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Ed Laverack journal: gearing up for the Tour de Yorkshire

Rider journals: Ed Laverack #3

Ed Laverack and three other riders are keeping rider journals for The British Continental this season. Ed rides for the new UCI Continental team SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling this season. This is Ed’s third journal entry…

Ed in action at the Betty Pharaoh Memorial (National B), 2019. Photo: Huw Fairclough

With 5 weeks till the rollout, the next block of training I put in will be crucial

Tour de Yorkshire invite

With the recent announcement confirming the teams to be participating in this years’ edition of the Tour de Yorkshire, it only seems right to give my thoughts on the situation. 

The race will follow a similar format to the previous edition, concluding with a mighty day around some of Yorkshire’s finest climbs and descents and quirky countryside villages. 

I loved competing in last years’ race. I finished the race 22nd overall, whilst being in a support role for the team. I remember catching a train an hour after the finish in Leeds and not getting home until 1.30am. That was a long, but good, day. 

We won’t know the team plans for this years’ race just yet, but after last year, I know what’s expected of me. Both from a support rider and a leaders’ point of view, the race days are hard. Yorkshire may be the epitome of ‘grippy’ roads. 

Ed’s Strava data from the last stage of the Tour de Yorkshire, 2018

Now is the time I can start getting really specific. Now is the time I will see the greatest gains

Getting prepared

With 5 weeks till the rollout, the next block of training I put in will be crucial. With the Tour du Loir et Cher, the Totnes Vire 2 day and the Klondike GP also coming in-between now and then, balance will be the key. Being smart with how I go in to some of these races. I will plan to train through Totnes, and be a little fresh for Loir et Cher as it is notorious for its 5 stages, averaging 190km every day. As the pros say, you could use it to race yourself fit, or add that last bit to your preparation. 

I plan to fit in some bigger 2-4 day blocks of training having now just completed the British Cycling national eRacing championship finals. I’ll be aiming to be very specific and smart. Breaking down the stages in Yorkshire, looking at my power files last year and where I lost contact with the front group of 15 in Otley, when 384 watts for 5 minutes after 4 hours and 30 minutes of racing wasn’t enough on the final stage. When you know what you are working with its a lot clearer creating a plan around it. 

Ed in his SwiftCarbon Pro Cyclin jersey prior to the national eRacing championship finals. Photo: Ed Laverack

Much of my training up till now has been 14 hours a week, but it’s been very consistent. I’ve not done any ‘peaks’ or camps, so my fitness has just been on a gradual upward trend. Now is the time I can start getting really specific. Now is the time I will see the greatest gains. By working in 3-day blocks, rather than weekly blocks, training can be more intense and every 4th day can be a rest day. This is adopted by many pro teams when on training camps. With the terrain I have at my disposal around Llanelli I have the ability to do lots or workload on the flat before heading into the climbs on the 3rd day for some ‘climbing fatigue resistance.’ Being able to do some quality intervals on that 3rd day, coupled with 4 hours in the saddle and 3000m+ elevation gain will be a real test for my current form. 

Interestingly, I believe I’m in better shape now than I was this time last year. My body composition has stayed constant throughout, floating around the 61kg mark without much thought. When I start these 2-4 day blocks of training I’ll be going back to my tried and trusted methods of ‘carbohydrate cycling,’ and tracking the macro nutrients I consume to get the energy balance spot on. Many will shy away from this sort of attention to detail but its one of those factors that, if you get a picture of how many grams of a macronutrient you are consuming on a given training day, it can be so beneficial to answering ‘why didn’t I feel great today/why did I feel brilliant?’ and many questions like these.

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