2022 Tour Series – Galashiels: race report and results

Jim Brown (WiV SunGod) takes his debut Tour Series win in Galashiels

WiV SunGod made it two wins from two at the Galashiels round of the 2022 Tour Series thanks to a remarkable victory for Jim Brown. Cams-Basso also took a brace, as Megan Barker prevailed in a tight three-rider sprint to take her first win of the year.


Women’s race

While the opening round of the season was a breakaway showcase for Sophie Lewis (CAMS-Basso Bikes), Jo Tindley, and Lucy Ellmore (both Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen), this time out was a much more cagey affair with no one really able to make a breakaway move stick.

A few riders did try to force some action at the front – notably Barker and Tindley – but on the rapid 1 km course, it wasn’t so easy to actually stay away for anything more than a few laps.

2022 Tour Series Round 2 Galashiels, Scottish Borders – Women’s Race – Frankie Hall. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

The first time anyone managed to make a break of any significance was just at the halfway mark as Frankie Morgans Slader (AWOL O’Shea) broke off the front and built up a nine-second gap in just a few laps. However, with National Circuit Race Champion Tindley marshalling the lead group, her lead was snuffed out only a few minutes later.

That was the last break, as the lead group of roughly 16 riders started to battle with each other, the only real distinction in the final third of the race being who was on the front – a position taken quite regularly by Sophie Coldwell (Loughborough Lightning) in what was a great race for her.

Being kept in a large group meant that the race was always going to end in what would be a thrilling sprint finish, and they didn’t disappoint.

Heading out of a left-hand kink onto the wide finishing straight, it was Tindley who seemed to have the initiative, but from behind her rear wheel Barker burst out to Tindley’s left and unleashed a mammoth burst of power to pull just clear.

She crossed the line half-a-bike length ahead, with Emma Jeffers (Jadan-Vive Le Velo) putting in a wicked final punch of her own to take second by what must have been less than half-a-wheel from Tindley despite being a junior, running on junior gears. Second for her in Scotland adds another great result to her impressive fourth-place at Gent-Wevelgem Juniors back in March.

Winning the second sprint, and placing highly in all the others, means Tindley retains the sprint competition jersey heading into the next round in Sunderland on Tuesday 10 May. And her team Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen now have a healthy six point lead in the team competition too.

Picture by Alex Whitehead/ 04/05/2022 – Cycling – Tour Series Round 2 Galashiels, Scottish Borders – Women’s Race – Megan Barker wins from Emma Jeffers and Jo Tindley

Men’s race

Compared to the utter domination of Guisborough, the second round proved to be a real duel for the WiV SunGod squad as defending champions Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling took the race to them.

An early split in the peloton resulted in four Wiv SunGod riders – Matt Gibson, Matt Bostock, Jim Brown and Jacob Scott – all being present in their yellow leaders’ jerseys. Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling more than matched them this time round, however, placing a full complement of riders upfront.

2022 Tour Series Round 2 Galashiels, Scottish Borders – Men’s Race – Wiv SunGod lead. Photo: Alex Whitehead/

What that resulted in was a pretty cat-and-mouse sort of running, with riders sporadically bursting off the front before being reeled back in. The only thing those attacks really did was force the pace at the front, with only a dozen or so riders really keeping up with the constant Ribble and WiV attacks – Noah Hobbs (Tekkerz), Josh Tarling (Wales Racing Academy) and Leon Mazzone notable amongst the additions.

The first move of real significance came from a move off the front by Jacob Scott and Ribble’s Stuart Balfour, who pedalled clear just after the 30 minute mark. The pair opened up half-a-dozen seconds or so, but were pulled back in again with just 10 minutes of the 60-minute race to go.

There was no chance to rest, as what proved to be the decisive move came right on the hour mark. Jim Brown broke clear, joined by Finn Crockett (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) and despite the pair being caught by the group on the final lap, Brown had enough energy to showcase a blistering sprint to take the win.

