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HSBC UK | National Time Trial Championships: report and results

Report and results from the HSBC UK | National Time Trial Championships

Ethan Hayter and Anna Henderson took the elite time trialling crowns in Tealby, while Ethan’s brother Leo and Scot Anna Shackley became the new U23 national time trial champions.

Read more about the course in our race preview here.

Featured photo: Simon Wilkinson/SWpix.com – 14/10/2021 – HSBC UK British Cycling Championship, Road. Individual Time Trial, ITT U23 Men – Tealby, Lincolnshire, England.

Men’s U23 time trial

Leo Hayter (Development Team DSM) dominated the men’s U23 national time trial championships, setting the fastest time at the intermediate split and finishing 53 seconds ahead of his nearest challenger, Ben Turner (TRINITY Racing).

The win continues a remarkable return to form for Hayter after bouncing back from mental health struggles to win the U23 Liège-Bastogne-Liège and a stage at the Tour de Bretagne last month.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 14/10/2021 – HSBC UK British Cycling Championship, Road. Individual Time Trial, ITT U23 Men – Tealby, Lincolnshire, England – Leo Hayter of Team DSM in action

Aaron Freeman (Richardsons-Trek) and then Oliver Knight (AVC Aix-en-Provence) were both in the hot seat for a while, but once Hayter set a rapid intermediate time of 19.02, it quickly became apparent who the man to beat was.

Our pre-race tip Ben Turner (Trinity Racing) finished second, with Hayter’s teammate Oscar Onley (Development Team DSM) rounding out the podium. There were strong rides too from Lewis Askey (Groupama-FDJ Continental), who narrowly missed out on a podium place, Sam Watson (Team Inspired), first-year U23 Tom Day (SEG Racing Academy) and Ollie Rees (TRINITY Racing).

Speaking after the race, Hayter said:

“I’ve actually never been a national champion before. I’ve podiumed five or six times but never won, so it feels really good to finally wear the jersey. It was really interesting – for a time-trial course I was really impressed with it, it had a bit of everything.”


Rank#RiderClub / Team NameTimeGap
1108Hayter LeoDevelopment Team DSM38:04.49
2106Turner BenTRINITY Road Racing38:57.19+ 52.71
3111Onley OscarDevelopment Team DSM39:37.78+ 1.33.29
4102Askey LewisGROUPAMA – FDJ39:43.06+ 1. 38.58
5105Watson SamuelTeam Inspired40:08.58+ 2.04.09
6110Day ThomasSEG Racing Academy40:18.47+ 2:13.99
7109Rees OliverTRINITY Road Racing40:21.95+ 2:17.46
8123Knight OliverAVC Aix en Provence40:44.16+ 2:39.68
9103Gloag ThomasTRINITY Road Racing40:47.52+ 2:43.03
10107Laverick JosephAxeon Hagens Berman CT40:51.75+ 2:47.27
11131Freeman AaronRichardsons Trek DAS41:16.36+ 3:11.88
12129Wood GeorgeCycling Sheffield41:18.01+ 3:13.52
13115Giles JordanSouthampton University Road Cl41:28.37+ 3:23.88
14133Tanfield TobyCleveland Whls RT/Catley Lakem41:37.37+ 3:32.88
15104Wood HarrisonSEG Racing Academy41:53.10+ 3:48.61
16122Kimber GeorgeSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor41:53.39+ 3:48.91
17127Torrie TimothyTBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling41:55.86+ 3:51.38
18118Crockett FinnWheelbase CabTech Castelli42:01.85+ 3:57.37
19116Wilson JoeRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling42:05.82+ 4:01.34
20125Rees JosephBIKESTRONG-KTM42:07.48+ 4:02.99
21120Blain JamiesonBIKESTRONG-KTM42:11.64+ 4:07.15
22124Maclean LoganWheelbase CabTech Castelli42:16.25+ 4:11.77
23113Robinson OliverLVIV CYCLING TEAM42:39.47+ 4:34.98
24128Truelove WilliamWales Racing Academy42:40.39+ 4:35.91
25134Rosie LeeUniversity of Aberdeen42:47.83+ 4:43.35
26114Bramley TravisNopinz Motip Race Team42:55.40+ 4:50.91
27119Beckett SamuelWales Racing Academy42:58.05+ 4:53.56
28136Mackie EwanCycling Sheffield43:19.60+ 5:15.12
29121Dobbins MattiRT2343:28.46+ 5:23.97
30126Tillett SamuelBIKESTRONG-KTM43:47.00+ 5:42.52
31135Copley JoshTBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling44:09.67+ 6:05.18
32137Burke MatthewWales Racing Academy46:25.72+ 8:21.24

