrainSharp Elite02:56:55.000:16:01.0
43Daniel BarnesTeam Spectra Cannondale02:56:55.000:16:01.0
DNFRoss BirrellAT85 Pro Cycling  
DNFPeter CockerRichardsons Trek DAS  
DNFJoe CoukhamCycling Sheffield  
DNFArchie CrossVelo Schils – Interbike RT  
DNFGeorge DalySitwell Cycling Club  
DNFMatthew EllisROKiT-SRCT  
DNFMatthew EllmorePrologue Racing Team  
DNFWilliam HardingMarsh Tracks Racing – Trek  
DNFMatthew LockTAAP Endura  
DNFJoe BoothroydGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk  
DNFSean MullenRichardsons Trek DAS  
DNFOliver SawyerYBC Composite  
DNFOliver SergeantPrologue Racing Team  
DNFJoe Shillabeer05/03  
DNFNathan SmithTeam Novo Nordisk Development  
DNFCallum WatsonPrologue Racing Team  

General classification

PosNameTeamTimeTime Gap
1Oliver PeckovertrainSharp Elite04:50:00.200:00:00.0
2Jenson YoungROKiT-SRCT04:50:11.600:00:11.4
3Matthew WarhurstROKiT-SRCT04:50:12.600:00:12.4
4Huw  Buck JonesWales Racing Academy04:50:26.800:00:26.6
5Damien ClaytonEmbark Spirit BSS04:50:49.200:00:49.0
6Dexter Leeming-SykesWold Top The Edge Pactimo04:51:16.200:01:16.0
7Tom MartinWheelbase CabTech Castelli04:51:50.900:01:50.7
8Jordan GilesPrimera-TeamJobs04:52:19.400:02:19.2
9Matthew ColeZappi Junior Race Team04:53:02.400:03:02.2
10Lee RosieWheelbase CabTech Castelli04:53:11.500:03:11.3
11Alex PetersRichardsons Trek DAS04:53:24.500:03:24.3
12Toby BarnesAT85 Pro Cycling04:53:42.500:03:42.3
13George KimberEmbark Spirit BSS04:54:00.900:04:00.7
14Jacques CoatesTeam PB Performance04:54:13.400:04:13.2
15George PedenTeam PB Performance04:54:29.800:04:29.6
16Matthew HoulbergEmbark Spirit BSS04:54:43.000:04:42.8
17James McKayCycling Sheffield04:55:22.900:05:22.7
18Finlay HawkerZappi Junior Race Team04:55:33.900:05:33.7
19Corrin LeemingCycling Club Isle of Man04:57:07.000:07:06.8
20Christopher BoothGiant Kendal-Sidas Uk04:58:26.200:08:26.0
21Jude TaylorTeam PB Performance04:59:02.700:09:02.5
22Cai DaviesKalas Motip Race Team04:59:14.000:09:13.8
23Andrew NicholsTeam Lifting Gear Products04:59:18.800:09:18.6
24Fred MeredithWales Racing Academy04:59:20.500:09:20.3
25Angus HawkinsRide Revolution Coaching04:59:38.100:09:37.9
26Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team04:59:45.500:09:45.3
27Cameron McLarenKalas Motip Race Team04:59:59.500:09:59.3
28Oscar HutchingsTeam Tor 2000 Kalas05:00:03.700:10:03.5
29Benjamin BrightWales Racing Academy05:00:05.100:10:04.9
30Alexander SpeirsTAAP Endura05:00:06.800:10:06.6
31Tobias BartlettDoddington Cycling Club05:00:27.100:10:26.9
32Jacob SmithWheelbase CabTech Castelli05:00:49.400:10:49.2
33Liam FlanneryTeam PB Performance05:05:16.800:15:16.6
34Jonny BrittonPrologue Racing Team05:05:29.600:15:29.4
35Harvey LawsonKalas Motip Race Team05:05:39.700:15:39.5
36Tom AndrewsTeam Lifting Gear Products05:11:45.500:21:45.3
37Daniel BarnesTeam Spectra Cannondale05:14:42.700:24:42.5
38Joe WilsonEmbark Spirit BSS05:15:55.200:25:55.0
39Oliver TandySolihull CC05:17:38.100:27:37.9
40Taylor HillCycling Sheffield05:19:03.600:29:03.4
41Timothy TorrietrainSharp Elite05:20:03.600:30:03.4
42Tobias EdwardsTeam Lifting Gear Products05:23:26.700:33:26.5
43Spencer DaviesWales Racing Academy05:35:01.900:45:01.7

