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Telling stories: what Rapha’s title sponsorship means to us

A thank you to our new title sponsor, Rapha

Here at The British Continental, our mission is to tell stories. Stories about the British bike racing scene, about races, race organisers, riders, volunteers, team managers, governance, diversity, equality, just about anything that helps to shine a light on the sport that we know and love.

The cycling world’s gaze falls predominantly on the sport’s biggest races, riders and teams. And rightly so. But we believe that the domestic sport can be just as compelling.

Scratch the surface and there are some enthralling tales to tell. Whether that involves candidly interviewing the UK’s only openly gay male elite rider, highlighting the challenges of running the iconic Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix, explaining how the Tour Series works, giving a voice to some ridiculously talented young journal writers, capturing dusty images of an epic edition of the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic, or reporting on some of country’s more cherished races, we want to help tell them.

Photo: Cadence Images

Rapha first stepped in to support The British Continental last year, joining us as a partner sponsor alongside HUNT. Their backing has helped us grow and develop over the last 365 days and we’re really proud of the content and coverage we’ve produced as a result.

Since its inception in November 2018, the The British Continental has evolved from a website with an occasional post by our founder Denny Gray in his spare time, into what we hope is now a valued part of the British racing scene’s media, supported by a small team regular and ad hoc contributors who all have the same mission: to showcase British cycle sport.

Rapha’s title sponsorship gives us the security to continue our endeavours. We can plan out our content, tell more stories, be at more races, and document the scene in even more depth. We are not a commercial operation. We don’t do this to make our fortunes. We do it because we love the sport. But Rapha’s support – together with the backing of our other sponsors, HUNT, Continental and WattShop – makes a huge difference in putting us on a more sustainable footing. It is also validation of all the hard work and sacrifice the team put in to making The British Continental what it is today.

So thank you Rapha, your support makes a huge difference to us. And thank you too to our growing band of followers. We can’t wait to get going on the next chapter.

Featured photo: Joe Cotterill/The British Continental.