2023 Yorkshire Under-23 Classic: report and results

Jenson Young (ROKiT-SRCT) won the U23 Yorkshire Classic on Sunday 7 May, round 2 of the Under-23 Men’s National Road Series

21-year-old Jenson Young (ROKiT-SRCT) won the second edition of the U23 Yorkshire Classic on Sunday 7 May, round 2 of the Under-23 Men’s National Road Series. Meanwhile, 4th place for trainSharp’s Sam Clark was enough to propel him into the Series lead.

Featured image: Emma Wilcock


A packed field of many of the top domestic under-23s gathered in Upper Denby on Sunday to take on the hilly Holmfirth CC circuit.

Under the strong spring sunhine, a break of four animated the early laps of the race, with George Wood (Cycling Sheffield), Joe Shillabeer (Team 05/03), Sam Asker (Richardsons Trek DAS) and Jacques Coates (Team PB Performance) striking out ahead of the main bunch.

Midway through the race, however, Jenson Young (ROKiT-SRCT) kickstarted a counterattack that bridged across to the initial leaders.

Image: Emma Wilcock

“I knew I had good form going into the race and that I wanted to win, so from the start I tried saving as much energy as I could”, Young told us afterward. “The course was pretty hilly and the heat made it even harder. Midway through the race I forced a split up the main climb and managed to bridge across to the break away with a small group.”

Last year’s race winner Sam Clark (trainSharp Elite), Dexter Leeming-Sykes (Wold Top the Edge Pactimo), first-year under-23 Huw Buck Jones (Wales Racing Academy), Matthew Fox (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli), Joseph Smith (Private) and Joe Brookes (Halesowen A & CC) were among the riders to join Young in this enlarged lead group.

“We worked fairly well together until the last couple of laps,” recounted Young. “There weren’t really many attacks on the final lap, I think everyone was pretty tired.”

With the group still altogether on the final climb to the finish, it came down to an uphill sprint. Young launched his effort early, his legs strong enough to take him to the line first. Shillabeer took the best result of his career to finish second, while Wood completed the podium in third.

Image: Emma Wilcock

Clark was fourth, enough to propel him to the top of the Series standings. Wood sits second, just four points behind, while round 1 winner William Truelove (ROKiT-SRCT) is now third,

The next round of the Under-23 Men’s National Road Series is on 9 July in Wales at the JToW U23 Men’s GP.


