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Cyclocross National Trophy Rd 4, Torbay: report and results

Thomas Mein made it three from four, and Elena Day took her second success as the National Trophy Cyclocross Series headed to Devon for Round 4

Elena Day (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS) and Thomas Mein (Hope Factory Racing) strengthened their grasp on their respective elite National Trophy leaders jerseys as they dominated the fourth round of the Cyclocross National Trophy Series in Torbay.

In the junior events, Seb Grindley prevailed to take his first win of the season in the men’s category, while Alice Colling made it two-in-a-row in the women’s competition.

Featured Image: Honor Elliott/Monument Cycling


Men’s junior

Seb Grindley proved why he’s carrying the national champion’s stripes this season as he powered to his first victory in this year’s National Trophy.

From the beginning, the Trinity Racing rider took the lead on a bright morning in Torbay, despite the challenging conditions of what was arguably the most muddy National Trophy course faced this year.

On the opening lap, Grindley swiftly secured a few precious seconds ahead. Demonstrating remarkable poise, he skillfully preserved his lead, even as series leader Oscar Amey (GKR Racing) relentlessly pursued him. To intensify the competition, Alfie Amey, also representing GKR Racing, joined his brother in the pursuit.

Seb Grindley (Trinity Racing). Honor Elliott/Monument Cycling

The duo executed impressive exchanges throughout their relentless pursuit of Grindley. However, their efforts fell short as the national champion secured victory with a commanding lead of over 10 seconds. Alfie claimed the second-place position, finishing a notable nine seconds ahead of Oscar.

Women’s junior

Alice Colling of Shibden Cycling Club secured her second consecutive triumph, further solidifying her hold on the prestigious series leader’s jersey. Her commanding performance leaves no doubt about her dominance in the competition.

In what was a depleted field in the South West, Colling replicated the exceptional performance that had previously distinguished her from her competitors in the last round at Derby, once again showcasing her unrivaled skills.

Alice Colling (Shibden Cycling Club). Honor Elliott/Monument Cycling

There was competition at the start, as Rebecca Woodvine (RR23 – runandride.co.uk) got the better start and held a slender lead over Colling as they completed a back-and-forth opening first tour which included Anwen Nesham (Cardiff JIF) nipping at the leading pair’s heels, but as Colling got into the groove she picked her moment and squeezed into the lead on the second lap round.

Riding cautiously around the slippery off-camber hairpins that are a prominent feature of the Devon course, Colling took the win by more than 20 seconds, with Woodvine herself 20 seconds ahead of Nesham, who rounded out the podium.

Women’s elite

Elena Day added to her win at the opening round in South Shields with a remarkable display of domination as she swept to an untroubled triumph for Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS.

Leading in both the under-23 and overall women’s National Trophy rankings, Day showcased her exceptional abilities as she triumphed in a fast-paced initial lap to secure the lead. She then skillfully distanced herself from the competition, further cementing her position in the series standings.

Ruby James, Elena Day and Hope Inglis. Honor Elliott/Monument Cycling

There was a three-rider chase to try and reel her back in – headed by Hope Inglis (Brother UK – Orientation Marketing) – but Day was on a mission. Lapping a number of riders on her way to the flag, she took victory by a mammoth 67 seconds.

Behind, Ruby James (Hope Factory Racing) secured second position with Inglis finishing in third place, making her the second-best under-23 rider.

Team Empella’s Alderney Baker and Xan Crees (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS) rounded out the senior podium, while Liz McKinnon (Montezuma’s Race Team) was third in the under-23 category. Kate Eedy won the V40 race for Team Empella.

Men’s elite

Thomas Mein secured his third triumph in the National Trophy series as he cruised effortlessly to victory. This remarkable achievement came just before his participation in the prestigious UCI World Cup event in Dendermonde the very next day.

The Hope Factory Racing rider wasn’t the first rider out of the gates. Instead, he chose to wait until further round the opening lap before making his move.