Women’s U23 time trial

20-year-old Scot Anna Shackley confirmed her status as one the world’s brightest prospects with a commanding performance in the women’s U23 time trial that saw her finish over a minute and a half ahead of her nearest rival.

Lucy Gadd (Storey Racing) set the early running, with a strong benchmark time of 46:55.029. Gadd’s time was pipped by April Tacey (Drops-Le Col s/b Tempur), as she clocked in at 46:43.300. Tacey remained in the hot seat until our pre-race tip Abi Smith (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) bested Tacey’s time by 18 seconds.

Out on the course, however, it was Anna Shackley (Team SD Worx) and Pfeiffer Georgi (Team DSM) who were setting the fastest intermediate times, with Shackley (21:52:00) a full 34 seconds ahead of Georgi (22:26:00).

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 14/10/2021 – HSBC UK British Cycling Championship, Road. Individual Time Trial, ITT U23 Women – Tealby, Lincolnshire, England – Anna Shackley of Team SD Worx in action

Shackley, who thrives on a hilly parcours, was clearly making hay on the challenging course, pulling out an unassailable lead over her rivals. She won in a time of 43:55.839, well clear of second-placed Georgi (45:30.370).

Reflecting on a landmark 2021, Shackley said:

“It feels really good. I wasn’t expecting that, I’m not usually the best at time trials but I think I’m starting to enjoy them when they go well! I think that hill in the middle of the lap definitely helped me a lot, but it was a hard course and quite technical with the wind.

 “It’s a cherry on top of the cake for this season. It’s been really good, I’ve really enjoyed this year and hopefully next year I can improve as well.”


Rank#RiderClub / Team NameTimeGap
1202Shackley AnnaTeam SD Worx43:55.84
2201Georgi PfeifferTeam DSM45:30.37+ 1.34.53
3204Smith AbiTeam TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank46:25.24+ 2.29.41
4212Tacey AprilDROPS-LE COL SUPPORTED BY TEMP46:34.57+ 2.38.73
5215Gadd LucyStorey Racing46:55.03+ 2.59.19
6211Jessett MiriamVredestein Basso48:47.00+ 4:51.16
7217Miller TamsinAvid Sport48:47.36+ 4:51.52
8213Hayes ConnieAWOL- O’Shea48:47.47+ 4:51.63
9208Morrow BethStorey Racing49:26.53+ 5:30.69
10218Ellmore LucySKODA DSI Cycling Academy49:40.11+ 5:44.27
11209Towers AliceDROPS-LE COL SUPPORTED BY TEMP49:45.14+ 5:49.30
12205King ElunedTeam Breeze49:49.35+ 5:53.51
13220Tamplin AnyaHuntBikeWheels49:57.36+ 6:01.52
14223Barnes DaisyBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor50:29.91+ 6:34.07
15219Watts LydiaAWOL Worx Galliard51:31.35+ 7:35.51
16214Gammons MadeleineJadan – Vive le Velo51:44.17+ 7:48.33
17216French OliviaSKODA DSI Cycling Academy52:12.82+ 8:16.98
18207Newberry MorganSKODA DSI Cycling Academy54:14.35+ 10:18.51

Men’s elite time trial

Ethan Hayter made it two from two for the Hayter family to take the men’s elite time trial victory. It is Hayter senior’s 9th win on the road this season. Given his versatility, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he could achieve a historic treble: he is down to ride both the national circuit race on Friday and the national road race on Sunday.

