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2023 Dave Peck Memorial road race: report and results

Ruth Shier (Hutchinson-Brother UK) took a mercurial win at the Dave Peck Memorial road race on Sunday 23 April

Ruth Shier (Hutchinson-Brother UK) took a mercurial win at the Dave Peck Memorial road race on Sunday 23 April – the opening round of the British Women’s Team Cup – finishing minutes clear of a much-reduced bunch.

Featured image: Calum Brookes


The Twickenham CC Dave Peck Memorial road race was a rain-sodden affair, a wet course making for a tough day out.

The bunch stayed together on the early laps of the Valley End and Staple Hill circuits, Hutchinson-Brother UK keen to keep the pace high to whittle the bunch down in the testing conditions.

LDN-Academy’s Jess Prior was one of the few riders to temporarily break clear, although her escape was ended prematurely as she overcooked a roundabout.

Image: Calum Brookes

There were a number of crashes in the wet conditions, with Becky Hair (LAKA Pedal Mafia RT) and Georgina Oakley (Tactic UK WRT) being two of the riders affected.

As the laps progressed, the bunch fractured with the rain, a tailwind on the Staple Hill climb, and the high pace.

Hutchinson-Brother UK’s Ruth Shier took her opportunity, launching a solo move off the front of the bunch. She quickly etched out a good lead. It ballooned, in fact. The combination of her concerted effort and the lack of a coherent chase behind meant that her lead stretched out to minutes.

Image: Calum Brookes

By the time Shier crossed the line for a superlative solo win, her lead was almost six minutes. Behind Shier, a group of around 25 riders approached the bottom of the Staple Hill for the final time. Shier’s teammate Lydia Watts lead out the sprint from a long way out and held her lead to the line, securing a 1-2 for Hutchinson-Brother UK.

Le Col RT’s Emily Proud rounded out the podium, with junior Awen Roberts (Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films) finishing a fine fourth.

Image: Calum Brookes


190 Ruth ShierSeniorHutchinson-Brother UK
229 Lydia WattsSeniorHutchinson-Brother UK
391 Emily ProudSeniorLe Col Race Team
448 Awen RobertsJuniorLiv Cycling Club – Halo Films
583 Caitlin DimblebySeniorLe Col Race Team
665 Isabel DarvillSeniorTeam Spectra Cannondale
727 Heather MayerSeniorHutchinson-Brother UK
866 Lucy NelsonSeniorTeam Spectra Cannondale
90 Ione JohnsonSeniorHutchinson-Brother UK
1061 Charlotte Hodgkins-ByrneSeniorTeam Boompods
1167 Anastasia BowlerSeniorWahoo – Le Col
1260 Jayati HineSeniorTeam Boompods
1358 Lena KaneSeniorStolenGoat Race Team
1430 Emily ChiltonSeniorINFLITE Femme
1518 Electra MorrisJuniorBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
1656 Sophie HolmesSeniorSaint Piran WRT
1769 Emma McDonaldSeniorWahoo – Le Col
1845 Suzetta GuerriniSeniorLe Col Race Team
1951 Sasha HalseyU23London Dynamo
2052 Katy HillSeniorLondon Dynamo
2149 Selina CliffordSeniorLondon Dynamo
2244 Jessica PriorSeniorLDN-Academy
2334 Miriam JessettSeniorJadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon
2426 Harriet DoddSeniorHutchinson-Brother UK
2543 Lucy NeathamU23LDN-Academy
2663 Alderney BakerU23Team Empella
2764 Xan CreesSeniorTeam Spectra Cannondale
2855 Hannah BayesSeniorSaint Piran WRT
2937 Katie-Anne CaltonJuniorJRC-INTERFLON Race Team
300 Mathilde PaulsSeniorLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
3154 Izzy ParkerSeniorOnyx Racing Team
3212 Angela LaycockSeniorArmy Cycling Union
3320 Joanne ClarkeSeniorFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
3438 Evelyn FieldJuniorJRC-INTERFLON Race Team
3568 Vanessa FursdenSeniorWahoo – Le Col
3636 Gabriella NordinSeniorJadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon
3735 Rebekah NashSeniorJadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon
386 Ailsa McLagenSenior05/03
3950 Eleanor EstchildSeniorLondon Dynamo
4010 Laura FurnessSeniorArmy Cycling Union
411 Caitlin BowerSeniorLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
4270 Laura NagiSeniorWahoo – Le Col
4333 Laura DaviesSeniorJadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon
4485 Amy HarveyU23Brother UK-Orientation Marketing
4586 Eva MarshallSeniorEDCO Wheels RT
474 Lizzie FoxSeniorFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
4811 Pippa InderwickSeniorArmy Cycling Union
4923 Sasha SmithSeniorFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
5013 Chanel MasonSeniorArmy Cycling Union
519 Eloise SinghamSenior05/03
5241 Louise DavidsonSeniorLDN-Academy
5317 Georgia LancasterJuniorBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
547 Claire PileSenior05/03
5562 Melissa BakerSeniorTeam Empella
5639 Lindsay ToyJuniorJRC-INTERFLON Race Team
5719 Laura PittardSeniorBrother UK-Orientation Marketing
585 Lauren BoothU2305/03
5957 Gabriella HomerSeniorSaint Piran WRT
6021 Olive HollidaySeniorFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
613 Rebecca HairSeniorLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
6232 Georgina OakleySeniorINFLITE Femme
6331 Isabella JohnsonU23INFLITE Femme
6447 Greta CareyJuniorLiv Cycling Club – Halo Films
6553 Alice LethbridgeSeniorLoughborough Lightning
660 Courtney SmithU23Private Member
6789 Ellen BennettU23Brother UK-Orientation Marketing
DNS24 Vivienne TomlinSeniorFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
DNS40 Eleanor BoltonU23LDN-Academy
DNS42 Emma Jane HornsbySeniorLDN-Academy
DNS46 Laura LeesonSeniorLe Col Race Team


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