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Joe Laverick journal: my next move

Rider journals 2020: Joe Laverick #09

Joe Laverick and five other cyclists have been keeping rider journals for The British Continental this season. Supported by the Rayner Foundation, Joe rode for Chambéry Cyclisme Foundation (CCF) this year. In his ninth journal entry, he discusses his next move…

So, the cat is out of the bag. I’m going to be riding in the colours of Hagens Berman Axeon next year and I’m excited about it. A new team, a new culture and new opportunities.

It’s a new start and I’m more motivated to train than ever before

Axeon are known as one of the best under-23 squads out there for developing their riders on and off the bike. I learned a lot from the 2020 season. My biggest lesson was that I perform best when I’m happy. Not only is the team known for getting the best out of their riders, it’s known as a team that has fun while doing it. 

We recently had an email with a tentative calendar. As I was scrolling through the races, my mind was racing with all the possibilities. There are some top races on there, races I’ve only watched on TV. It brought a mixture of emotions, fear and excitement.

On that fateful Sunday, when Tao was in white on the streets of Milan, I was sat in my kitchen, glued to the TV. Tao’s an ex-Dave Rayner funded rider, and an Axeon alumnus. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m going to win the Giro by the time I’m 25. But I am going to sit here and say that after watching that ride, I dared to dream, along with many other young cyclists across the country. 

Tao’s win was different. It allowed a whole new generation of under-23s to believe in the impossible

When he pulled on pink, I had goosebumps. British success in Grand Tours has become normalised over the last decade. Tao’s win was different. It allowed a whole new generation of under-23s to believe in the impossible. 

Whatever people may think, I cannot wait to get started with the team. From January, I’ll be living in Girona. It makes sense for me to be based in Europe next season as nobody knows what will be happening with travel restrictions. 

I’m well aware of the Brits that have been on the team throughout the years. I’m well aware of the team’s reputation. I’ve started this winter with a new coach, and a fresh outlook. It’s a new start and I’m more motivated to train than ever before. Who knows what will happen next season with Covid? Whatever does happen, I know that I’ll be there, and I’ll be ready to prove it.

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3 comments on “Joe Laverick journal: my next move

  1. Sounds great Joe, were all behind you here in GY, good luck! Rod Robinson.

  2. Brilliant job Joe! You’re going to have to learn Spanish now though!

  3. john rayner

    Good luck to you Joe, being a happy rider with determination is what David had plenty of. Hope 2021 is a better year for us all.

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