Oliver Hucks (Nopinz Motip Race Team) set the most impressive time of the early starters, recording at the finish line. He kept the hot seat warm for quite some time until Micahel Gill from the Saint Piran Development team and then Ashley Cox (Team Bottrill) both bettered his time in fairly quick succession.

Behind, however, the bigger names were beginning to set the quickest times at the intermediate points. At split 1, James Shaw (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) clocked the quickest time (19.06), until his teammate Dan Bigham (18.55) and then Hayter (18.37) bettered his mark. At this point, Connor Swift (Arkéa-Samsic), Fred Wright (Bahrain-Victorious) and Charlie Quaterman (Trek-Segafredo) were all close behind Shaw.

Picture by Simon Wilkinson/SWpix.com – 14/10/2021 – HSBC UK British Cycling Championship, Road. Individual Time Trial, ITT Elite Men – Tealby, Lincolnshire, England – Ethan Hayter of Team Ineos Grenadiers before his Time Trial

By split 2, Bigham seemed to pulling things back on Hayter, with Hayter recording a time of 37.55 and Bigham just 9 seconds further back. Behind the, Shaw was still third (38.37), with Wright (38.42) and Archibald (38.55) his nearest challengers for third. Reigning champion Alex Dowsett, meanwhile, had pulled out of the race, the reasons for which are not yet clear.

Hayter pulled away slightly on the final lap, eventually finishing in 56.41.938m. Bigham crossed the finishing line 36 seconds back. Shaw held on to third, confirming that the significant gains he has made on the time trial bike this season with the support of Bigham and his Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling team.

Hayter had arrived in Tealby early to celebrate Leo’s victory and even had one eye on his little brother’s time while out on the course.

“I think I was kind of the favourite coming into this but I don’t think Leo really was, so that was a really nice way to start the day to come down and see him. It’s a big shame my family couldn’t be here because my Dad’s actually got Covid – he’s all right, he’s just stuck at home, but I’m sure they’ll celebrate!

 “I know what time my brother did and as I came around here with a lap to go I checked and was just about up on him, so I thought I must be going all right!”

 Hayter now switches his focus to tomorrow’s HSBC UK | National Circuit Championships race, followed by the road race on Sunday.

 “I’ll try my best and if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I just kind of saw it [the circuit race] and thought I’ll enter it for a bit of fun almost as much as anything. I’ll just do what I can – I try to win every race.”


RankBIBRiderClub / Team NameTimeGap
1303Hayter EthanTeam Ineos Grenadiers56:41.94
2304Bigham DanielRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling57:18.60+ 36.67
3312Shaw JamesRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling57:31.14+ 49.20
4305Wright FredBahrain-Victorious57:59.75+ 1.17.81
5302Archibald JohnEolo-Kometa Cycling Team58:40.74+ 1.58.80
6311Swift ConnorTeam Arkea-Samsic58:44.49+ 2:02.55
7308Quarterman CharlieTREK – SEGAFREDO59:32.06+ 2:50.12
8310Fennell ChristopherThe Independent Pedaler59:34.89+ 2:52.96
9316Cox AshleyTeam Bottrill00:21.20+ 3:39.26
10313Perrett WilliamSpellman – Dublin Port Track T00:38.11+ 3:56.17
11321Gill MichaelSaint Piran Development00:42.82+ 4:00.88
12318Lampier SteveSaint Piran01:28.87+ 4:46.93
13320Peckover OliverSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling01:39.77+ 4:57.83
14333Hucks OliverNopinz Motip Race Team01:58.69+ 5:16.75
15323Stedman MaximilianCanyon DHB Sungod02:11.09+ 5:29.15
16324Lewis GruffuddRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling02:21.24+ 5:39.30
17325Graham RupertSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor02:47.36+ 6:05.42
18331Oakes RichardTeam Ohten Aveas03:12.21+ 6:30.27
19319Peacock JordanSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor03:15.70+ 6:33.76
20332Holland RossSaint Piran04:07.76+ 7:25.82
21329Hutchings OscarTeam Tor 2000 Kalas05:44.82+ 9:02.89
22337Pease BenMoonglu CC06:15.16+ 9:33.23
23338Skinner GeorgePrimera-TeamJobs06:18.85+ 9:36.91
24339Norman SimonBeds Road Race Team06:43.02+ 10:01.08
25340Levick JackRose Race Team06:52.05+ 10:10.11
26327Bjergfelt WilliamSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling06:54.54+ 10:12.60
27334Petersen MarinusSpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor07:06.61+ 10:24.67
28335Avery JoshuaBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor08:49.18+ 12:07.25
29336Staunton JoeWightlinkWight Mountain CRT.09:40.51+ 12:58.57

