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Rapha: a thank you

A thank you note to Rapha

It is time to say goodbye – for now at least – to Rapha. 

Rapha has been by our side for the last two years, joining as a partner sponsor in 2021, before stepping up to become title sponsor for the past year. 

We tell stories about domestic road racing because we’re passionate about it, because it deserves a wider audience, because it’s enthralling in its own right, warts and all. 

Image: ZF media

Rapha backed us because they shared this passion, this desire to tell stories about our cherished scene. 

Running a community-driven website about British road racing is not easy at times. Conducting interviews, covering races, crunching stats, editing journal entries and writing fresh content is all done around our day jobs, our family lives, our social engagements. 

And to tell the truth, at the end of 2020, the juggle was becoming a struggle too far. We were seriously contemplating closing the site. But then Rapha stepped in, together with former partner sponsor HUNT, enabling The British Continental to go from strength to strength. 

Image: ZF media

For that reason, and a whole lot more besides, we’ll always be enormously grateful to Rapha for its generous support over the last two years. 

Who knows, maybe we’ll team up again one day. 

For now though – thank you Rapha.

Featured image: ZF media