2023 Olveston Grand Prix road race: report, results and race winner interview

Marinus Petersen (Kalas Motip) won the first Olveston GP road race (Sunday 28 May)

Marinus Petersen (Kalas Motip RT) soloed to a resounding win at the inaugural Olveston Grand Prix on Sunday 28 May 2023.

Featured image: Phipps Images


This may have been the first edition of the Olveston GP, organised by the Bristol Road Club, but to any connoisseur of domestic road racing it had a familiar look and feel to it. Replacing the long-running – and highly-regarded – early season Severn Bridge Road Race, which ran for 50 years, the Olveston GP shared the same challenging circuit and the same high quality field.

A large peloton lined up for 11 laps of the Olveston circuit in South Gloucestershire, 120 kilometres of racing ahead of them on a very warm spring afternoon.

Olveston GP Road Race held on the old Severn Bridge Circuit. Olveston, Bristol, UK on Sunday 28th May 2023. Image: Phipps Images

The major move of the race was sparked by two of the pre-race favourites, Saint Piran’s Will Roberts and Rowan Baker of London Dynamo. The pair broke clear of the large field about half an hour into the race. Spotting this was a dangerous-looking move, Marinus Petersen (Kalas Motip RT) then bridged across to them.

Once Petersen had recovered from his solo effort, the trio began working well together. Petersen, a natural climber by all accounts, pushed hard on each ascent of Old Down Hill, deciding this was where the leaders could make most time over the bunch behind. He told us after the race that he was putting out between 500 and 550 watts on the climb, a strong effort for the 69kg rider.

Petersen’s pace was clearly two much for his breakaway companions. By the trio’s third time up the climb, Baker was dropped. Then, with three laps to go, Petersen despatched Roberts on the climb too.

Olveston GP Road Race held on the old Severn Bridge Circuit. Olveston, Bristol, UK on Sunday 28th May 2023. Image: Phipps Images

From here, Petersen set to work to build a three minute lead over his chasers before easing up before the finish, victory safe. Roberts and Baker were swallowed up by the chasers behind, with under-23 Charlie Bailey (Foran CC) taking second place, and Adam Lewis (Saint Piran) in third.

Race winner interview

It was Petersen’s second National B road race win, having also won the Welsh road race championships in 2021. It completes an impressive comeback for the Welshman after a difficult sporting 2022, which involved surgery after an ankle break and a busy few months completing his degree. These hurdles behind him, Petersen is now training and racing full-time, and it is paying off.

“Now I’m full time my numbers are through the roof,” Petersen told us after the race.

He has big ambitions ahead too, declaring his aim is to get a ride in the National Road Championships this season, and then to win it. He clearly has the belief but having raced very little last year, he’s worried he may not have enough points, having lost his first cat licence.

Olveston GP Road Race held on the old Severn Bridge Circuit. Olveston, Bristol, UK on Sunday 28th May 2023

Ultimately, he says, he wants to be WorldTour.

“My threshold is over 6 watts/kg now, still trending steeply up too,” he reports. “I did 520 watts for 5 minutes in a training session earlier this week, with a heavy training load. I think I’ve got 540 watts for 5 minutes in me.”

His figures may be improving fast, but he confesses he still needs to develop his race craft.

“I’m pretty new to racing so I’m still learning a lot about the technical, tactical side of things with every race.”

As a climber, he finds himself ill-suited to many of the UK’s road races, which rarely feature significant amounts of climbing. As a result, he says he is considering a move to Spain or France next season, where he thinks the racing will suit him more.

For now though, his focus is on getting a place – and then a result – at the National Road Championships.


125 Marinus PetersenSeniorKalas Motip Race Team60
218 Charles BaileyU23Foran CCC52
353 Adam LewisSeniorSaint Piran45
440 Ben MillarSeniorPrimera-TeamJobs40
523 Oliver HucksSeniorKalas Motip Race Team35
645 Joshua AverySeniorRide Revolution Coaching31
748 Angus HawkinsU23Ride Revolution Coaching27
816 Matthew HoulbergU23Embark Spirit BSS23
965 Archie CrossSeniorVelo Schils – Interbike RT20
1043 Oliver Winwood BratchellSeniorPrimera-TeamJobs17
1141 George SmithSeniorPrimera-TeamJobs15
1254 William RobertsSeniorSaint Piran13
1350 Matthew WilsonU23Ride Revolution Coaching11
1459 Tom PalfreyU23Team PB Performance9
1539 Felix WhetterU23Mid Devon CC7
1667 Griff LewisU23Wales Racing Academy6
1747 Matt BaileySeniorRide Revolution Coaching5
1811 Jack RamsbottomU23Caffi Gruff3
1969 Carl JollySeniorWestSide Coaching. 73 Degrees2
207 Samuel NisbetU23Big Maggys1
2119 William AbbottU23INFLITE0
2273 Freddy PettSeniorWold Top The Edge Pactimo0
2358 Thomas CharlesU23Team PB Performance0
245 Jacob GilkesU23BCC Race Team0
2561 James MackmanSeniortrainSharp Development Team0
2660 Sam HolwillU23trainSharp Development Team0
2729 Max FlemingSeniorLAKA Pedal Mafia RT0
2838 James PearcyU23Mid Devon CC0
2934 David StreuleSeniorLondon Dynamo0
3062 James BevanSeniortrainSharp Elite0
311 Sam ShepherdSenior05/030
3271 Charlie MactearU23WestSide Coaching. 73 Degrees0
330 Matthew HughesSeniorCaffi Gruff0
340 Ben PierceU23Bridgnorth Cycling Club0
350 Lucas JowettU23Saint Piran0
362 Joshua JonesSeniorALL IN Racing0
3772 Benjamin HelleboSeniorWheelsuckers0
3832 Michael WeaversSeniorLewes Wanderers CC0
3920 Sean DawsonSeniorINFLITE0
4057 Charlie McFallU2305/030
4121 Thomas DoigSeniorINFLITE0
4231 Jonathan SmithSeniorLe Col Race Team0
444 Will DuffySeniorBath Cycling Club0
4528 Nathan HarrisonSeniorKingston Wheelers CC0
4766 Alexander CrossSeniorVelo Schils – Interbike RT0
4830 Gavin ArberSeniorLe Col Race Team0
493 Cameron AdamsSeniorArmy Cycling Union0
5035 Archie WallerSeniorLondon Dynamo0
5124 Harvey LawsonU23Kalas Motip Race Team0
5256 Harvey ThomasJuniorSteele Davis Via Roma0