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Podcast #3: Dave Coulson interview

Greg Trowman interviews the Cycling Sheffield manager

In the third episode of our new podcast, Greg Trowman sits down with Dave Coulson, the manager of the elite-level team Cycling Sheffield. 

The team was established in 2014 as Envelopemaster – Giant. Set up as a development team, it aims to help riders develop and further their careers as athletes by providing a professional and nurturing team environment. The team has already had notable success: one of their graduates is Connor Swift no less.

Uniquely, the concept of the team is about creating a geographic identity, similar to that of a football team. As such, he works with organisations throughout the city of Sheffield to create partnerships that benefit both the city and the team. 

In a wide-ranging, honest, and open interview, Greg and Dave talk about:

  • the rollercoaster juggling act of running an elite-level racing team
  • creating a marketable team based on geographic identity
  • the team’s approach to rider development
  • helping riders decide when to stop cycling, and
  • the team’s 2020 squad and future plans.

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Featured photo: James York