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2023 National Circuit Race Championships: report and results

Report and results from the 2023 National Circuit Race Championships, Friday 23 June

Megan Barker (Team Inspired) won a crash-marred women’s race with a powerful long-range sprint on the esplanade at Redcar. In the men’s race that followed, teamless Ollie Wood took a commanding win, crossing the line solo with a handsome lead in the Redcar rain.

Featured photo: SWPix

Women’s race

The women’s race proved to be a race of two halves, literally.

Just over 70 riders rolled out from the start/finish line on Redcar seafront under overcast skies.

The race was frenetic from the start. Frankie Hall (Loughborough Lightning) raced like a woman on a mission in the early laps, pushing the pace so hard that riders were already dropping off the back. Junior Cat Ferguson (Shibdeb Hope Tech Apex) was in close attendance, along with a gaggle of DAS-Handsling riders, looking ominously threatening.

Moves from Katie Archibald (Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team) and Sammie Stuart (DAS-Handsling) were neutralised. But when Archibald tried again with a searing attack a few laps later, she opened up a large gap very quickly, her rivals seemingly unable, or unwilling to respond.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Women’s Circuit Race – Katie Archibald of Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

Archibald was fully committed and before long her lead was 17 seconds, the bunch behind not able to fully coordinate a chase, despite DAS-Handsling and Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee having numbers.

Archibald was perhaps too committed, however, overcooking it on a corner and sliding to a halt against the barriers. She was up quickly but was unable to get her bike back functioning, eventually realising her race was over as the bunch sped past her. A let off for her rivals.

Not long after there was drama. A touch of wheels at the start/finish line led to a huge crash, tens of riders brought done or held up. With some serious injuries apparent, the race was quickly neutralised.

The British Continental’s former journal contributor Charlotte Broughton (AWOL – O’Shea) and Stuart were the worst-affected riders, both taken to hospital for checkups. We send our very best wishes to both riders.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Women’s Circuit Race – A crash takes down a number of riders. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

Once the race eventually resumed, the commissaires announced there would be just ten laps left to race to decide the 2023 national circuit race champion.

The race remained high in these ten, final, tense laps, Emily Proud (Le Col RT) at the front of the race almost constantly, Ferguson, Jeffers and Monica Greenwood (DAS-Handsling) among those prowling behind.

As the riders hit the bell it was still all together. Jenny Holl (Tekkerz CC) and Megan Barker (Team Inspired) both moved up to the front, and it was Barker who took control.

She was first into the final corner, and, supported by a tail crosswind, began the long drive for home. Close behind, Ferguson, Maddie Leech (Lifeplus-Wahoo) and Sophie Wright (DAS-Handsling) clamoured to get onto her wheel. Ferguson got there, but couldn’t get around Barker, leaving the track specialist to claim her first national circuit race title.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Women’s Circuit Race – Megan Barker of Team Inspired (UCI Track Team) wins with Cat Ferguson of Shibden Hope Tech Apex in second and Madelaine Leech of Lifeplus Wahoo in third. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

17-year-old Ferguson claimed second, with U23 time trial champion Leech finishing third.

