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Rider journals: a thank you to the class of 2020

Celebrating this year's seven journal contributors

Each season we invite a selection of domestic riders, based at home or abroad, to write regular journals for us throughout the year. The purpose is to give readers insight into the world of Continental and elite-level cycle sport from a rider’s point of view. We hope, too, that it gives the journal contributors a platform to showcase themselves and perhaps even give them a leg up to future careers beyond racing bicycles. 

This year has been a tough year for all our contributors. With COVID-19 decimating the domestic race season and travel restrictions severely limiting international racing opportunities, many of them have struggled with motivation and inspiration when it comes to journal entries.

Despite this, they have all provided us with some brilliant entries across the year. We’ve had irreverent posts about mainstream cycling news from Jacob Tipper, personal revelations about living and racing abroad for the first time by Joe Laverick, commentaries about the emotional rollercoaster of lockdown by Sav Morgan, insights into e-racing by Jenny Holl, thoughtful paeans on cycling by Joe Nally and tips on motivation by James Jobber. Late recruit Red Walters has also opened his account to reveal his 2021 team.

It’s not quite over for our class of 2020 journal writers. Joe Laverick will be writing about his exciting new team. Joe Nally hopes to say something about his next moves and the door is still open for final entries from all of our contributors. 

We’ll be revealing the class of 2021 next month. But for now, we want to extend our thanks to all the riders that have contributed this year during challenging times. You’ve done us proud.

Photos credits: Red Walters, Chambéry CF,, James Huntly, Sav Morgan, Chris Auld, Dan Smith

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