121 Jenson YoungU23ROKiT-SRCT
234 Joe ShillabeerU2305/03
37 George WoodU23Cycling Sheffield
41 Samuel ClarkU23trainSharp Elite
580 Dexter Leeming-SykesU23Wold Top The Edge Pactimo
629 Huw Buck JonesU23Wales Racing Academy
753 Joseph SmithU23Private Member
875 Matthew FoxU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
917 Matthew LordU23Richardsons Trek DAS
1046 Joe BrookesU23Halesowen A & CC
1123 Jacques CoatesU23Team PB Performance
1284 John RussellU2305/03
1354 Ben ChiltonU23Ribble Collective
1420 Tom WilliamsU23ROKiT-SRCT
1519 William TrueloveU23ROKiT-SRCT
1656 Jacob AveryU23Ride Revolution Coaching
1730 Spencer DaviesU23Wales Racing Academy
1812 Samuel PainterU23Embark Spirit BSS
199 Jude ChamberlainU23Embark Spirit BSS
2010 Matthew HoulbergU23Embark Spirit BSS
214 James HartleyU23Cycling Sheffield
2279 Jacob SmithU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
236 Taylor HillU23Cycling Sheffield
2424 Nathan HardyU23Team PB Performance
2538 Ben EtheringtonU23BCC Race Team
2666 Daniel BarnesU23Team Spectra Cannondale
2739 Dan GalpinU23BCC Race Team
2864 Ross BirrellU23Team Inspired
2927 Kieran RileyU23Team PB Performance
3026 Harry PaveleyU23Team PB Performance
3168 Archie EllenU23The Cycling Academy
3277 Callum LabordeU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
3311 Sam KettlewellU23Embark Spirit BSS
3432 Fred MeredithU23Wales Racing Academy
3547 Ewan MackieU23Ilkeston Cycle Club
3678 Lee RosieU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
3725 Tom PalfreyU23Team PB Performance
3871 Sam HolwillU23trainSharp Development Team
3958 Matt WatsonU23Ride Revolution Coaching
4041 Jack HartleyU23BCC Race Team
4169 Ciaran McSherryU23The Cycling Academy
4228 Benjamin BrightU23Wales Racing Academy
4359 Matthew WilsonU23Ride Revolution Coaching
4437 Logan MacleanU23AG2R Citroën U23 Team
DNF2 Thomas MitchellU23trainSharp Elite
DNF3 Joe CoukhamU23Cycling Sheffield
DNF5 James HawkinsU23Cycling Sheffield
DNF8 James WordsworthU23Cycling Sheffield
DNF13 Joe WilsonU23Embark Spirit BSS
DNF14 Irfan ZamanU23Embark Spirit BSS
DNF15 Samuel AskerU23Richardsons Trek DAS
DNF16 Aaron FreemanU23Richardsons Trek DAS
DNF18 David HirdU23ROKiT-SRCT
DNF22 Thomas CharlesU23Team PB Performance
DNF31 Griff LewisU23Ribble Collective
DNF33 Isaac LawrenceU2305/03
DNF36 Will ThompsonU23A.Fawcett Racing
DNF40 Jacob GilkesU23BCC Race Team
DNF42 Issac HenleyU23Caffi Gruff
DNF43 Dafydd WrightU23Caffi Gruff
DNF44 Alexander BosleyU23CC Plancoët
DNF45 Conor McKinnonU23Dolan Ellesse Race Team
DNF48 William AbbottU23INFLITE
DNF51 Ralf HoldenU23Manx Viking Wheelers CC
DNF57 Angus HawkinsU23Ride Revolution Coaching
DNF60 Conal DavidsonU23Spokes Racing Team
DNF61 William DykesU23Spokes Racing Team
DNF62 Lance ChildsU23TAAP Endura
DNF63 Harvey StrohU23TAAP Endura
DNF65 Joshua BrownU23Team Novo Nordisk Development
DNF67 Olivier ManghamU23TEKKERZ CC
DNF70 Daniel GoodwinU23trainSharp Development Team
DNF72 Harry IvesU23trainSharp Development Team
DNF73 Renzo CasaleU23University of Bath Cycling Club
DNF74 Anthony MorrisU23VC Londres
DNF76 Aaron KingU23RT23
DNF35 Archie WrightU2305/03
DNF49 Cameron KeyworthU23LVC Racing
DNF50 George SafranauskasU23LVC Racing
DNF52 Jenson BrownU23Private Member
DNF55 Guy DrabbleU23Ribble rechrg Race Team

Series standings

1 Samuel ClarkU23trainSharp Elite52
2 George WoodU23Cycling Sheffield48
3 William TrueloveU23ROKiT-SRCT36
4 Joe BrookesU23Halesowen A & CC32
5 Jenson YoungU23ROKiT-SRCT30
6 Joe ShillabeerU2305/0328
7 Dexter Leeming-SykesU23Wold Top The Edge Pactimo27
8 Rowan BakerU23London Dynamo26
9 Matthew HoulbergU23Embark Spirit BSS25
10 Matthew LordU23Richardsons Trek DAS23
11 Huw Buck JonesU23Wales Racing Academy20
12 Joseph SmithU23Private Member18
13 Daniel BarnesU23Team Spectra Cannondale18
14 Matthew FoxU23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli16
15 David HirdU23ROKiT-SRCT16
16 Benjamin BrightU23Wales Racing Academy14
17 Dan GalpinU23BCC Race Team12
18 Jacques CoatesU23Team PB Performance10
19 Taylor HillU23Cycling Sheffield10
20 John RussellU2305/039