Women’s elite time trial

Anna Henderson (Team Jumbo-Visma) backed up her under-23 title at this event in 2019 to beat a high-quality field, demonstrating that she is a lot more than just a class classics rider.

Jennifer George (Memorial Santos) set the early benchmark for elite women, crossing the line with a time of 45.51.416. Becky Storrie (CAMS-Basso) was the next Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) who recorded an impressive 44.02.798.

Behind, all eyes were on the intermediate split times. There were 30 seconds between the top six riders, with Henderson leading at the halfway mark, Joss Lowden (Drops-Le Col s/b Tempur) 15 seconds behind, closely followed by Hannah Barnes (Canyon//SRAM) and Dixon a further 12 second back, and Hayley Simmonds (CAMS-Basso) and Alice Barnes (Canyon//SRAM) a few seconds after them.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 14/10/2021 – HSBC UK British Cycling Championship, Road. Individual Time Trial, ITT Elite Women – Tealby, Lincolnshire, England – Anna Henderson of Team Jumbo Visma in action

Henderson powered away on the final lap, eventually beating Lowden by over 56 seconds. Dixon’s time was just two seconds behind Lowden’s, with Alice Barnes, Hannah Barnes and Simmonds completing the top six.

Speaking afterwards, Henderson was blown away to have prevailed in such a strong elite women’s field at the first attempt.

“I think it’s more shock than anything. I saw the calibre of the British girls at the Women’s Tour last week and they were on fire, so I’m really proud and happy to come away with the win. I made a good plan with my team and they came over from the Netherlands, so I’m really appreciative of them coming over to give me that extra dimension of support.”


Rank#RiderClub / Team NameTimeGap
1405Henderson AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma43:04.21
2404Lowden JoscelinDROPS-LE COL SUPPORTED BY TEMP44:00.39+ 0:56.17
3411Dixon LeahTeam TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank44:02.80+ 0:58.59
4401Barnes AliceCANYON – SRAM RACING44:23.92+ 1:19.71
5403Barnes HannahCANYON – SRAM RACING44:26.23+ 1:22.01
6402Simmonds HayleyCAMS-Basso44:41.53+ 1:37.32
7408Morris AnnaAeroLab Ward WheelZ45:14.10+ 2:09.89
8412Storrie BeckyCAMS-Basso45:27.43+ 2:23.21
9418George JenniferMemorial Santos45:51.42+ 2:47.21
10421Berry CharlottePro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes –46:16.12+ 3:11.91
11409Clay AlexThe Independent Pedaler46:27.57+ 3:23.36
12413Hall FrancescaLoughborough Lightning – TRG47:21.71+ 4:17.50
13415Grinczer NatalieCAMS-Basso47:26.02+ 4:21.81
14407Smith VictoriaAeroCoach47:29.39+ 4:25.18
15410Christian AnnaDROPS-LE COL SUPPORTED BY TEMP47:39.70+ 4:35.49
16420Dickerson MeganSKODA DSI Cycling Academy48:09.18+ 5:04.96
17416Richardson RebeccaBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor48:14.78+ 5:10.57
18423Thompson PoppyPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes –48:54.48+ 5:50.27
19426Gornall AmyPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes –49:14.45+ 6:10.24
20419Lankford SophieJadan – Vive le Velo49:47.12+ 6:42.91
21425Richards RebeccaSKODA DSI Cycling Academy52:49.27+ 9:45.06
22424Pittard LauraBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor53:40.94+ 10:36.73
23422Marks AmyTeam LDN – Brother UK53:58.00+ 10:53.79