King of the mountains

1George PedenTeam PB Performance26
2Damien ClaytonEmbark Spirit BSS20
3Tom MartinWheelbase CabTech Castelli18
4Oliver PeckovertrainSharp Elite15
5Matthew ColeZappi Junior Race Team13
6Jordan GilesPrimera-TeamJobs8
7Dexter Leeming-SykesWold Top The Edge Pactimo6
7Alex PetersRichardsons Trek DAS6
7Matthew WarhurstROKiT-SRCT6
10Jacob SmithWheelbase CabTech Castelli5
11James McKayCycling Sheffield3
11George KimberEmbark Spirit BSS3
13Benjamin BrightWales Racing Academy2
13Huw  Buck JonesWales Racing Academy2
15Andrew NicholsTeam Lifting Gear Products1
15Jenson YoungROKiT-SRCT1

Women’s race results

Stage 3

PosNameTeamTimeTime Gap
1Zoe LanghamPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee02:26:13.000:00:00.0
2Lucy LeeDAS – Handsling Bikes02:26:13.000:00:00.0
3Tamsin MillerHutchinson-Brother UK02:26:13.000:00:00.0
4Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning02:26:13.000:00:00.0
5Monica GreenwoodDAS – Handsling Bikes02:26:13.000:00:00.0
6Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee02:26:21.000:00:08.0
7Amelia TylerAlba Development Road Team02:26:21.000:00:08.0
8Katie ArchibaldCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team02:26:22.000:00:09.0
9Josie KnightTeam Spectra Cannondale02:26:22.000:00:09.0
10Sammie StuartDAS – Handsling Bikes02:26:26.000:00:13.0
11Eilidh ShawAlba Development Road Team02:26:26.000:00:13.0
12Olivia FrenchStolenGoat Race Team02:26:26.000:00:13.0
13Connie HayesAWOL- O’Shea02:26:26.000:00:13.0
14Frances OwenWahoo – Le Col02:26:27.000:00:14.0
15Lucy HarrisAWOL- O’Shea02:26:33.000:00:20.0
16Ella Maclean-HowellTeam Inspired02:26:41.000:00:28.0
17Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee02:26:51.000:00:38.0
18Esther WongShibden Hope Tech Apex02:26:56.000:00:43.0
19Lizi BrookeWahoo – Le Col02:26:57.000:00:44.0
20Robyn  ClayPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee02:26:58.000:00:45.0
21Jessie CarridgeHutchinson-Brother UK02:27:10.000:00:57.0
22Laura GrayWahoo – Le Col02:27:10.000:00:57.0
23Sannah ZamanHutchinson-Brother UK02:27:10.000:00:57.0
24Emma JeffersDAS – Handsling Bikes02:27:41.000:01:28.0
25Jayati HineTeam Boompods02:27:46.000:01:33.0
26Harriet GrahamBrother UK-Orientation Marketing02:28:15.000:02:02.0
27Sian BotteleyHutchinson-Brother UK02:28:49.000:02:36.0
28Lucy NeathamLDN-Academy02:28:49.000:02:36.0
29Miriam BullockLDN-Academy02:29:28.000:03:15.0
30Hayley SimmondsAWOL- O’Shea02:32:05.000:05:52.0
31Dannielle WatkinsonHutchinson-Brother UK02:32:05.000:05:52.0
32Katherine HandyValley Striders CC02:32:05.000:05:52.0
33Amber Junker-BrameldVC Londres02:33:44.000:07:31.0
34Gemma MitchellTeam Boompods02:33:57.000:07:44.0
35Rebecca HairLAKA Pedal Mafia RT02:34:33.000:08:20.0
36Marie-Louise KertzmanLAKA Pedal Mafia RT02:34:33.000:08:20.0
37Mathilde PaulsLAKA Pedal Mafia RT02:34:33.000:08:20.0
38Daisy BarnesAlba Development Road Team02:34:46.000:08:33.0
39Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee02:34:48.000:08:35.0
40Lauren LanghamWahoo – Le Col02:34:50.000:08:37.0
DNFPenny ColloffLAKA Pedal Mafia RT  
DNFAbigail CooperBrother UK-Orientation Marketing  
DNFHarriet EvansBrother UK-Orientation Marketing  
DNFLizzie FoxFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing  
DNFGrace ListerDAS – Handsling Bikes  
DNFJacqueline KinseyAWOL Worx Galliard   
DNFJordan MatthewsFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing  
DNFTuva MaulandBrother UK-Orientation Marketing  
DNFFrancesca Morgans-SladerAWOL- O’Shea  
DNFClare ParkinFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing  
DNFEvie WhiteAlba Development Road Team  