Joe Hudson speaks to Megan Barker post-race


163Megan BarkerTeam Inspired (UCI Track Team)1:23:46.01
253Cat FergusonShibden Hope Tech Apex1:23:46.02
336Madelaine LeechLifeplus Wahoo1:23:46.05
419Sophie LewisDAS – Handsling Bikes1:23:46.08
517Emma JeffersDAS – Handsling Bikes1:23:48.04+0:02.34
616Monica GreenwoodDAS – Handsling Bikes1:23:48.07+0:02.62
735Emily ProudLe Col Race Team1:23:48.09+0:02.81
824Flora PerkinsFenix-Deceuninck Development Team1:23:49.00+0:02.92
968Jenny HollTEKKERZ CC1:23:49.01+0:03.03
1028Samantha FawcettHutchinson-Brother UK1:23:49.07+0:03.59
1165Isabel DarvillTeam Spectra Cannondale1:23:49.07+0:03.59
1246Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee1:23:50.09+0:04.82
1342Robyn ClayPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee1:23:51.00+0:04.90
1423Millie CouzensFenix-Deceuninck1:23:51.01+0:05.05
1556Imogen WolffShibden Hope Tech Apex1:23:51.05+0:05.38
1654Lucy GloverShibden Hope Tech Apex1:23:53.01+0:06.99
1743Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee1:23:53.03+0:07.22
1857Erin AvillStorey Racing1:23:55.01+0:09.05
1962Lauren RobinsonTeam Boompods1:23:55.02+0:09.16
208Francesca Morgans-SladerAWOL- O’Shea1:23:55.03+0:09.20
2139Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning1:23:55.04+0:09.30
2214Alex MorriceCANYON – SRAM RACING1:23:55.04+0:09.31
2355Isabel MayesShibden Hope Tech Apex1:23:55.05+0:09.42
2477Grace CastleUnattached1:23:55.08+0:09.75
2569Amy PerrymanTEKKERZ CC1:23:56.01+0:09.97
2664Xan CreesTeam Spectra Cannondale1:23:56.01+0:10.01
2761Gemma MitchellTeam Boompods1:23:56.04+0:10.27
2870Georgina OakleyUnattached1:23:56.09+0:10.77
2945Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee1:23:57.03+0:11.19
3027Sian BotteleyHutchinson-Brother UK1:23:57.07+0:11.65
313Arianne HollandAlba Development Road Team1:23:57.08+0:11.76
3231Beth Harley-JepsonJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon1:23:57.08+0:11.76
3351Hannah BayesSaint Piran WRT1:23:57.10+0:11.87
3422Sophie ThackrayDAS – Handsling Bikes1:24:01.00+0:14.92
352Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Team1:24:01.05+0:15.42
3648Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee1:24:01.07+0:15.65
3734Suzetta GuerriniLe Col Race Team1:24:51.04+1:05.30
DNF21Sammie StuartDAS – Handsling Bikes
DNF5Charlotte BroughtonAWOL- O’Shea
DNF44Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
DNF20Grace ListerDAS – Handsling Bikes
DNF4Amelia TylerAlba Development Road Team
DNF15Katie ArchibaldCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team
DNF41Anya TamplinLoughborough Lightning
DNF40Amber HardingLoughborough Lightning
DNF60Charlotte Hodgkins-ByrneTeam Boompods
DNF29Laura DaviesJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
DNF76Philippa DraperLoughborough Lightning
DNF1Daisy BarnesAlba Development Road Team
DNF13Harriet GrahamBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
DNF58Nicola SodenTactic UK WRT
DNF66Josie KnightTeam Spectra Cannondale
DNF38Eva CallinanLoughborough Lightning
DNF59Jayati HineTeam Boompods
DNF25Elizabeth SandersFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
DNF10Maddie WadsworthAWOL- O’Shea
DNF67Lucy NelsonTeam Spectra Cannondale
DNF18Lucy LeeDAS – Handsling Bikes
DNF12Lily BrindleBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
DNF47Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
DNF30Lola EllisJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
DNF75Victoria SmithAlba Development Road Team
DNF32Abbie TaylorJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
DNF71Beth MaciverAlba Development Road Team
DNS6Georgia BullardAWOL- O’Shea
DNS7Jessica FinneyAWOL- O’Shea
DNS9Libby SmithsonAWOL- O’Shea
DNS11Ellen BennettBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
DNS26Charlotte BerryHutchinson-Brother UK
DNS33Katie-Anne CaltonJRC-INTERFLON Race Team
DNS37Kate RichardsonLifeplus Wahoo
DNS49Amira MellorRibble Collective
DNS50Ella BarnwellSaint Piran WRT
DNS52Sophie HolmesSaint Piran WRT
DNS72Sasha SmithFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
DNS73Polly MilsomHutchinson-Brother UK

Men’s race

The early stages of the race were cagey, pre-race rain making conditions slippery. Newly-crowned elite men’s time trial champion Josh Tarling (Ineos Grenadiers), Sam Watson (Groupama-FDJ) and local favourite Charlie Tanfield (Saint Piran) were among those patrolling the front and pushing the pace.

