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National Road Series Standings #3

The final standings of the women's and men's HSBC UK | National Road Series

26 September. The final HSBC UK | National Road Series standings after the Curlew Cup and the Beaumont Trophy. Results and report here.

Featured photo: Craig Zadoroznyj/SWpix.com – 26/09/2021 – Cycling – HSBC UK National Road Series – Beaumont Trophy 2021 – Abi Smith of Team TIBCO SVB (1st Place) after winning the Curlew Cup.

Women’s standings



Abi Smith’s 100% record in the National Road Series, winning both rounds she raced in, means she wins the overall title. Leader from the previous round, Natalie Grinczer’s (CAMS-Basso), slipped to third, with April Tacey (Drops-Le Col s/b Tempur) taking second spot.

1Abi Smith (U23)Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank60
2April Tacey (U23)Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur50
3Natalie GrinczerCAMS-Basso50
4Corinne Side (U23)Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen48
5Francesca Morgans-SladerAWOL O’Shea36
6Illi Gardner (U23)CAMS-Basso30
7Charlotte BerryPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen28
8Becky StorrieCAMS-Basso28
9Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods28
10Eluned King (U23)Team Breeze26
11Eilidh Shaw (JNR)Tofauti Everyone Active26
12Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen26
13Monica GreenwoodMacclesfield Wheelers24
14Connie Hayes (U23)AWOL O’Shea22
15Madeleine GammonsJadan – Vive le Velo22
16Danielle ShrosbreeTeam LDN – Brother UK21
17Amira MellorSpectra Wiggle p/b Vitus20
18Anna Kay (U23)Team Rupelcleaning – Champion Lubricants20
19Jessica FinneyCAMS-Basso19
20Lucy Ellmore (U23)Skoda DSI Cycling Academy18
21Lucy Gadd (U23)Storey Racing17
22Sophie Thackray (U23)CAMS-Basso16
23Hannah LancasterLoughborough Lightning TRG16
24Francesca HallLoughborough Lightning TRG16
25Beth Morrow (U23)Storey Racing14
26Samantha StuartCrimson Orientation Marketing RT12
27Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UK12
28Nicole Coates (U23)Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar10
29Zoe Backstedt (JNR)Tormans-ACROG10
30Grace ListerCero – Cycle Division Racing Team9
31Morven Yeoman (JNR)Tofauti Everyone Active9
32Alice McWilliamGrinta Coaching9
33Sian BotteleyBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm8
34Flora Perkins (JNR)VC Londres8
35Megan BarkerCAMS-Basso7
36Isabel Darvill (U23)Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen5
37Gwenno HughesCrimson Orientation Marketing RT4
38Elizabeth Bennett (U23)Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur3
39Suzetta GuerriniTeam Watto-LDN3
40Rachel GallerSaint Piran Womens2
41Samantha FawcettPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen1
42Charlotte ColcloughBianchi Dama1
43Sophie EneverLVIV CYCLING TEAM (Womens)1


Smith also take the U23 title, with April Tacey and Corinne Side (Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen) rounding out the podium.

1Abi Smith (U23)Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank60
2April Tacey (U23)Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur50
3Corinne Side (U23)Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen48
4Illi Gardner (U23)CAMS-Basso30
5Eluned King (U23)Team Breeze26
6Eilidh Shaw (JNR)Tofauti Everyone Active26
7Connie Hayes (U23)AWOL OShea22
8Anna Kay (U23)Team Rupelcleaning – Champion Lubricants20
9Lucy Ellmore (U23)Skoda DSI Cycling Academy18
10Lucy Gadd (U23)Storey Racing17
11Sophie Thackray (U23)CAMS-Basso16
12Beth Morrow (U23)Storey Racing14
13Nicole Coates (U23)Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar10
14Zoe Backstedt (JNR)Tormans-ACROG10
15Morven Yeoman (JNR)Tofauti Everyone Active9
16Flora Perkins (JNR)VC Londres8
17Isabel Darvill (U23)Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen5
18Elizabeth Bennett (U23)Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur3


Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen pipped CAMS-Basso Bikes to the team title on the final day after placing three riders in the top 20. These two teams were well clear of their nearest rivals AWOL O’Shea.

