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Rider journals: introducing Adam Lewis

BEAT Cycling Club's new signing will be one of four riders scribing a rider journal for us this season

We’re pleased to announce 23-year old Briton Adam Lewis as the first of four riders that will be journalling their 2019 season with us.

Adam will ride for the Dutch Continental team BEAT Cycling Club this year, an innovative team that markets itself as a professional cycling team based on a club. It boasts over 1,100 members (you can join for free here) and has both a track team (featuring Theo Bos) and a road team.

Before joining BEAT Cycling Club, Adam was at the Belgian Continental team T.Palm – Pole Continental Wallon, which disbanded at the end of the season. In fact, Adam has been racing for Belgian teams since 2015, so is by now well-familiar with the Belgian style of racing. And he’ll be based in Belgium once again this season.

At the UCI level, his most notable results came last year, when he finished 4th in the Grand Prix Albert Fauville – Baulet (1.2) and 12th in the Grote prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré (1.1). In 2017, riding for the Belgian amateur team Profel United, he also racked up a heap of podium places in Belgian kermesse races, including four wins.

Before Adam submits his first journal post, we asked him to answer a few questions to help introduce him a little further…

How would you describe yourself as a rider?

I would say I am fairly versatile. I am a light rider, weighing in at only 63.5kg, so I can climb well and enjoy the Ardennes-style races the best. However, having lived in Belgium for a few years I am more than capable of doing something in a pan-flat race.

Photo: Dirk Willems

Best result to date?

I would have to go with 4th overall in the Tour de la Namur last year, a 5-day race in the Ardennes, Belgium. On all 5 days I was on good form and riding aggressively. I got 2nd on stage 3, just a few centimetres away from victory. It was a race I have done a few times in the past, and each year I have progressed a little. So it was nice to be racing to win it overall, compared where I’d started.

Where will you be based in 2019?

I’ll be based in Belgium again, heading out there mid-February. Before that, I will be based in Girona for January on a training camp.

What will your first race be?

The first race the team will be doing is the International Rhodes Grand Prix (UCI 1.2, 3 March) and the International Tour of Rhodes (UCI 2.2, 8-10 March). Hopefully I will be selected to race them.

Main goal(s) for 2019?

My main goals in 2019 will be to get results in UCI 1.1 events and stage races. I want to show myself to the Pro Continental and World Tour teams.

Photo: Adam Lewis

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