In praise of Prendas Ciclismo

A big 'high five' to our title sponsor this year

We have long been fans of Prendas Ciclismo, well before they became the title sponsor of The British Continental.

As a customer of theirs over the years, we have always been impressed by their quality clothing – they have kept us in socks for years – as well as their amazing customer service. Their focus on selling retro clothing has also helped to keep alive some of the iconic jerseys of the sport.

We have also always admired the support that they have given to the cycling industry. From good causes (like the Dave Rayner Fund) to respected blogs (like the Inner Ring) and start-up cycling teams (e.g. Drops), Prendas have a long track record in supporting grassroots racing. They also commission great pieces for their blog, documenting the history of the sport. 

We were therefore delighted when they agreed to become our title sponsor back in June. In many ways, it was the perfect fit. A homespun sponsor passionate about bike racing sponsoring a fledgeling blog about domestic cycle racing.

As a sponsor, they have been as exemplary as they are when it comes to customer service. They gave us our cash sponsorship in one lump sum, upfront, no questions asked. A big statement of trust in what we do. And it’s given us the security that whatever happened for the rest of the year, all of our costs were covered. They have been quick too to offer prizes for impromptu competitions and surveys. They have offered feedback when asked. They have been ultra-flexible about how we promote them. And have understood wholeheartedly our need to be authentic and do what we do unimpeded. In short, we couldn’t have wished for a better title sponsor in our first full year.

Whoever sponsors The British Continental in the future, we’ll always be grateful to Prendas for giving us such a solid ‘leg up’ in our early days.

Thank you.