Matt Bostock took the runner-up spot for the second race in a row, his speed on the long finishing straight putting him just ahead of Crockett as they sprinted to the line. Junior Noah Hobbs scored another impressive result in fourth place, backing up his sixth at Guisborough’s opening round.

WiV SunGod also took the team victory for the round, meaning they extend their overall team lead over Wales Racing Academy, who remain in second, with Tekkerz in third. Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling’s strong performance moved them up to fourth overall.

Matt Bostock remains the sprints competition leader.

2022 Tour Series Round 2 Galashiels, Scottish Borders – Men’s Race – Jim Brown Wiv SunGod wins. Photo: Alex Whitehead/


Women’s results

Individual classification

11Megan BarkerCAMS – Basso541:06:06.625
240Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo541:06:06.702+0.077
315Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes541:06:06.713+0.011
477Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning541:06:06.971+0.258
5113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling541:06:07.227+0.256
614Isabel DarvillPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes541:06:07.693+0.466
734Beth Harley- JepsonJadan – Vive Le Velo541:06:07.913+0.220
854Charlotte BerryTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus541:06:08.134+0.221
916Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes541:06:08.540+0.406
1013Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes541:06:08.599+0.059
1182Frankie Morgans SladerAWOL O’Shea541:06:08.762+0.163
12109Hannah BayesSaint Piran WRT541:06:08.837+0.075
13123Sophie EneverAlba Development Road Team541:06:09.145+0.308
1471Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning541:06:09.220+0.075
1542Amy GrahamTeam Boompods541:06:09.271+0.051
1695Lee BoonTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar541:06:09.538+0.267
1723Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK541:06:10.112+0.574
1811Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes541:06:19.071+8.959
1922Lucy LeeTeam LDN – Brother UK541:06:52.259+33.188
2092Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar541:06:57.556+5.297
212Jess FinneyCAMS – Basso511:03:04.517+3 Laps
2241Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods501:02:39.898+1 Lap
23118Megan AndersonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling501:02:41.888+1.990
24124Kate RichardsonAlba Development Road Team501:02:41.951+0.063
2553Becks DurrellTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus501:02:43.181+1.230
2684Charlotte BroughtonAWOL O’Shea501:02:43.349+0.168
2745Mary WilkinsonTeam Boompods501:02:44.996+1.647
2821Harriet DoddTeam LDN – Brother UK501:02:45.463+0.467
2956Maddy NuttTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus501:02:45.671+0.208
3057Sam FawcettTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus501:02:46.160+0.489
3193Kim CadzowTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar501:02:46.489+0.329
32108Gemma SargentSaint Piran WRT501:02:47.646+1.157
3333Suzetta GuerriniJadan – Vive Le Velo501:02:58.282+10.636
34125Beth MaciverAlba Development Road Team501:02:58.996+0.714
35121Victoria SmithAlba Development Road Team491:02:50.379+1 Lap
3629Sian BotteleyTeam LDN – Brother UK491:02:53.021+2.642
3765Ellen BennettBrother UK – Orientation Marketing491:02:53.384+0.363
3837Louise ScuphamJadan – Vive Le Velo491:02:55.781+2.397
39119Laura CheesmanDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling491:02:59.428+3.647
40111Nicola SodenDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling491:03:01.074+1.646
4162Daisy BarnesBrother UK – Orientation Marketing491:03:03.416+2.342
427Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso491:03:05.075+1.659
4373Emily TillettLoughborough Lightning491:03:25.079+20.004
44122Sophie LankfordAlba Development Road Team481:02:40.992+1 Lap
4525Danni WatkinsonTeam LDN – Brother UK481:02:52.816+11.824
4644Hannah FarranTeam Boompods481:03:25.141+32.325
4774Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning471:03:18.889+1 Lap
488Sophie ThackrayCAMS – Basso471:03:18.903+0.014
49112Isabella JohnsonDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling461:02:53.320+1 Lap
5038Rebakah NashJadan – Vive Le Velo451:02:54.394+1 Lap
5168Ellen InglisBrother UK – Orientation Marketing451:02:57.763+3.369
5297Jenny HofmannTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar441:02:57.929+1 Lap
53110Jenny BolsomSaint Piran WRT411:03:11.246+3 Laps
DNF55Gaby ShawTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus320:40:46.696
DNF75Roisin LallyLoughborough Lightning260:34:43.220
DNF104Madeleine GammonsSaint Piran WRT210:29:22.939
DNF102Sophie EarlSaint Piran WRT00.966
DNS6Ella BarnwellCAMS – Basso0
DNS61Abi CooperBrother UK – Orientation Marketing0