When he struck, it was in typical Mein fashion. Leading Ribble-Verge Sport’s Toby Barnes by 10 seconds after just the first lap, the yellow jersey holder disappeared into the hairpins and switchbacks.

Barnes did try and keep the series Leader honest, setting a few laps which were quicker than Mein’s, but every time Barnes threatened to close the gap, Mein turned the screw again, responding with a quick tour of his own to make sure the status quo was maintained.

Toby Barnes, Thomas Mein and Dan Barnes. Honor Elliott/Monument Cycling

After eight laps of frenetic action, Mein secured his trio of wins by 24 seconds, with Barnes almost 90 seconds clear of brother Dan Barnes (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS), the latter extending his lead in the under-23 points competition.

Huw Buck Jones (Wales Racing Academy) and Simon Wyllie (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS) rounded out the under-23 podium, with Montezuma’s Tom Couzens doing likewise in the senior category.

The next round of the National Trophy Series takes the field to the Gravesend Cyclopark on 9th December.


Men’s junior

1Sebastian GrindleyTrinity Racing Cross41:03.2
2Alfie AmeyGKR Racing41:15.0
3Oscar AmeyGKR Racing41:24.8
4Joel HurtBeeston Cycling Club41:30.0
5Mak LarkintrainSharp Development Team41:32.5
6Noah EllisonShibden Cycling Club41:34.2
7Declan OldhamHope Tech Factory Racing41:41.0
8Luke Gibson4T+ Cyclopark42:02.5
9Spencer CorderROTOR Race Team42:13.3
10Nathaniel HendersonHetton Hawks Cycling Club42:20.4
11Freddie DixonHope Tech Factory Racing42:30.4
12Isaac OliverSheffield Youth Cycling Club42:41.1
13Ben CoppolaSCOTT Racing42:51.5
14Mackenzie MellishtrainSharp Development Team42:54.8
15Charlie HoyleShibden Cycling Club43:09.4
16Ewan DixtrainSharp Development Team43:11.2
17Alex HartMid Shropshire Wheelers43:51.6
18Matthew BellShibden Cycling Club43:53.2
19Miles HornerIgnite43:54.5
20Thomas LewisROTOR Race Team43:56.4
21Finlay MowatAvid Sport43:58.5
22Dylan CherruaultAvid Sport44:00.9
23Ben ScottRacing Metro 1546:08.0
24James  MartinREVOLVE46:23.0
25Dillon AirIlkeston Cycle Club46:41.4
26Sam BuddCTW Racing46:54.8
27Oliver MorganIgnite47:04.2
28Tommy StroudIgnite47:46.3
29Evan WilliamsIgnite47:49.1
30Jack BeveridgeAvid Sport47:49.6
31Oliver AgombarMagspeed Racing48:41.1
32Kyran LeveyIgnite49:41.0
33Oliver OldhamBarrow Central Wheelers50:08.0
34Harrison WarnerVelo Club Venta50:17.9
35Oscar PasmoreROTOR Race Team51:43.0

Women’s junior

1Alice CollingShibden Cycling Club38:08.8
2Rebecca WoodvineRR23 – runandride.co.uk38:32.8
3Anwen NeshamCardiff JIF38:52.6
4Bethany-Ann JacksonPine Sport39:31.2
5Anna PattersonIgnite40:09.2
6Mia RutterfordMontezuma’s Race Team40:29.7
7Zoe ParkerSolihull CC40:51.2
8Ellie MitchinsonMontezuma’s Race Team41:50.8
9Amelia CleatheroReifen Racing42:01.8
10Harriette TaylorChase Racing42:13.6
11Layla BradbrookMarsh Tracks Racing – Trek42:31.8
12Amelia Staunton42:42.3
13Rebecca GascoynePedalon.co.uk42:56.2
14Melissa CooperIgnite43:10.3
15Faye WilliamsROTOR Race Team44:01.7
16Tulsi BakraniaMontezuma’s Race Team44:38.9
17Eleina McFaddenInspire Racing Adaston Scape46:11.7
18Iona SimcockTeam JMC48:17.3