There were a number of probing moves that looked dangerous but were quickly closed down. Defending champion Matt Bostock (Black Spoke Pro Cycling) was involved in one such foray, pulling clear with a seated acceleration, pulling Tarling with him. Before they could get too far, however, Watson sprinted to shut the move down.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Men’s Circuit Race – Oliver Wood. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

When the move did go, it was remarkable in how easy Ollie Wood made it seem. Accelerating with Tarling on his wheel, Tarling either decided not to follow or couldn’t. His hesitation was infectious, the entire bunch, letting Wood move seemingly effortlessly clear.

Perhaps the pack felt Wood wouldn’t have the legs or the mental fortitude to make the move stick – especially because many of the Redcar circuit’s straights were long enough for the chasers to see Wood as he ground out his consistent tempo. Or perhaps, with 40 minutes left of racing, they believed there was plenty of time to bring him back. Either way, they were wrong.

Indeed, such was his persistent pace, he opened up an increasingly large advantage. It came almost in stages. For a few laps his advantage was just five seconds, a few laps later it jumped to double figures. Closing in on the final 10 minutes of the race and he stretched it out to 20 seconds.

In the final few minutes before the 5-lap countdown began, the chasers finally sprung to life. A counterattacked formed, involving Joe Holt (Tekkerz CC), Josh Giddings (Lotto Dstny Development Team), Sam Watson (Groupama-FDJ) and Will Tidball (Saint Piran). They set off in pursuit, the bunch hot on their heels, just as the rain looming on the horizon finally hit the coast and dumped a moody sky’s worth of rain on the peloton, adding an extra frisson of excitement to what was already an enthralling contest.

Not long after, however, Tidball lost his wheel on the first lefthander after the start/finish line, coming down, with Watson and Giddings following suit. The chase disrupted, Wood’s lead ballooned yet further. By the time he took the bell he enjoyed a lead of 40 seconds, his final lap a victory parade.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Men’s Circuit Race – Oliver Wood Wins. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

The battle behind was scrappy, the riders still standing battling it out for silver and bronze. As they reached the esplanade, the finish line in sight, last year’s champion Matt Bostock launched his sprint early, holding it to the line.

The fight for the final place on the podium went down to the finest of margins as elite rider Tim Shoreman (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) was just one-tenth of a second clear of Harry Tanfield, who was agonisingly close to a podium on home roads.

2023 British National Road Championships – Redcar, North Yorkshire, England – Men’s Circuit Race – Matthew Bostock of Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy sprinting for second and Tim Shoreman of Wheelbase CabTech Castelli finishing third. Image: Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com
Joe Hudson speaks to Ollie Wood post-race