Team classification

1Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes3:18:22.94610
2Jadan – Vive Le Velo3:20:15.1609
3Team LDN – Brother UK3:20:49.0718
4Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar3:20:54.9027
5Team Boompods3:21:36.1576
6Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:21:39.2945
7Alba Development Road Team3:21:53.3684
8Loughborough Lightning3:22:09.5433
9CAMS – Basso3:22:25.0682
10Datalynx – Parenesis Cycling3:23:15.1501
11Brother UK – Orientation Marketing3:34:21.2180
12Saint Piran WRT3:37:11.2430
1Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes20
2Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar14
3Team Boompods14
4Team LDN – Brother UK13
5Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus11
6CAMS – Basso11
7Jadan – Vive Le Velo9
8Alba Development Road Team7
9Loughborough Lightning5
10AWOL O’Shea4
11Datalynx – Parenesis Cycling1
12Saint Piran WRT1
13Brother UK – Orientation Marketing0

Sprints classification

115Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes17
277Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning13
31Megan BarkerCAMS – Basso11
440Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo7
554Charlotte BerryTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus5
623Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK3
771Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning2
8113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling1
916Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes1
115Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes36
27Sophie LewisCAMS – Basso16
316Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes14
477Sophie ColdwellLoughborough Lightning13
51Megan BarkerCAMS – Basso11
640Emma JeffersJadan – Vive Le Velo7
754Charlotte BerryTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus5
823Sammie StuartTeam LDN – Brother UK5
971Frankie HallLoughborough Lightning4
1041Ellen McDermottTeam Boompods3
1134Beth Harley- JepsonJadan – Vive Le Velo2
1113Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes2
1392Holly BreckTorelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar1
13113Sophie HolmesDatalynx – Parenesis Cycling1