RankTeam NamePoints
1Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen108
3AWOL O’Shea58
4Team Breeze56
5Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm36
6Team LDN – Brother UK33
7Loughborough Lightning TRG32
8Storey Racing31
9Team Boompods28
10Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur27
11Jadan – Vive le Velo22
12Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus20
13SKODA DSI Cycling Academy18
14Crimson Orientation Marketing RT16
15Team Watto-LDN3
16Saint Piran Womens2
17Bianchi Dama1
Picture by Craig Zadoroznyj/SWpix.com – 26/09/2021 – Cycling – HSBC UK National Road Series – Beaumont Trophy 2021 – Jacob Scott of Canyon dhb SunGod during the race

Men’s standings



Jacob Scott (Canyon dhb SunGod) led the individual standings heading into the Beaumont Trophy and he left no-one in doubt that he deserved the overall title by winning the race in style. His teammate Max Stedman jumped up into second place, with the youngsters Finn Crockett (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) and Isaac Peatfield (Crimson Orientation Marketing RT) finishing third and fourth. Bright futures lay ahead for both riders.

1Jacob ScottCanyon DHB Sungod72
2Max StedmanCanyon DHB Sungod42
3Finn Crockett (U23)Wheelbase CabTech Castelli41
4Isaac Peatfield (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT41
5Ross LambSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling32
6Isaac MundyRichardsons-Trek DAS32
7Alex PetersSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling30
8Josh Whitehead (U23)Team PB Performance30
9Alexandar RichardsonSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling28
10Toby Barnes (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT28
11Matthew GibsonRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling26
12Oliver Rees (U23)Trinity Road Racing26
13Matthew KingTeam PB Performance23
14Ben Granger (U23)Zappi Racing Team22
15Ryan ChristensenCanyon DHB Sungod22
16George Kimber (U23)Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor22
17Matti Dobbins (U23)RT2321
18Callum Macleod (U23)Canyon DHB Sungod20
19Samuel Beckett (U23)Wales Racing Academy19
20Leon MazzoneCrimson Orientation Marketing RT19
21Oliver Peckover (U23)Saint Piran18
22Robert ScottCanyon DHB Sungod18
23Owain Roberts (U23)Wales Racing Academy17
24Zeb KyffinRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling16
25Tom MazzoneSaint Piran14
26Steve LampierSaint Piran13
27Daniel Tulett (U23)Canyon DHB Sungod12
28Alfred George (U23)Team Inspired12
29Gruffudd LewisRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling10
30James ShawRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling9
31Joe Hill (U23)UpShift Nutrition Race Team9
32Adam Mitchell (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT8
33Aaron Freeman (U23)Richardsons-Trek DAS7
34Cameron BiddleVredestein Basso6
35Michael ChadwickClancy Briggs Cycling Academy6
36Joshua Price (U23)Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor6
37Conor McGoldrickPrimera-TeamJobs5
38Sebastian Garry (U23)Nopinz Motip Race Team5
39Oliver HucksNopinz Motip Race Team3
40William BjergfeltSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling2
41Peter CockerRichardsons-Trek DAS2
42Damien ClaytonCanyon DHB Sungod1


Crockett pipped previous leader Peatfield on countback, with Lancaster GP winner Josh Whitehead finishing third.

1Finn Crockett (U23)Wheelbase CabTech Castelli41
2Isaac Peatfield (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT41
3Josh Whitehead (U23)Team PB Performance30
4Toby Barnes (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT28
5Oliver Rees (U23)Trinity Road Racing26
6Ben Granger (U23)Zappi Racing Team22
7George Kimber (U23)Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor22
8Matti Dobbins (U23)RT2321
9Callum Macleod (U23)Canyon DHB Sungod20
10Samuel Beckett (U23)Wales Racing Academy19
11Oliver Peckover (U23)Saint Piran18
12Owain Roberts (U23)Wales Racing Academy17
13Daniel Tulett (U23)Canyon DHB Sungod12
14Alfred George (U23)Team Inspired12
15Joe Hill (U23)UpShift Nutrition Race Team9
16Adam Mitchell (U23)Crimson Orientation Marketing RT8
17Aaron Freeman (U23)Richardsons-Trek DAS7
18Joshua Price (U23)Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor6
19Sebastian Garry (U23)Nopinz Motip Race Team5


Canyon dhb SunGod underlined their strength by stretching out their Series lead even further, taking a convincing win. Crimson Orientation Marketing RT remain second, a seriously impressive feat for an elite team up against than five UCI Continental squads. SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling finish third. Strong performances from other elite teams saw them pack out most of the rest of the top ten placings.

RankTeam NamePoints
1Canyon DHB Sungod184
2Crimson Orientation Marketing RT96
3SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling82
4Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling61
5Team PB Performance53
6Wheelbase CabTech Castelli41
6Richardsons-Trek DAS41
8Wales Racing Academy36
9Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor28
10Saint Piran27
11TRINITY Road Racing26
12Zappi Racing Team22
13Team Inspired12
14Vredestein Basso6
14Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy6
16Nopinz Motip Race Team5