General classification

PosNameClubTimeTime Gap
1Tamsin MillerHutchinson-Brother UK04:23:26.600:00:00.0
2Zoe LanghamPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee04:24:13.400:00:46.8
3Connie HayesAWOL- O’Shea04:24:23.200:00:56.6
4Monica GreenwoodDAS – Handsling Bikes04:24:34.400:01:07.8
5Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee04:24:36.400:01:09.8
6Frances OwenWahoo – Le Col04:24:44.600:01:18.0
7Sammie StuartDAS – Handsling Bikes04:24:50.200:01:23.6
8Lucy HarrisAWOL- O’Shea04:24:53.700:01:27.1
9Katie ArchibaldCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team04:24:59.700:01:33.1
10Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning04:25:07.900:01:41.3
11Ella Maclean-HowellTeam Inspired04:25:16.300:01:49.7
12Lucy LeeDAS – Handsling Bikes04:25:23.100:01:56.5
13Lizi BrookeWahoo – Le Col04:25:52.000:02:25.4
14Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee04:25:52.800:02:26.2
15Sannah ZamanHutchinson-Brother UK04:27:00.200:03:33.6
16Robyn  ClayPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee04:28:54.700:05:28.1
17Esther WongShibden Hope Tech Apex04:29:37.200:06:10.6
18Josie KnightTeam Spectra Cannondale04:30:25.500:06:58.9
19Olivia FrenchStolenGoat Race Team04:30:41.300:07:14.7
20Eilidh ShawAlba Development Road Team04:30:41.600:07:15.0
21Jayati HineTeam Boompods04:31:14.200:07:47.6
22Jessie CarridgeHutchinson-Brother UK04:34:00.400:10:33.8
23Hayley SimmondsAWOL- O’Shea04:34:44.600:11:18.0
24Dannielle WatkinsonHutchinson-Brother UK04:34:50.900:11:24.3
25Laura GrayWahoo – Le Col04:35:02.500:11:35.9
26Sian BotteleyHutchinson-Brother UK04:35:46.800:12:20.2
27Emma JeffersDAS – Handsling Bikes04:36:08.600:12:42.0
28Lucy NeathamLDN-Academy04:37:00.600:13:34.0
29Amelia TylerAlba Development Road Team04:41:25.700:17:59.1
30Harriet GrahamBrother UK-Orientation Marketing04:41:51.800:18:25.2
31Daisy BarnesAlba Development Road Team04:42:10.600:18:44.0
32Marie-Louise KertzmanLAKA Pedal Mafia RT04:42:19.200:18:52.6
33Rebecca HairLAKA Pedal Mafia RT04:42:32.300:19:05.7
34Miriam BullockLDN-Academy04:43:28.300:20:01.7
35Mathilde PaulsLAKA Pedal Mafia RT04:44:24.900:20:58.3
36Gemma MitchellTeam Boompods04:44:32.300:21:05.7
37Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee04:44:53.800:21:27.2
38Lauren LanghamWahoo – Le Col04:45:07.300:21:40.7
39Amber Junker-BrameldVC Londres04:51:18.000:27:51.4

Queen of the mountains

1Sammie StuartDAS – Handsling Bikes36
2Ella Maclean-HowellTeam Inspired27
3Lucy LeeDAS – Handsling Bikes14
4Esther WongShibden Hope Tech Apex12
5Zoe LanghamPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee11
6Tamsin MillerHutchinson-Brother UK6
7Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee4
8Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning3
9Lucy HarrisAWOL- O’Shea2
9Monica GreenwoodDAS – Handsling Bikes2
9Eilidh ShawAlba Development Road Team2
9Amelia TylerAlba Development Road Team2
9Sannah ZamanHutchinson-Brother UK2
14Frances OwenWahoo – Le Col1
14Lizi BrookeWahoo – Le Col1
14Connie HayesAWOL- O’Shea1