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2022 Wally Gimber Trophy: report and results

Alex Richardson wins the prestigious Wally Gimber Trophy for the second time after a 12 kilometre solo break

The B-side: a closer look at National B road racing

Alexandar Richardson (Le Col) won the 62nd edition of the Dulwich Paragon Wally Gimber Trophy with a 12 kilometre solo break, adding to his victory on the same course in 2019. He crossed the line two minutes ahead of James Jenkins (Richardsons – Trek DAS), with Richardson’s team-mate Yanto Barker rounding out the podium, narrowly fending off Chris McNamara (Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT) who put up a worthy and valiant defence of his 2021 title.

Photo: Dave Hayward

On a beautiful sunny early Spring morning, the racing was hard and fast, as evidenced by the quantity and quality of riders being shelled out of the back. Richardson himself told us he completed the 144km course 10 minutes faster than in 2019. However, despite multiple attacks – including a two-up featuring Marinus Peterson (Nopinz Motip RT) and George Kimber (Spirit BSS) – it took until lap 3 for a proper break to emerge, with a group of 6 including Rory Townsend (WiV SunGod), Richard Todd (Le Col), and youngster Sam Clark (trainSharp Development) going clear.

A counter-attack featuring Jenkins, George Kimber of Spirit BSS, and the entire remainder of the Le Col team chased them down to form a front group of 12 which now looked far too strong to be brought back. However once Richardson, Barker, and Jenkins went clear, the remaining 9 were unable to organise a chase and were soon caught by the front half of a fractured peloton.

Alex Richardson. Photo: Photo: Dave Hayward

Richardson attacked with 12 kilometres remaining, and although Jenkins was able to ride clear of Barker, he couldn’t do anything to match the former Pro Conti rider’s power, and had to settle for second spot. Barker held on to finish 3rd ahead of McNamara who escaped the peloton for a solo 4th. The bunch sprint for 5th was taken by Sam Beckett (Wales Racing Academy) with Red Walters (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) and his orange handlebars finishing just behind.

Featured photo: Dave Hayward


#No.First nameSurnameTeam/ClubTime
119AlexandarRichardsonLe Col03:24:53
237JamesJenkinsRichardsons-Trek DAS03:26:55
318YantoBarkerLe Col03:27:54
444ChrisMcNamaraSigma Sports / Cannondale RT03:28:07
576SamuelBeckettWales Racing Academy03:28:20
636RedWaltersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling03:28:20
779RoryTownsendWiV SunGod03:28:21
843JordanRetallackTeam 05/0303:28:21
921RowanBakerLondon Dynamo03:28:21
116MarkRichardsDAP Cycling Club03:28:22
121WillAuty4T + Cyclopark03:28:22
1372JoeHillUpShift Nutrition Race Team03:28:22
1435MatthewKingRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling03:28:23
1623JackFreemanMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT03:28:23
1761GeorgePittockThanet RC Race Team03:28:23
1824MatthewHoulbergMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT03:28:23
1959LucasRowleyTactic Sport UK Race Team03:28:24
2020RichardToddLe Col03:28:25
2147JoshuaAverySpirit BSS03:28:25
2238ConorMcGoldrickRichardsons-Trek DAS03:28:26
2381JackWylieTAAP Cervelo03:28:26
2422MarinusPetersenLoughborough Students CC03:28:37
2517Ole HenrikBang-AndreasenLe Col03:29:04
2650GeorgeKimberSpirit BSS03:29:46
2832IanVaggProject 5103:33:19
2953CharlesAgerStolen Goat RT03:33:24
3056MatthewDownieTAAP Cervelo03:33:31
3163FinnDuntontrainSharp Development03:33:48
3258JamiePullenTAAP Cervelo03:33:53
335HarleyMatthewsDAP Cycling Club03:33:54
3454JackFothergillStolen Goat RT03:33:54
3578JoeStauntonWightlinkWight Mountain CRT03:33:55
3745RoryBarrettSouthborough & District Wheelers03:33:55
3926NathanHallettNopinz Motip Race Team03:33:56
412JackReboursCaesarean CC Jersey03:33:56
423KevinNelsonCrawley Wheelers Race Team03:33:57
4380JesseYatesYoeleo Test Team P/B 4MIND03:33:59
4455OliverHurdleStolen Goat RT03:33:59
4565HarryIvesStolen Goat RT03:34:01
4630JacobStoreyPartenza-Nude Espresso RT03:34:03
4729BradleyShentonPartenza-Nude Espresso RT03:34:04
4811StephenMaxwellDulwich Paragon CC03:34:04
4957MatthewLockTAAP Cervelo03:34:14
504MorrisBaconDAP Cycling Club03:34:19
5139CallumRileyRichardsons-Trek DAS03:34:38
5227MattWittsNopinz Motip Race Team03:34:38
5460KishanBakraniaTBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling03:34:39
5549ClayDaviesSpirit BSS03:34:39