Men’s results

Individual classification

113Jim BrownWiv SunGod6005:18.4
215Matthew BostockWiv SunGod6005:18.80.426
33Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6005:18.90.086
444Noah HobbsTEKKERZ6005:19.40.498
59Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6005:19.50.15
68Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6005:20.20.679
714Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod6005:20.30.094
854Leon MazzoneSaint Piran6005:20.40.128
930Joshua TarlingWales Racing Academy6005:21.61.147
1076Cai DaviesEmbark – BikeStrong6005:21.70.081
1116Thomas MeinWiv SunGod6005:21.70.073
1258Bradley SymondsSaint Piran6005:21.80.01
13Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6005:22.10.297
1466Max WalkerTRINITY Racing6005:22.20.193
1527William TrueloveWales Racing Academy6005:22.50.27
1698Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling6005:24.31.787
1712Jacob ScottWiv SunGod6005:33.39.024
1833Dan BarnesTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus6006:10.937.523
1946Neil PhillipsTEKKERZ6006:11.40.536
20102Cameron McLarenNopinz Motip Race Team5602:23.1+4 Laps
2185Kieran RileyTeam PB Performance5602:38.515.391
2241Alec BriggsTEKKERZ5602:39.00.542
234Cameron JeffersRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling5602:39.10.023
2421Joe HoltWales Racing Academy5602:39.40.348
2578David HirdEmbark – BikeStrong5602:40.71.284
2636Mikey MottramTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus5602:41.50.771
2779Joseph ReesEmbark – BikeStrong5602:41.70.243
28101Matt WittsNopinz Motip Race Team5602:42.81.132
29122Joe Shillabeer05-035602:43.60.708
3052Charles PageSaint Piran5502:38.3+1 Lap
3126Owain RobertsWales Racing Academy5502:40.31.986
3259Theo ObholzerSaint Piran5502:40.30.067
33117Scott ReddingSRCT Muc-off5502:40.50.141
3434Freddie ScheskeTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus5502:41.30.816
35116Thomas LowtherSRCT Muc-off5502:42.71457
36104Lucas ByamNopinz Motip Race Team5502:42.80.055
3795Conor SchunkGlobal 6 Cycling5502:43.20.35
38121Harrison Hunter05/035502:43.30.152
39125Jordan Retallack05/035502:44.10.749
40103Dave RoperNopinz Motip Race Team5502:48.34.297
4129William RobertsWales Racing Academy5502:48.80.413
4283Hefin EvansTeam PB Performance5402:15.3+1 Lap
4356Stephen BradburySaint Piran5302:18.8+1 Lap
4499Alex WilliamsGlobal 6 Cycling5302:20.61.794
4581James BentleyTeam PB Performance5302:20.70.013
46124Rob McPherson05/035302:25.34.61
4772James BevanEmbark – BikeStrong5302:47.922.659
4877Iwan EvansEmbark – BikeStrong5202:19.5+1 Lap
4990Chris WalkinshawTeam PB Performance5002:19.0+2 Laps
DNF43Benjamin TuchnerTEKKERZ4957:17.7
DNF92Miguel FernandezGlobal 6 Cycling3338:26.9
DNF31Ben ChiltonTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus2833:13.3
DNF113Matthew WarhurstSRCT Muc-off2428:28.3
DNF42Jon MouldTEKKERZ9o: 10:23.037
DNF123Harry Jukes05/03607:29.2
DNF87Tom SharpiesTeam PB Performance404:18.7
DNF65Oliver ReesTRINITY Racing404:19.5
DNS35Isaac MundyTeam Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus0
DNS114Matthew EllisSRCT Muc-off0
DNS119Luke NorrisSRCT Muc-off0

Team classification

1Wiv SunGod3:15:57.510
2Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling3:15:58.79
3Wales Racing Academy3:17:52.18
5Saint Piran3:19:02.16
6Embark – BikeStrong3:19:41.45
7Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus3:21:44.24
8Nopinz Motip Race Team3:22:27.03
10Global 6 Cycling3:24:24.21
11Team PB Performance26:51.90
12SRCT Muc-off37:34.00
1Wiv SunGod20
2Wales Racing Academy17
4Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling14
5Saint Piran12
6Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus7
7Nopinz Motip Race Team7
8TRINITY Racing7
9Embark – BikeStrong6
11Team PB Performance2
12Global 6 Cycling1
13SRCT Muc-off0

Sprints classification

115Matthew BostockWiv SunGod13
213Jim BrownWiv SunGod7
39Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
412Jacob ScottWiv SunGod6
53Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
614Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod6
71Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling5
830Joshua TarlingWales Racing Academy4
98Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling4
1044Noah HobbsTEKKERZ2
1154Leon MazzoneSaint Piran1
115Matthew BostockWiv SunGod29
216Thomas MeinWiv SunGod20
39Harry TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling12
414Matthew GibsonWiv SunGod11
512Jacob ScottWiv SunGod10
613Jim BrownWiv SunGod7
73Finn CrockettRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
88Charlie TanfieldRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling6
91Stuart BalfourRibble Weldtite Pro Cycling5
1030Joshua TarlingWales Racing Academy4
1152Charles PageSaint Piran3
1298Kiaan WattsGlobal 6 Cycling2
1244Noah HobbsTEKKERZ2
1454Leon MazzoneSaint Piran2
1565Oliver ReesTRINITY Racing1