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Introducing HUNT

The British wheel brand joins The British Continental as a key partner for 2021

Momentum. Where would we be in cycling without it?

As a physical concept, it is at the heart of bicycle design. A rotating bicycle wheel has angular momentum, a property involving the speed of rotation, the mass of the wheel, and how the mass is distributed. A well-designed wheel can reduce wind resistance and enhance momentum.

Metaphorically too, momentum is an integral part of sporting psychology. Winning races is said to enable mental momentum, giving riders and teams the confidence and belief to repeat the feat. 

It is an important concept here too at The British Continental. As we grow and evolve, positive feedback and support from followers and partners creates the emotional, economic and creative conditions to keep our endeavours sustainable and continue the momentum we have created after two years of existence.

Photo: Breakaway Digital

It is perhaps fitting, then, that the good people at wheel brand HUNT have agreed to partner with The British Continental for 2021. The British-based firm produces some of the best-designed wheelsets around. I say that not because I feel obliged to, but as someone who has owned and ridden their wheels for years. 

As people who love to race bikes themselves, they are also passionate about supporting the domestic sport. They have supported the Canyon dhb SunGod team for five seasons now and also sponsor the Bianchi Dama team as well as individual riders like Gosse van der Meer.

They also really get what we do. Their offer of support comes with few strings. They aren’t asking us to adorn the website with HUNT branding or plug their wheels every five minutes. They simply want us to continue what we are doing because they value it. And from time to time we’ll be contributing the odd piece to their excellent journal.

Photo: HUNT

Their support will make the world of difference to The British Continental. For the first time, we can head into a new year knowing all our costs are covered and that we can keep doing what we love: providing the best content we can about British bike racing, teams and riders.

Thank you HUNT

Denny Gray, founder and editor, The British Continental

Featured image: Breakaway Digital