Women’s elite

Place OverallPlace in CategoryNameCategoryTeamTime
11Elena DayFU23Team Spectra Cannondale00:55:30
21Ruby JamesFSHope Factory Racing00:56:37
32Hope InglisFU2300:56:44
42Alderney BakerFSTeam Empella00:57:19
51Kate EedyFV40Team Empella00:57:42
63Xan CreesFSTeam Spectra Cannondale00:57:57
73Elizabeth McKinnonFU23Montezuma’s Race Team00:58:10
84Rebecca PreeceFSHope Factory Racing00:58:45
92Ceris StylerFV40Backstedt Bike Performance JRT01:00:06
104Kacey EyeingtonFU23Derwentside CC01:00:37
115Christina WiejakFSSaint Piran WRT01:01:12
126Ffion GilbertFS01:02:23
135Beatrix KiehlmannFU23Royal Albert CC01:02:24
146Freya WhitesideFU23Shibden Hope Tech Apex01:02:28
157Eilish GilbertFS01:03:12
167Katie HadnumFU23Reifen Racing01:03:37
178Kate MactearFSWestSide Coaching 73 Degrees01:04:53
188Florence LissamanFU23Newark Castle CC01:06:29
199Cassandra MackintoshFS00:43:36
2010Natasha ReddyFSTeam Empella00:43:47
2111Hannah BayesFSSaint Piran WRT00:44:25
229Grace WhitehouseFU23WarVena Racing Team00:44:34
2312Anna BonifaceFSReading CC00:44:38
2410Harriet LimbFU23WXC World Racing00:47:10

Men’s elite

Place OverallPlace in CategoryNameCategoryTeamTime
11Thomas MeinOSHope Factory Racing01:04:20
22Toby BarnesOSRibble – Verge Sport01:04:44
31Daniel BarnesOU23Team Spectra Cannondale01:06:11
42Huw Buck JonesOU23Wales Racing Academy01:06:42
53Simon WyllieOU23Team Spectra Cannondale01:07:19
63Tom CouzensOSMontezuma’s Race Team01:07:22
74Joseph SmithOU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli01:07:22
85Scott FisherOU23Hope Tech Factory Racing01:08:19
94Joe CoukhamOSRibble – Verge Sport01:08:55
105Steven JamesOSHope Factory Racing01:09:36
116Joseph BeckingsaleOSMontezuma’s Race Team01:09:44
126Benjamin BrightOU23Wales Racing Academy01:09:53
137Flynn GregoryOU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli01:10:30
141Nicholas CraigOV50SCOTT Racing01:10:42
151Paul OldhamOV40Hope Tech Factory Racing01:11:06
162Robert JebbOV40Hope Tech Factory Racing01:11:38
177Giles DrakeOSWheelbase CabTech Castelli01:11:42
188Oscar TaylorOU23Shibden Cycling Club01:11:45
199Spencer DaviesOU23Wales Racing Academy00:53:53
2010Oliver AkersOU23Ribble – Verge Sport00:54:00
218Giorgio CoppolaOSFour4th00:54:03
229Frederik ScheskeOSTeam Spectra Cannondale00:54:41
2311Thomas CrapperOU23Magspeed Racing00:55:08
2412Ethan WhitesideOU23Prologue Racing Team00:44:49
2510Scott ChalmersOSMagspeed Racing00:45:55
2613Sullivan BerryOU23ROTOR Race Team00:46:12
2714Oscar PrattOU2305-Mar00:46:49
2811Robin GoddenOSHope Factory Racing00:46:50
2912Charlie RiccardOSWestSide Coaching 73 Degrees00:47:02
3015Eli TuckerOU2300:47:30
3113Charlie MactearOSWestSide Coaching 73 Degrees00:39:00
323Glyndwr GriffithsOV40WestSide Coaching 73 Degrees00:39:37
3314William LezardOSMagspeed Racing00:29:52
344Sam ChatwinOV40Army Cycling Union00:30:23
3515Dan HopesOSWestSide Coaching 73 Degrees00:30:26