160Oliver WoodUnattached1:03:12.03
21Matthew BostockBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy1:03:37.03+25.00
368Tim ShoremanWheelbase CabTech Castelli1:03:37.06+25.00
450Harry TanfieldTour de Tietema-Unibet1:03:37.07+25.00
511Noah HobbsGroupama-FDJ La Conti1:03:37.09+25.00
622Max RushbyMateriel-Velo.Com1:03:38.00+25.00
746Alec BriggsTEKKERZ CC1:03:38.01+25.00
831David HirdROKiT-SRCT1:03:39.04+27.09
937William RobertsSaint Piran1:03:41.03+28.97
1062Huw Buck JonesWales Racing Academy1:03:41.04+28.97
1143Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance1:03:41.05+28.97
1216Harry GreenKalas Motip Race Team1:03:41.07+28.97
136William PerrettEmbark Spirit BSS1:03:41.07+28.97
142Henry LawtonAG2R Citroen U23 Team1:03:42.05+28.97
1514Joshua TarlingIneos Grenadiers1:03:42.06+28.97
1647Joe HoltTEKKERZ CC1:03:42.06+28.97
1715Cai DaviesKalas Motip Race Team1:03:44.05+32.17
1867Lee RosieWheelbase CabTech Castelli1:03:48.03+36.03
1969Jacob SmithWheelbase CabTech Castelli1:03:48.03+36.03
2040Harry MacfarlaneTAAP Endura1:03:48.06+36.03
2159Joseph SmithUnattached1:03:48.07+36.03
2263Griff LewisWales Racing Academy1:03:48.07+36.03
2328Conor McGoldrickRichardsons Trek DAS1:03:50.06+38.30
2435Leon MazzoneSaint Piran1:03:53.06+41.25
2573Ben ChiltonUnattached1:03:57.06+45.33
2619George SpoonerLe Col Race Team1:05:44.05+ 2:32.19
2744Daniel BarnesTeam Spectra Cannondale1:05:44.05+ 2:32.20
2865Edward MorganWales Racing Academy1:05:44.05+ 2:32.20
DNF55William SmithTrinity Racing
DNF39William TidballSaint Piran
DNF20Joshua GiddingsLotto Dstny Development Team
DNF38Charlie TanfieldSaint Piran
DNF17Cameron McLarenKalas Motip Race Team
DNF61Jim BrownW.V. Zeeuws Vlaanderen
DNF48Finn CrockettThe Cycling Academy
DNF42Harry PaveleyTeam PB Performance
DNF25Nicholas CooperNordic Sports Academy S. C.
DNF3Dylan HicksDevelopment Team DSM
DNF36Tom MazzoneSaint Piran
DNF10Ben AskeyGroupama-FDJ La Conti
DNF32William TrueloveROKiT-SRCT
DNF41Tom PalfreyTeam PB Performance
DNF5Sam KettlewellEmbark Spirit BSS
DNF75Callum LabordeWheelbase CabTech Castelli
DNF74Benjamin BrightWales Racing Academy
DNF29Alex PetersRichardsons Trek DAS
DNF66Aaron KingWheelbase CabTech Castelli
DNF79Louis MooreWheelbase CabTech Castelli
DNF33Rhys BrittonSaint Piran
DNF34Lucas JowettSaint Piran
DNF77Keir GaffneySpokes Racing Team
DNF80Jack JeeLVC Racing
DNF72Jacob AveryRide Revolution Coaching
DNF21Sebastian GrindleyMAS Design – Fensham Howes
DNF71Jonny BrittonPrologue Racing Team
DNF49Ciaran McSherryThe Cycling Academy
DNF18Monte GuerriniLe Col Race Team
DNF27Hugo Lutz-AtkinsonRibble rechrg Race Team
DNF24Ben PeaseMoonglu Race Team
DNF45Theodor ObholzerTeam Spectra Cannondale
DNF52Matthew WebstertrainSharp Elite
DNF51James BevantrainSharp Elite
DNF30Joseph BeckingsaleROKiT-SRCT
DNS4Toby BarnesDolan Ellesse Race Team
DNS7Joe WilsonEmbark Spirit BSS
DNS12Matthew GibsonHuman Powered Health
DNS13Luke RoweIneos Grenadiers
DNS23Ross BirrellMini Discar
DNS26Oliver MoorsProjectbouw Borgonjon Pessemier nv
DNS53Robert DonaldsonTrinity Racing
DNS54Oliver ReesTrinity Racing
DNS56Callum ThornleyTrinity Racing
DNS57Max WalkerTrinity Racing
DNS58Zachary WalkerTudor Pro Cycling Team 23
DNS64Fred MeredithWales Racing Academy
DNS70Finlay TarlingWillebrord Wil Vooruit